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Spoiler alert, currently watching Numb3rs, but I am sure you do not care, so no cut!

I, er, was trying to hold off on watching this, but I have the willpower of a field mouse when it comes to live airings of this show, and HOLY HECK, THIS IS MY FAVORITE OPENING SCENE ON NUMB3RS EVER.  It has everything (except Robin). Charlie doing professor work. Amita blithely ignoring him in favor of watching trashy awards-show TV.  (Over which she is totally spazzing with excitement; I love her).  Don.  Don whining about the game not being on (Charlie: *whipped*).  Amita inviting Don to watch the show with her.  Chess.  Amita bugging Charlie to get up and go fix the cable for her.  Ah-hah-hah-hah, this is great!


Also!  Absentee of the week, Liz.  And stars are hitting on Nikki and possibly Colby, and there's something in the episode description about Don being haunted by a past case, and I don't know, THIS MIGHT HAVE TO BE MY OTHER FAVORITE OF THE SEASON.  It's always the ones you least suspect.

ALSO, they just ran a spot about  "counting down to Valentine's Day with Numb3rs" (thank you, Jared's), and anytime you close with a Charlie/Amita kiss, it's damn perfect.

Seriously, how often do I freak out about an episode so much that I have to post before it's even half over? 

Edit: OH GOOD GOD this Amita-vision about the Colli...gladiator arena thing I'm too excited to spell right, and she's dressed in similarly appropriate attire with princess-y jewelry?  I don't even know; THIS EPISODE LOVES ME.  (That's Soviet Russia, episodes love you)

Washed up actor is still hitting on Nikki.  Random woman is hitting on David.  Amita has uttered the phrase "Love me, love my US Weekly," and I want to know if I can propose to her too.  I still have no idea what is going on the case because I can hardly hear it over my own flailing, but I'm pretty sure I'll find it exciting on the second go-round.

Edit the 2nd: Ahhhh, that faded into a nice denouement.  Which I needed, for calming-down purposes.
Tags: numb3rs, tv commentary

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