RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I am beginning to get an idea.

A terrible, horrible, awful idea.  Well, more like just a needlessly complicated idea that may or may not be beneficial and/or practical in the long run.  BUT, you see, I just realized...that on LJ, you can fix the time & date stamp on your entries!   Meaning that, while not easy or quick, I could theoretically import all my other blog entries and mesh them into this fantastic site.  That was my major hang-up in moving...

And if I could do that, then I could start cross-posting between Xanga & LJ.  That way, there'd be a chance people would actually read some of my posts (maybe), but I myself would still be able to read them in my preferred format, the one without cut-tags.  As for, I think I'd leave the babbling over there because that's not something I expect people to read, but I could still post completed stories & fic rec lists here.

Remaining Drawbacks:
1. I really, really like the moniker Televinita. I've also written it in several blog posts over there, so I'd have to comb through and edit all those to stick them on this site. 
2. The reason I CREATED the moniker Televinita was so I'd have an anonymous identity in which to, uh, squee over various people on my shows.  Well, it didn't really need to be totally anonymous...I just didn't want anyone I knew in real life to read it.  I'm odd enough already.
3. There's still the matter of how frequently I edit my posts: adding or deleting text, flipping from public/private, etc.  That'd be double the work. 

That's...kind of a lot of drawbacks.  Sigh.  I really thought I had it figured out this time. 

Edit: No, you know what?  Doesn't matter.  This move is happening, and I will make it work. 

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