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You know it's gonna be a goooood day! With Dunder-Mifflin and Sah-bray!

Oh, crap, is it Wednesday already? Okay, okay, I will get my butt in gear! The meta isn't posted yet, I still have a chance!

The Office, "Sabre"
Ooh, this is the least rageful I have been about Office in AGES!  In fact, I don’t even know if I am rageful at all.  Wanting to knock Erin & Andy’s heads off is pretty much a constant state at this point, so I think this wound up one of the best episodes of the season.

-"Scissor me!"   Pam's horrified expression mirrors my own.  I'm growing seriously worried about Erin’s mental capacity.  Maybe that special work program Holly thought Kevin was part of IS real.

-Pam’s painting is back up, looking perfect despite the fact that it was a watercolor and Erin sprayed it with glass cleaner.  How is that possible?  Did Pam just paint another one?  I know I shouldn't complain, especially since they deleted that scene, and yet I am. 

-I hate that Erin’s voice is so pretty/everything I like in a female singer-songwriter.  Irony is a cruel mistress.

-Pam is definitely in her third trimester now, complete with awkward walking.  It's so validating. 

-UNTIL SOMEONE EXPLAINS RYAN'S NEW STYLE OF DRESS, I WILL CONTINUE TO RAISE QUESTIONS ABOUT IT.  Seriously, I've even been on Twitter and his website looking for clues, and there is nothing.  Is this going to be like the time Cameron dyed her hair blonde on House and no one ever said a word?  It is, isn't it.
Michael: [Co-manager] in training.
Jim: Trained.  Loving it.  Good at it.
--That last point is debateable.

-Gross, when did Ed Helms squeeze his mug into the credits?  YOU ARE NEVER FORGIVEN FOR HIM, SHOW.  NEVER.  

-I don't know why, but I find Gabe rather charming.  He's so meek and mild and not threatening in the slightest!  I have no idea how this whole Sabre-takeover is going to play out in the end, but I have an idea that it won't last, solely because I am enjoying it so far.  Jo Bennett has a delightful way of smiling to your face while clenching her iron fist with the same sort of no-nonsense, restrictive rules that my hero Charles tried to lay down.  Which...might go similarly badly for me where Jim is concerned, and yet.

-The "what is Sabre?" video reminded me of this exchange on The Simpsons:
Homer: What do they do?  What don't they do?  Oh, they do so many things they never stop!  Oh, the things they do, my STARS.
Lisa: You don't know what they do there, do you?
Homer: Not as such, no.

-Love Michael's reactions to all the awful changes, along with what might be the most relevant, slightly meta-y- quote for me ever:  "I miss the old Dunder-Mifflin.  Too much change is not a good thing.  Ask the climate."   That's actually quite a large factor in me labeling an episode "good," being able to tolerate Michael in it.  And he was quite sweetly defensive of his company throughout.   

-I'm , um, not entirely sure how I felt about Jim/Pam in this one. On the one hand, they got a storyline!  They got a storyline that even revolved around (their future) parenting!  On the other hand, they embarrassed me to death, and I know I said that I would always be happy to watch them to do anything, but "looking like idiots" is a scenario that gives me pause.  I also hate when they behave like gigantic dorks and I am forced to admit it's not even out of character.  *shudders*

-But I love how enthusiastic they were by everything (Jim, enchanted by cubbies and tiny playhouses!  Pam, "They have a finger painting station!  And a curly slide!  Am I too old to go here?"); will clearly both be awesome parents and have the best toys ever. 

(Okay, I really did love this subplot, but I'm running out of time and condensing all my thoughts for efficiency)

-Oh, David Wallace.  Have you snapped?  You look like you’ve snapped.  :(

-That said - "You take out your Suck It and you suck it!  YEAH!  SUCK IT!  YEAH!"  *will be singing this for hours*  You know, for a show that has zero incidental/background music except for special occasions, I love how they manage to incorporate tons and tons of original catchy tunes.  Even tunes that, by rights, should not be catchy at all.  

-Oh yeah, and one more thing about the Day Care storyline that seemed like the wrong kind of meta to me --
“Did you ever stop to consider that you might not be as charming as you think you are?”

-And now, back to enjoying everything.  The fact that this was written by Jen Celotta and directed by John Krasinski is just the extra-fancy icing on the cake.  Topped with strawberries.  
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