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Lost, 6x05, "Lighthouse"
Remember when Jack episodes were an utter drag, and among the lowlights of a given season?  Not anymore!  

Daddy!Jack is my favorite version yet.  Even if he kind of sucks at it, has communication issues and hardly ever sees his kid, at least it's not for lack of trying, and I'm pretty sure he makes up for all of it in the last scene.  I'll be over here, uh, swooning.  And maybe finding myself with a lump in the throat, between the voicemail and the performance and the conversation at the end.  Seriously, that conversation makes me sort of weepy (not that I am difficult to provoke to tears), all the more so because it's so warm and positive and ends on a content, satisfying note.  David is already a much more interesting scamp than Walt ever was. 

Although, way to make Jack sound pervy, show.  "You used to sit and watch me practice.  You were so...into it."  

Oh, and I really liked the random meeting with Dogen, who apparently enthralls and captivates me in all universes (if there's one in which he happens to cuss out Hurley in Japanese, so much the better).

Back on the island, Jack continues to win my heart over without even trying.  He seems less broken in the head now, but still all lost and angsty, marvelously so.  Also, I'm maybe having a resurgence of Jate-type feelings that haven't been around here since season 1.  In a way where I want to bounce on back to season 5 and really bask in that brief period of time where he and Kate were apparently happy.  What was that one where I complained about all the domestic scenes they got?  Because I need to retract that, a lot, the same way I did for Desmond/Penny.

Hell, at this point, I'm enough in love with Matthew Fox's eyes that I feel a weird need to see if I can round up "Party of Five."  He has good hair in that, right?  I mean, not buzzed short like the first few years of this series, which is probably the only reason it took so long to warm up to the character?

So despite the copious amounts of Hurley, I just adored the island storyline.  So many callbacks to season 1!  Which I haven't seen at all since 2006 and therefore scarcely remember!  Despite owning a copy of The LOST Chronicles, which is a handy guide that I should probably look at soon.  *flips through pages*

SPEAKING OF WHICH: look at this line from an early script outline!

Remember that chick from "V"?  The one who starts off as the shy, unassuming and vulnerable doctor but eventually becomes the leader of the fucking resistance and gets away with saying things like - "Get away from me YOU STINKING LIZARD!" as she empties the clip of her Uzi?  Well, Kate's kinda like her - minus the medical training.  

Etc, etc, I just think it's awesome that Lindelof referenced the original V several years before its remake crash-landed on the same network.

Anyway!  Season 1.  The caves!  Smashed coffin!  The skeletons, which had better have an awesome explanation when this is all said and done!  SHANNON'S INHALER.  You know that mentions of Shannon are the fastest way to my heart, don't you?  I still miss her.  Even if her death was, ultimately, in retrospect, necessary so as to bring Nadia back front and center.

And then we get to the title location, and it is the coolest thing since we last spotted a polar bear.  I want a crystal-ball mirror that spies on various locations from thousands of miles away!  Damn you for smashing it, Jack!  Damn you!  Also, I'm keeping my post title, but I have to admit that the TWoP's episode title - The Mirror of Erised - is even better, and it's really kind of a pity they didn't find this when they first marooned on the island.  They could have had a tiny piece of home!  ...while being super creeped out by why their names were all written down.

I do miss when picking sides in the battle of ideologies was fun, like Ben > Widmore, and not boring and stupid like it is now, because I couldn't care less about Man in Black or Jacob - they are both quite dull.  Also, Jacob will forever bother me because he had a guest role on Numb3rs, in "Thirty-Six Hours," which I have a couple dozen times, and so even though it wasn't a major or recurring role, that's the character I see every time.  Just wanted to counteract all the actor love that's going around for him.

Oh!  And in OTHER plot news, it bothers me that if Claire is infected (like Sayid?), she still retains her memories and entire normal personality (aside from the mild insanity), making it impossible to tell a difference - so why is it bad, again?  I'm also worried if she isn't, because...well, frankly, I buried her in my mental graveyard back in 2008, so it's like watching a zombie, which makes it hard to embrace her back into the "Top 5 Characters" status she's always enjoyed.  It's not quite right.   Not to mention, it's pretty devastating that the sweet little beacon of innocence and light has turned into...this. 

I do think that her baby boar corpse/shrine is the most awesome manifestation of insanity I have ever seen, though.

And I still don't know why Jin didn't just explain where Aaron really was.  Maybe ask her why she wandered off in the night and never came back.  Maybe phrased it in a better way than "Kate took him," as if her biological clock went nutty one day and made her snatch the first infant she could find before getting the hell out of Dodge.  I do fully support her taking revenge on Justin, was it, with an axe.  I didn't trust him not to snap her neck as a precaution if she untied him.

...I have really got to stop abruptly running out of steam and ending on a decidedly inconclusive thought.

P.S. Yeah, I watched half of American Idol last night.  To my credit, I did not fall in love with or form strong opinions about anybody, even the one super-pretty girl who did the rendition in Hollywood of "American Boy" that was almost unrecognizable, in an amazing acoustic-guitar way.  Except I thought that "Fixing a Hole" was amazing, as it was also nigh-unrecognizable, in a better-than-the-Beatles way.  And also except for the fact that I am pretty sure Crystal Bowersox is my favorite, just because she looks so remarkably like a girl I knew in high school.  And that was before I found out she did "Hand in my Pocket" - you know how much I love people who sing songs I actually like! 

And that was before I even saw the performance, which I just looked up a few minutes ago, and HOLY CRAP, EVEN I think her voice is amazing and should probably just go ahead and win.  Even though she has nasty dreadlocks and really, I should dislike everything about her, but instead I think she is phenomenal and, basically, is the kind of artist I buy stuff from.  I always say that the #1thing I want out of Idol is a solid pop artist, but that's only because I didn't think it was capable of producing people who sound like my singer-songwriters.  This, right here, is my new ideal.
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