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Clever opening: *doesn't exist*

I just have a list of things I want to write about, and I am in their grip, so I will remain particularly bent on this goal and uninteresting outside of those subjects until I shove all the topics out of the queue.  Hope that's cool.  Oh, and I re-opened comments on the last post after deeming myself too lazy to integrate it into this one after all.

Lost: 6x03, "What Kate Does"
Your average exposition episode, not the worst of its kind but also nothing especially exciting, except for HOMG, THAT SCENE.

I actually got spoiled for it last week when I was looking for reviews - total accident, ruining my careful and up to that point successful resolve not to read a single spoiler for Season the Last - but even then, I couldn't quite believe it was true, because it seemed like such an impossible layer of bonus perfection on top of the already-unexpected bonus in the premiere.  But it was!

For the record, I am very much on board this new world of Sawyer - I feel like I should call him James at this point, since just about everybody else is, and yet...can't!  hard habit to break! - openly crying and not even trying to hide it.  I mean, some level of discretion, but the fact that Kate's sitting right there while tears roll down his cheek blew me away.  And I had already been blown away by the private moment of grief before that, as Kate rudely spied from doorways and he looked broken just opening up the box.

(you know, in another life, Sawyer digging up a secret stash would have meant guns.  Or drugs.  Or money.  Here?  Sentimental engagement ring)

(and how desperately sad is the thought of a dusty, abandoned old house containing all the memories of your life from mere days ago?)

"I convinced her to stay.  I made her stay on this island because I didn't want to be alone.  . . . But I think some of us are meant to be alone."
*distraught weeping*  (I mean from me, this time)  This just kills me every time.  Again, no words, because I can only ruin it.

"I was gonna ask her to marry me."  You know, I don't think I ever entertained that notion?  I think I just sort of assumed they were, without thinking of what a monumental step that might be.  (Where do you even get a ring like that on the island, though?  Do you just tack it onto the list of supplies you need delivered?  Dharma beer, canned beans, oh, and 1 diamond-set ring?  I snark to deal with the pain.)

Regardless, who wants to go back and watch the latter half of season 5 with THAT little tidbit rattling around in their brain?  All those times Juliet threw up defenses or said self-deprecating things like, "It's over, isn't it?", knowing what he'd had in mind...yeah, hurts even more now, doesn't it?

Incidentally, I spent an hour on YouTube the evening before this aired, thanks to an inconveniently-timed Jack/Juliet picspam (ack, my heart!  Remember when they were the most beautiful thing ever?  Because I do!  I really do!), spinning through both Sawyer/Juliet and Kate/Sawyer clips.  Oh, my God, the Kate/Sawyer ones still worked their magic on me.  Completely separate magic from the season 5 ones (found a whole playlist!) but no less gorgeous.  The scenes from  4x03-04?  Slayed me dead.  The Hug?  Still gets to me.  As does all the other fun stuff from seasons 3 and 4, when my shipping priorities were simple and straightforward. 

Stupid love shapes with lines and edges!  I want to ship everyone with everyone in all timelines!  MOST FRUSTRATING SHOW EVER.  Am beginning to think "4-person free love commune" has surpassed plain polygamy in my scenario of perfect solutions to this problem.
In other news, I probably should have enjoyed the flash-sideways more than I did, because Claire is one of my favorite characters.  It's hard for me, because I generally only have 3-5 living characters I like at a time, so once they die, I just sort of cross them off my list and forget about them  Having a favorite character brought back boggles the mind. I had forgotten how intensely pretty she is, with her gorgeous blue eyes only accented by the mascara, and her long blonde hair, plus her accent and generally being the sweetest and most charming little thing ever. 

By the way, how hard is it to pick up a phone and say you've changed your mind before your prospective baby mama comes all the way from Australia?  Like, in what universe do you think she won't track you down?  I guess it's the same universe where you can fight through all the red tape and convincing of your readiness that adoption requires, and yet somehow go from that to dumping your wife in less than nine months' time. 

