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comedy quickie!

"Rules of Engagement" premiered tonight.  I decided to go have dinner instead, which at least gave me something to do as opposed to just pacing the room tearing my hair out waiting for it to be 9:00 while watching comedies I knew I should be saving for when I was less distracted.  Alas, I watched anyway, and wrote (somewhat) shoddy commentary as a result.

How I Met Your Mother: Loved it, all-around loved it.  Now, if I were them I just would have watched the game immediately after the funeral - reset all the clocks and watches in the house and turned it on.  There would have been no need to try and spend a day avoiding the media.  But then, I suppose there would have been no episode, which would have been a pity, since this was hilarious.  I especially loved Robin's crazy newscast and the scenes of "the gang" gathered for superbowls past.  Ummm...I don't know what else to say.  I didn't tape it, so no quotes, but I enjoyed it?  Superbowl ep forever!

The Class: First up, I don't like this side of Kat.  I like the sarcastic and hostile Kat.  I dislike self-conscious and mushy Kat.  I especially dislike half-naked Kat.  SO not a character I ever wanted to see in bed.  So, that part was all pretty much a flop, except for Ethan's pep talk to send her back to Benjamin after she spooked and ran, which was actually kind of sweet.

Lina and the terrible, horrible, awful, no-good Moroccan chicken dinner party: I didn't get it.  If you're a vegetarian, aren't you usually a vegetarian on principle, to protest the slaughter of animals?  I know some people are on it for health reasons, but she strikes me as the fuzzy-hearted type, so I don't know why she couldn't just whip up an awesome vegetarian meal.  I'm not saying tofu or imitation meat, even, just...maybe a good pasta dish?  What's wrong with that?  I also don't know why Richie couldn't have at least hinted that the chicken didn't taste good.  He could have blamed the animal itself rather than her cooking; that wouldn't have faulted her at all.  Of course, I forget his inherent spinelessness.  Took him all episode to finally own up.  This eventually led to their first fight, which I couldn't believe I was seeing.  By the time I realized they were actually yelling,in true puppy love fashion Lina was already over it, cooing over their "relationship milestone."

Lastly, Duncan/Yonk/Nicole triangle didn't really go anywhere for me this week, but I feel a need to mention that Duncan's hair keeps getting longer.  And I like it that way.  I'm delightfully shallow.

Two and a Half Men:
No thoughts, just one Q on the guest star - what's the deal with describing Brooke Shields as beautiful and gorgeous and perfect?  She looks like a man.  Prominent brow, boxy head, square jaw?  All very mannish.  At the very least, robotic.  I would never consider her a specimen of beauty.   Maybe she was a long time ago when she was quite young, but nowhere in recent history.

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