RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Hey, that was weirdly fun.

*scowls* Stupid Saints.  Look, I can't cheer for underdogs when everybody else is too. Under those circumstances, my contrary nature kicks in.  Name the reason you love them - it's because they're an inspiration, isn't it?  And/or it's their first-ever appearance? - and that is exactly what I find annoying.  Plus my previously stated reason of vengeance.  But I came here to talk about the important part of the hour.

To my growing dismay, I counted at least 4 or 5 (dumb) commercials for Budweiser/Bud Light in the first hour alone -- 
Me: It doesn't count until I see Clydesdales!

-- but FINALLY, in the 4th quarter they clinched their customary win for Best Commercial Of The Event.  It's like they spend all year trying to find a new animal to out-adorable the previous year.  Now in addition to the Dalmatian and the foal, they've added an IMPOSSIBLY CUTE SPOTTED RED CALF.  (that's just the bonus on top of awe-inspiring horses-in-harness)  BRB, squealing head off for next several minutes.

2nd place: Coca-Cola, Simpsons version, just because seeing all the characters for a few extra seconds makes me smile.  Between this and the guy sleepwalking through Africa, Coke was definitely the all-around company winner.

3rd place:, with the fiddling beaver.  Had us roaring with laughter.  FIDDLE BEAVER!!  He has just replaced the Geico Gecko to win my heart among anthropomorphic spokesanimals.

Honorable Mention: the promo for NCIS, showing us how Gibbs-slapping might be absorbed into popular culture.  (by the way, regarding your later promo -- "followed by 90 million people"?  What data are you futzing with to come up with numbers like that?  Every hit you've ever gotten to the website?) 

Honorable Mention 2: promo for Late Night?  And/or Oprah?  I could have read it as a promo for The Tonight Show, so not...really clear, but!
Letterman: This is the worst Super Bowl party ever!
Leno: Oh, you're just saying that because I'm here.

*giggle fit* 

Honorable Mention 3: The subtle "Call Barney Stinson" sign.  CBS, can you always host every major event ever?  Because I love seeing my shows take center stage.

Biggest Losers: Per usual, I have a hard time deciding which I hate more: the freakish eTrade babies (as if normal babies weren't unappealing enough), or the Go Daddy porn site (what's that you say?  It's not a porn site?  No, I think you must be mistaken). 

Also per usual, Doritos kicks things off on a good note (dumb guy learns why you don't tease dogs with food; Labrador pwnage FTW!), and then just goes into the realm of weird and creepy. 

P.S. Oh, man, the Green Police commercial.  I couldn't fathom what it was for, but I just sat there with my impressed eyebrows raised and a smirk on my face, going, "Yep, that sounds about right.  I can see it."  In fact, the more I read & remember, the more I think that this must have been the best year for commercials ever*, despite the fact that everyone else is saying the opposite.  CONTRARY NATURE STRIKES AGAIN!

(*truthfully, I think this is just the first year in a long time that I have paid attention.)
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