Claire back on the island, Rousseau-ing it up, is...different.  I'm not entirely sure it's welcome.  And for once in my life, I don't know who to side with on this whole sick/infected thing.  Dogen lost a lot of cred with me after turning a red hot poker on Sayid (seriously, what is it with these people and the branding?), and not even the awesomely-named Lennon is enough to overturn that. 

Meanwhile, Jack is still at least half broken, and I'm still sure that if Sayid isn't gone he will be soon, and either way that whole conversation about literally trusting Jack with his life struck me in a special hurty place of anguish and woe.  "I only care about who I trust.  So if you want me to take that pill, Jack, I'll do it."  All the scenes between them are lovely, lately, but that one especially so.

Oh!  And something about Sawyer making a break for it, while Kate's all "I volunteer to leave also!  ...and 'bring him back', yeah, that's it.", and Jin's all "I can leave too!", just cracked me up and reminded me of my own wit and brilliance in Interview Lady, where a kid named Matt escapes.

Matt: Now, let’s see. I have 53 cents, half a granola bar, and a broken pen. Scouring the streets is not helping. I’m lonely, too, dang it all. I’d even take JUN right about now…*claps hands over mouth*

Jun: *perks up* Did you hear that? It was Matt! He’s calling my name! *runs to the door but is stopped by a guard*
Guard: Only one kid is allowed to be gone at a time.
IL: Zero kids are "allowed" to be gone. other words, I thought it was funny that after wigging out over one person getting out, they wind up losing three.

All in all, not a bad hour, just slower.  As far as exposition goes, I must admit I like it loads better with minimal focus on Hurley, Miles, not!Locke, or really anyone left on the beach.  I have a feeling I'll appreciate this one more as time goes on.
And now for Numb3rs catch-up, while I hardcore deny the fact that I have exactly two more episodes and one month left until this beloved show of mine is out of my life for possibly ever. 

6x13, "Devil Girl"
You know, when I first saw the summary I thought this looked like the best plot of the year (proof: written by Julie Hebert).  Then I saw Lazlo’s name attached, and I suspected it would find a way to suck.  I WAS RIGHT.  See, I already went through this phenomenon with "Hydra."  BUSTER BLUTH = MOST TERRIBLE THING EVER.

And I feel terrible saying this, because I recently declared this writer my favorite of the pack and now I feel like I should love it on principle, but my convictions stand.  There's a good idea in there, but it got buried in dreck.

I suppose I should be grateful that Amita was in the episode at all - I know she's in the next three, and normally she's gone for 25% of the episodes, but I guess this year we get away with only missing 3/16, yay! - but.  It was frustrating, how she and Charlie kept almost having really good conversations, and then he would stumble into the scene and destroy the atmosphere more effectively than a bull in a china shop.  BTW, is now my personal canon that Amita can't stand him.  Did you see how fast she fled the room/building/campus?  Silence, Heuton, no matter how many times you deny it on Twitter, I will not be swayed!

If you need me, I will be over here, trying to work off my grumpiness by focusing on the cuteness of Charlie stretched out on the couch, trying to avoid feeling hopeless, while Amita busily whirs away at the computer program.

Oops, and there goes my theory that Amita has sisters...assuming Charlie wasn't lying just to protect them, which seems plausible, but now that I think about it I'm not sure why I ever thought she had a sister in the first place, since she seems very much the classic only child. 

I guess Lazlo did give us an excuse to focus on the koi again, who remain among my favorite recurring guest stars.  And maybe it was a little bit fun to watch Don and Charlie blow him off at every turn (also fun: watching Don blow off Charlie's 'please can I ride the motorcycle please please  that's cool' hopes).  He's excruciating, all the time. 

"Sex workers.  I’ve always found that term so odd." 
Cookies if you can name who I'm quoting, double points if you guess the episode.

Obsessing over spoilers is what leads to me losing all the plot suspense, because once you burn the casting sides into your brain, and then they get recognizable names attached like Anna Camp (i.e. "Pam Beesley's sister whom I don't acknowledge in the canon sense") and Clea DuVall (whom I can never figure out *why* I know, because the answer is merely "frequent-flyer guest star"), you pretty much know where all the chips will fall. 

