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"Go East, young man."

* "Lecture Circuit, pt. 2." was on this evening, a/k/a, the one where Jim & Dwight are parents to a spoiled 12-year-old girl.  It's delightful.  It's also the one from which I made my cat-licking macro, which I know is inherently stupid, and yet I crack myself up every time I look at it.  'Cause I'm lame.


* Also watched the Survivor retrospective show.  Ethan Zohn: first man ever to lose spectacular hair (curls, even!) and still come out of it reasonably* attractive (*well, I don't want healthy people to get ideas).  Richard Hatch: indistinguishable from Grossell.  I honestly did not remember him being that all-around horrible.   Jerri: in her cake makeup, reminded me desperately of Patty the Daytime Hooker.  And Rupert: never saw him on the show, cannot figure out why TWoP hates him so much.

* I have really, really, really got to get over this TERRIBLE HABIT of checking into Grey's Anatomy all hour to catch the Cristina/Owen parts.  There's not going to be anything left when I actually watch the episodes!  Remember how that ruined The Office last spring, self?  On a related note, show?  If you could stop trampling all over the memory of Burke/Cristina, that'd be nifty.

I will have things relevant to your interests tomorrow.  This last thing was important to me.

Numb3rs, 6x12, "Arm in Arms"
Best episode of the season!  FINALLY.  I have been waiting and waiting for one to shoot itself ahead of the pack, and so despite a relatively lackluster case, I declare that the two romantic subplots here make up for that.

'Absentee: Nikki.  Awww, sad.  At this point, I'm pretty much sad when anyone is gone, know.  I love her the best.

Case: I don't even remember anything* except being on Gun Guy's side the entire time, because David was being such a pill.  You know me; I am all in favor of big companies (or individuals) making big profits in any manner legally allowed, especially if it doesn't negatively impact me.  In my head, I just kept equating it to animal slaughter - I will lose sleep over machine guns in Africa when you lose sleep over raising cows to get shot in the head.

*That was true, but since I'm on about replay #15, I found some things.

-It twinges at me that Charlie can now show up to crime scenes and stand right next to dead bodies & blood spatter on the wall with nothing more than a slight grimace, before continuing right on with the math.

-Bullets that FIRE THROUGH CARS.  That's at least as neat as the gun that VAPORIZES YOU.  Terrifying, obviously, but it makes for great TV.

-It drove me nuts trying to figure out where I knew the arms dealer from, and why his demeanor seemed so familiar.  Right, because he came straight from Sex and the City as Samantha's cheating lover.

-Oh look, it's Otto Bahn.  I didn't mention him last time because I'd mentally blocked him out, and I nearly did it again this time.  He has the curious but desirable quality of being someone I don't particularly like, and yet find so bland and unimportant that I forget he exists at all.  Though...I do, at one point, distinctly recalling using the garage scene to project Mom-and-Dad vibes onto the way Charlie & Amita responded to him. 

(and, okay, I also liked how he was very much like season 1 Charlie, and it reminded me how grateful I am that he's grown up and out of that phase.  Frankly, still not convinced Otto is a legit. professor.  He seems more like a confused TA.  Definitely not a substitute for Larry's eccentricity)

-I love David/Colby conflict.  Especially Don telling David to go ahead and take a run at the guy - "And take Colby  - maybe like a little bad cop thing, you know?  Just don't push too hard."  Colby: "I'm gonna be the one to push too hard?"

-New favorite Charlie-vision: the analogy of the incredibly popular, incredibly expensive...math journal.

-"Okay, when Charlie does this, he usually dumbs it down a just a little bit for us."  Hah!  I was just thinking that, Colby.

-Charlie accidentally adopting Otto's mannerisms.  "Yes-yes-yes..." and then he swiftly catches himself. 

-Just want to point out that post-case, there are a solid 3.5 minutes of character development going on at the end, and in a possibly related manner, the episode itself is about 3-4 minutes longer than a lot of them have been lately. 

Subplot the First: Charlie/Amita
Round 1
[Fact: The Stable Marriage Problem, due to its delightful name, is the first time I've ever sat down and tried to understand any of the math on this show.  It made my brain hurt.  It also gave me the oddest desire to play with it using random lists of characters from my fandoms, if I could just figure it out enough to do so]

-"I get it.  It's not really helping."  I love that while he's calm and cracking jokes, she consistently has a much shorter fuse than he does, and is rapidly melting down.  You can actually watch the last of her patience go up in smoke (mixed metaphor much?) at the sound of Don coming through the door.

