RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

My compelling Friday night thoughts

Meme!  List all of the television shows you have on DVD, no matter how obscure or embarrassing. Even if you only own one season, list it! Let's see who has what!

* CSI: Miami (1-3)
* CSI: NY (2)
* The Office (1-4, and I think I'm getting 5 for my birthday)
* The O.C. (3)

Fun fact, I've taken the plastic wrap off O.C. but for some reason have never played any of the discs.  I also still haven't even seen this finale.  But I like knowing it's within easy reach, along with Johnny Harper and Sadie and Seth/Summer's best year.  And plenty of stuff I expect I've blocked from memory.  If only I could do that with Tiki Hut Sex On The Beach.  ...oh, gross, Taylor!  THAT'S one of the things I blocked out!  Did you know it's possible for her to be way worse than she was in season 4?  Because I had forgotten until a few seconds ago.  X(
I find it super-obnoxious that LJ has changed something in the tags so that you no longer have to put a "+" sign between words in the URL, and you will in fact get an error page if you do.  I suppose it's meant to be convenient, but damn it, I flip back through old entries so often that I am conditioned to use the plus signs.  In my head, I'll literally say things like "how plus i plus met plus your plus mother" as I type it in.  "Plus," I have like fifteen different multi-word tags stored in my browser at this point that I have to dump as a result of this change.  Plus, URLs just look WEIRD with blank spaces, you know? 
So I had this half-resolution to give up pop for Lent, and then I made it...72 hours.  GO ME.  I mean, the question of sticking it out for the duration wasn't even in the realm of possibility, but I was really aiming for, like, at least one week out of the six.  Because I am almost positive I haven't gone more than 5 consecutive days without pop in the past five years.  Yeah, it's like that.  But hey, there's a lot of Lent left!  I can always start over, again and again!  And again and again and again.

(also of note, I have never attempted to give anything up for Lent, because I was a contrary child who thought religion was stoopid and I resented God making any demands of me whatsoever.  This year, I decided there were enough people on the internet whining about/disdaining religion that my Contrary nature kicked back in and I chose to embrace it)
Rewatching Numb3rs, 6x02.  Just caught awesome foreshadowing: David tells Nikki that if she put as much energy into her work as she did his love life, she'd have "caught Bin Laden and D.B. Cooper by now."  Hah!  Matter of weeks, David.  Matter of weeks.  
Tags: lj, numb3rs, o.c.

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