That said, "Siouxsie" is the best name ever (although I really thought she'd be a lot...less sunny), and Don bearing down on Mel reminded me very much of how he broke down Piper St. Joan in "Angels and Devils."  Alas, with all the psychological profiling people were spouting in this episode, I missed Megan something fierce.  Especially when Colby was saying it - it didn't sound like him at all, it sounded more like he was reading her lines, and...I am fresh off season 3 here, okay?

Other thoughts:
-the nostril/gun cam needs to die a fiery death.

-I totally thought that I loved M.E. Claudia?  Nope, wrong, after checking out season 3, I actually love this one best.  Whose name I should learn, since I just realized I've been transposing her face onto any and every time Claudia is mentioned in recaps or fanfic.

-I liked Jack Steves.  He was charming.

-there was a point at which I was so bored by the case that I was reduced to squeeing about a moment where Don's bent over Amita's shoulder to look at the computer.  Being me, I also noticed that his shirt was unbuttoned more than usual. It's hard to say which part I found more enjoyable.

-all things considered, though, the Final Six have been living up to my expectations of increased quality.  :)


My initial reaction to the preview: WHOA.  I knew there was going to be a car accident, and I even knew Nikki was worse off, but I was still expecting a relatively simple crash.  Was not expecting unconscious carrying + FIERY CAR EXPLOSION.  Hooray!  Remember waaaay back in fall 2008, when I told Nikki that becoming a damsel in distress "on week 2" was not the way to win my heart?  Damsel in distress a year and a half later = totally the way to go.  *nods*

And lo, it was as good or better than I expected.  "She's strong, and she's wrong, all the time" kept floating back into my head as she hollered for discharge nurses from her hospital bed and rejected Alan's unnecessary fussing, but the initial crash was spectacular.  Super!Colby to the rescue!  (ignoring the fact that Super Colby crashed them in the first place, losing control for reasons I'm not precisely clear about) 

No, but really, that was wonderful and fulfilled another of my favorite Tragic Scenarios (complete with bruised ribs and an arm in a sling!) without getting too bogged down in its own tragedy.  I was free to wonder about the implications of her really dying (because she certainly looked dead when he was checking for a pulse), while it barely made a dent in the case routine.  That was actually a tad disappointing; after that fuss about her being knocked out, I was kind of hoping she'd at least get a little dizzy while rushing out on an interview too soon.

However, this entire subplot is TOTALLY WORTH IT just for this scene --
“You ask me how I’m doing, I’ll shoot you.”  Colby waits 3 seconds.  “How are you doing?”  Nikki promptly uses her good elbow to knock him against the side of the elevator, whereupon he protests, "Take it easy, I just got in a car accident.” 

HAHAHAHA!  Oh, man.  These two and the shoving, it's just adorable.  If I wasn't still hung up on how scorchingly hot she and Ian are, I might ship them?  No - no - I am not going there.  A Kat-Miller-and-Nick-Vera style relationship is all I want out of them, I swear.  

Just one question...what is it with Colby and the exploding cars?  That's at least the third one that has gone up in flames with him in the near vicinity. 

Final Note
SURPRISE LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

"KAY, EVERYTHING IS  BETTER NOW."  Riding Walking back home on infinitely less depressing music than he rode out on.  Woohoo! 

(okay, I knew he was coming back - spoiler obsession, remember?  I can practically quote the boards from memory - but even though Heuton said he was in the final 4 eps, I was sure info had gotten crossed and he wouldn't really be here until Charlie found him next week)

I know I have traditionally been hot and cold on his character, but he's been having an uptick lately where I love him to pieces and the world just hasn't felt right without him.
6x14, "And The Winner Is..."
If I have one worry about this episode, it's that we may have another 'Arrow of Time' situation on our hands whereby am so blown away with love and adoration for the first scene that I never quite calm down enough to gain perspective on the episode as a whole.