-Amita losing her temper: always fun!  I especially like how Charlie wisely decides to put some distance between himself and the wedding crazy.  In a very casual, "heyyyy, I think I'll just go talk to my brother for a sec" way.  To quote one of my favorite random LJ entries, "Men are so casual about shit.  It's great."

-I love Don for suggesting a Justice of the Peace.  Mostly because I think his saying so put the kibosh on the idea of the blasted courthouse wedding that has plagued every other crime drama in the universe.

-Why doesn't Amita want to be a June bride?  Too cliche?  You'll have to help me out here, because I talk a pretty game but actually I have never been to or involved with a real wedding and don't know how they work at all.

-"Jusstiiice of the Peeaaaace."  ROFLMAO.

Round 2
You know what my favorite thing about their apology conversations are?  That they hardly have anything to apologize for in the first place (seriously, do they ever actually fight, as opposed to one just feeling hurt and/or avoiding the other?). 

Plus, there are adorable little close touches, and a simultaneously sweet and hilarious conversation that I've rewound at least fifteen times about all the Hindu customs they won't be including in their ceremony.  Namely, the groom riding in on an elephant.  Charlie's bafflement is priceless.

-And then Don shows up with this 'Robin rejected me, WOE' face.  It's very stoic woe, but he's a lot more subdued and joyless than he usually is, no matter what's happening on the case.  I really think that one or both of them would pick up on his mood sooner, if only they weren't right in the midst of being giddy and high on love.  As it is, I just love how Don's expression morphs into GOD, SHOOT ME NOW as Amita keeps talking.  

-"Actually, my favorite part of the ceremony is that the bride and the groom have their hands bound together. It's incredibly romantic and beautiful."  *swoon*  And I like the way they join hands for illustrative purposes.  I don't have time for extensive pics, but this merits one. Or two.

-Best Charlie smirk ever: "You still feeling good about your Justice of the Peace idea?"

-Minor detraction: cannot get over terribly her gray jacket clashes with his tan one.  Apparently, my black/brown allergy extends to all shades, even on two different people merely standing next to one another.

Round 3
Hey, look what I found on the CBS channel.  :D

Amita: We're using math to find a wedding date that works.
Charlie: I'm using math.  She's using some bastardized distant cousin.

-I love the math competition here (especially "Pigeon Man"), even though I don't understand how equations get you there faster than using your EYES to look at the physical calendar.

But the real fun of this scene is when Alan coughs up "October 9th."  This is a Saturday, in case you were wondering, but I have to believe that Sundays are also acceptable wedding days, and as one person brought forth - wouldn't 10/10/10 be the ideal date?  It could be an extra layer of thematic, numerical fun to go along with her Mobius engagement ring.  (ahh, the things one digs up during an obsession period)

Regardless, the idea of an October wedding at the arboretum sounds perfect, doesn't it?  The colors would be - wait, do leaves change color in L.A.?  I don't even know if southern California has seasons.  Anyway, the idea of them having the same anniversary as Margaret & Alan spreads a warm and fuzzy feeling throughout my body, so I want to bask in it for a few more seconds before I confront the harsh reality: 

Since this date would have to occur next (very uncertain, and perhaps unlikely) season, now my heartcrushing options are

1) they don't get married on screen at all, or
2) they don't get married on their perfect date and/or in their perfect location.

Barring some sort of convenient time warp forward, my money (and hopes) are pinned on #2, but still.  This is distressiiiiiiing!  And it's not even losing the date, it's more like "crap, what the hell happens to screw up all their months of planning to get them hitched in...whenever?"

If they don't get married, I will cut a bitch.  I mean, you wouldn't do that to me, would you show?  Because other shows have done it to their viewers, but I like to think you're better than things run by Shonda Rhimes.

Subplot the Second: Don/Robin

-The spoilers for this episode were initially limited to "Don & Robin are getting ready after their morning shower.  She asks him if Charlie's asked him to be his best man yet.  Don replies that Charlie & Amita haven't even picked a date yet*, and then asks her why she's asking."  That kept me in squee for weeks, and I didn't even know it was just the tip of the iceberg.
(I mean, when I wasn't saying things like "*THAT is the kind of thing that makes me fear a courthouse wedding!"  Yes.  This courthouse fear is large and it is looming, and I'm not quittin' until it's off the table.)

-I don't think I actually registered the "morning shower" bit until about a week beforehand, though, so it was delightful surprise to see him with damp hair (it's a good look) and her in a towel.  Her outfit works for me too.

-Don's new apartment has a spiral staircase.  WANT.   You should totally move in there, Robin.

