RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I think a great many thoughts in my travels 'round the internet.

Hence the schizophrenic topic-switching in this post.  The only thing they all have in common is that they relate to TV.

* Oh, my God, Twitter.  If you do not stop repeatedly asking stupid questions about the fate of Numb3rs, I will...bash you with my shiny silver bashing stick (otherwise known as a flute.  there may be an in-joke at play here).  Stop asking if it's been officially canceled/renewed yet!  Stop asking if it will move to cable/get picked up by another network!  SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND WAIT UNTIL MAY.  If you need something to do while you're waiting, write support letters to CBS and/or watch reruns in ways that'll get your viewing counted.  Or spend a few minutes on the internet educating yourself about how networks operate.
* So much for my plans to keep my hopes way, way down about Jim & Pam's baby.  I have watched the two three (+ any future) promos with new footage a ridiculous number of times, and I just keep getting happier.  DEAR SELF: The wedding had awesome promos too, remember?  And then remember how the rest of the episode was basically unwatchable?  Another negative thing the two episodes have in common: Mrs. Beesley.  Be afraid, be very afraid. 

+ Also!  There is a baby blog up now.  As companion websites for  the show go, this one is pretty cringe-worthy.  Maybe I am spoiled from reading too many mommy blogs in recent times (I went through sort of a Thing over the summer/early fall), but this just does not seem like quality writing at all. might be a useful distraction while I'm counting down to March 4th. 
* Was bouncing around Twitter, one thing led to another, and waaaaaaaait, wait wait wait.  Sugar was on Gilmore Girls?  *digs things up on IMDB*  She had a recurring role in FOUR episodes?  Um, okay, I need to see these episodes right now.  Fandom, who is Shane and how did you feel about her? 

[edit: waaaaait, wait WAIT, Jess is Milo Ventimiglia?  HAHAHA.  IT IS A SHAME I CAME LATE TO THIS SHOW'S PARTY, BECAUSE I WILL NEVER TAKE ANY OF RORY'S BOYFRIENDS SERIOUSLY AT ALL NOW.  First Winchester and now this?]

Oh look, she was in an episode of Angel, too.  Stupid shows I don't...and Titus!  And Judging Amy!  How did I not know she had this kind of acting resume?  Methinks I need to go on some type of viewing bender to get over my morose feelings about her getting voted out first on Survivor, then.  Speaking of which:

'Heroes vs. Villains, week 2
Dear Heroes, stop sucking.  Seriously.  When you temporarily seem like more horrible human beings than the Villains - and unlike most of TWoP, I 90% agree with the tribe divisions, as I think that 'hero' is and should be a synonym for 'likable,' and vice versa - something is immensely out of line. 

Also, why haven't you voted out Rupert yet?  Because turns out that maybe one of the reasons TWoP hates him is because he gets super aggravating, super quick with his endless rambling and 'aw shucks' attitude apparently meant to distract you from the fact that he walks around and mumbles a lot but does not really do anything.

Not that I'm not delighted about Steph getting bounced out of there, as I mentioned last week, but she seemed like an odd choice.  Mom and I couldn't figure out what she actually did that made her a target, besides being generally fierce and strong, but female.  I thought her final comeback, when she no longer had to bite her tongue, was awesomely sharp and dead on the mark, though.  

I don't really know how I feel about anything anymore, since my tribe is imploding faster and harder than Timbira, and it's all really quite sucky and painful to watch.  It's like, suddenly, I am on everybody's side and yet want them to fail at the same time, unless they are Cirie, who should just go ahead and kick ass/take names.

I mean, remember when JT was the perfect human being?  And now he's totally not, and I am spending all my time wishing he had Stephen around* to silence him and put him on the path to both successful and awesome gameplay, because James over Tom does not awesome make.  And I even still like James; don't ask me why, but while my mom is busy being horrified and appalled by his antagonistic and misogynistic comments, I just thought, 'Yep, that's how he is' and just...can't find fault with it?  He just sees the world in black-and-white terms and maybe lacks an inner censor.  

[* = which is going to make his People blog this season a dizzying clash of realities]

On the other side of camp, Rawwwwwwb did not dehydrate/exhaust himself out of the game.  Not surprising, but still sad, because while he is marginally less obnoxious as a narrator* than Grossell is, I still can't stand his arrogance or his harsh accent.  Speaking of which, it continues to be hilarious watching Lil' Russell run around stamping his feet and pouting because nobody is paying attention to him, and worse, they're acknowledging someone else as The King!  HOW DARE THEY, THOSE STUPID-HEADS, I'LL SHOW THEM.

[* = but am I continually grateful that with so many awful people, we still only have to listen to a couple of them a week?  Yes.  I'm pretty sure I only heard five words from Randy and zero from Tyson this time.]

By the way, what would be cool is if we could stop with this wanton chicken abuse.  I'm never particularly comfortable with providing helpless tiny animals for TV-entertainment purposes, but I'm pretty sure that when you are running after them with spears, you cross over the line of acceptability.

What a weird place for my formerly boundless stream-of-consciousness thoughts to end.
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