...but I mean, really, wasn't that first scene the best thing ever?  In addition to everything I said before, the way Don's head snaps around in horror/disbelief upon hearing they have to watch the recorded game later is priceless.  "I left work early for this!"  Plus, the way Amita's eyes gleam with unholy joy is a lot like the way I look while watching this show.  (or the Grammys.  And Emmys.  Possibly Oscars.  Seriously, did I mention how much I love her?  I even have a trial subscription to US Weekly at the moment, so we're just soulmates all over the place).

And while we have to part ways on the notion that awards shows are more entertaining than hockey (which is simply not true.  Most sports, certainly, but hockey can hold its own!), I still love that she tries to get Don to come sit and watch it with her.  And that he just stares for a while in this sort of numb daze until his sense of self-preservation/healthy scorn kicks in.  "What is this?  What are we watching?"

Of course, absolutely nothing is better than Amita bugging Charlie to go fix the cable.  Whose house is this, again?  Because I'm pretty sure she just took over as mistress of the domain.  Excellent.  Honestly, that's the best thing I have ever seen.  Except possibly the bonus hilarity of Don off-handedly saying he's actually watching the show, then hastening to backpedal and clarify "I'm not watching it, Amita has it on."

But wait, that's only half of it !  Because now we have all the magnificence of discovering Larry squatting in the garage (and scaring the pants off Charlie in the process, hee!), and generally re-entering my happy little Numb3rs world.

Honestly, beyond my BLINDING SQUEE, I don't know what to make of his new, at-peace self.  (although I did like Charlie's offhand, "And by the way, I'm not going to do it."  "Do what?"  "Go blue in the face trying to penetrate the latest Fleinhardt mystery.")  I didn't even realize that he was eating non-white food until everyone else pointed it out, and now I'm almost...weirdly sad about it?  That's one of the quirks that makes him Larry!  And as much as I loved that heart-to-heart with Charlie at the end, all that talk about realizing how he witnessed the "death" of a star that had already been dead, and how that led to him turning his sights in the opposite direction...I don't know!  It seemed profoundly sad. 

I maybe took it in a metaphorical way, too.  Like, I could be watching these last few episodes play out with the belief that Numb3rs is "still in contention" for next year, but behind closed doors, maybe the show is already dead.  Even when I do watch the season finale play across my screen a month from now, and watch it end, it will have already ended.  The actors were gone by early February and production is in the midst of wrapping up. 

God, this is depressing.

So let's bounce back to the case!  Which I think was awesome, during the brief periods of time I concentrated on it, if only because everyone was getting hit on nonstop (except Don, who missed out on the fun while he was wrapped up in Past Case Angst).  And Nikki accepted pity dates in order to drive hot cars.  And David got some even better action out of it, which, good for him!  Speaking of which, if they did King of the Lab Bullpen based on snark, Nikki would win for this alone:

"Where's your girlfriend?  Not Colby, the other one."

Yeah, that's right, I just reduced the plot to a paragraph. Partly because, as predicted, I still haven't watched it the whole way through.  I half-watched and half-listened to it while I was flailing about online as it aired; that is the sum total extent of my knowledge.  I hear the writing was super-snappy, though, and I tend to believe it.  Am pretty sure that the Amita-vision was my favorite part of it (and not just because Nikki prompted it with "And I picture...?") - I'm very, very fond of the high ponytail and all the jewelry.  Still going high on my season rankings, overall. 

As for the Past Case Angst, that was lovely too.  Partly for "Where to now, Miss Daisy?" and partly because it's just really nice to see Don & Colby have a serious moment alone

P.S. MEDIUM. You did *not* just try to stamp down official canon that Allison was five weeks pregnant with Ariel when they got marr...wait a minute, no, NO, she had a miscarriage like two years before that. How do you reconcile that fact, show? Because either way, it looks a whooooole lot like you are adding to this TV trend of "babies first, wedding second," and for crying out loud, can't you even let me have traditional order for a couple who were married for 10+ years when the series began??
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