-Only Don could pick something that has nothing to do with strippers or getting wasted, and still come up with a completely unsuitable bachelor party.  Of course, I also kind of love that Don's idea of a good time is golfing & cigars.  Not the cigars, so much, but...whatever, his response was cute.

-Bonus point for the eagle-eyed: the brief stroke along his thigh as she passes.

-I love the way he takes offense to her assumption that he must be joking.  "Who said anything about play?  Why can't it be real?"  And even though he looks surprised by his own boldness a second later, I think he's thought about the idea before.

-I think the tl;dr version is LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE MORNING DOMESTICITY.  LOOK AT IT.  (but not here, because pictures are too much work)

Round 2
Okay, I knew I was getting a bit over-excited from the promos, but it's cool.  I mean, I always hear stories in real life where people "talk about" getting married, and it seemed plausible that Don might be one of those people.  I further refer you to exhibit A, CSI, Grissom:  "Maybe we should get married."

That being said, the reason to propose is not "because it's ridiculous to pay two rents."  Remember the talk about moving in together? That's a solution to the two-rents problem.  And a good one, frankly.  I have no idea why I am advocating cohabitation over immediate marriage, but in this situation I think it would work best for them.

So even though it's a little painful when she turns him down - temporarily! - I would have done the same thing.  Besides, it was only the midway point of the episode.  The spoilery promo promised me couch cuddling, and I hadn't seen it yet.  No worries, no worries.

Round 3

I think sulky!petulant!Don is my new favorite.

Robin: You didn't come over last night.
Don: Yeah, well.  *pointed look*
Robin: We need to talk.
Don: What's to talk about?
Robin: Don't be an ass.

Okay, that is why I love her.  I also like how Liz promptly excuses herself from the scene at Robin's approach, but is totally eavesdropping on the entire conversation. 

Round 3a (Don/Alan)
Poor Alan, I bet he misses the days when it was pure case-related math that took over the living room, rather than Wedding Central.    "Seems there's a physics conference, or something, that's a conflict for Larry...assuming anyone can find Larry..."
Poor Don.  "Can we just talk about something else, for a change?"  No dice, as Alan continues to merrily ramble away about invitations and the drama of who sits where, and --

I really, really like this scene, starting with the fact that Don looks over his shoulder to make sure neither member of Wedding Central might overhear him before he admits what happened with Robin.  Even though it doesn't really get us anywhere, it's a nice moment between them.  Plus, you know, more sulky!petulant!Don. 

Round 3b (Liz/Robin)
Love!  Just love.  Part of me is sad that Liz claims she was only ever a rebound, because...I'm fresh off season 3, and I can tell you there's a case for it and a case against it, and I don't even know which one I want to believe.  The rest of me loves that Don/Liz not only evaporated without bad feelings, but that she's doing her part to keep this relationship afloat.  "He was always stuck on you."  Awwww.  Break out the cuddly puppies and teddy bears!  Because that's how warm and fuzzy this is. 

Also, I love that they spared a few extra seconds for that thoughtful, slightly wistful look on Liz's face before Colby catches up to her. 

Round 4
I think Don's in full-fledged pouting mode by this point, refusing to turn his head when she opens the door and deliberately ignoring her.  Still cute.

"What do you want me to say, Robin?"
"I don't know, but I think we need to talk.  You asked me to marry you!"
"And you said no."
"Well, don't you even want to know why?"

-The way Don sputters "It wasn't...official!" is hilarious.  I also kind of love the fact that he got all caught up in wedding fever without really thinking it through. 

-I've never really thought of Don as this "really romantic guy."  I kind of feel like that's a personal failing on my part, as I've only ever focused on his much-discussed commitment struggles, but the instant she said it it made all kinds of sense.  If you need me, I'll be over here, flailing at his old movies and old-fashioned values and car-door-opening chivalry.

-And the fact that Robin knows Don better than he knows himself, and understands that he still hasn't quite figured out what he's searching for, proves to me that any and all lingering doubts I have ever had about how much I really love this relationship just went out the window, as they are perfect for each other.

-"And I promise you, I will say yes when you're really ready."
Me: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  THAT COUNTS.  *is all smiles*



lol random sizes

Easily one of the most romantic moments on the show.  And there are a LOT of those moments.  But this, the way she's all wrapped up in his arms and he keeps trailing his fingers across her cheek and teasing her back for more kisses, is like some sort of Shippy Grail.  I told you they know how to make the most of their limited screen time!

In conclusion, dead of squee.
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