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Episode summaries give away a lot more than you think.

At least, they do for Numb3rs.  And after all that hard work on the cryptic Tweeting, too.  ;)

Me, 2 weeks ago:  So, I've found out what screws up the wedding.  Yeah, yeah, episode summaries are tricky things, aren't they? 6x15 used to say "Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita make wedding plans..." , and now it says:
"Also, Charlie and Amita get a fantastic job opportunity that could put a wrinkle in their wedding plans."

"Shoot. They're totally the characters going to England, aren't they?  If season 7 doesn't happen, can this please not be an extended thing?  Because England's great and all, but they sort of have a fantastic house and amazing life in L.A., and they should really stay put.  On second thought, I don't know why I am getting all frazzled since there has to be a way to undo this for a hypothetical season 7, and also, when it comes to this show, nothing really ends up the way the summaries make it sound.  Let's assume it's a sabbatical or something." 
Me, yesterday:  Haha, spoiler alert, I feel new things about the Numb3rs finale. 
[6x16] "Cause and Effect" -- After Charlie and Amita get married and begin preparations for their London adventure, they put a slight hold on their wedded bliss when they assist the team in helping Don track down the whereabouts of his gun when it goes missing.

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  SEE, SEE, OPTIMISM IS FINE FOR THIS SHOW.  Of course Ausiello was just being stupid and misleading.  "I'm hearing the finale will focus on a wedding, but not the one Charlie & Amita are currently planning."  Key word there, focus.  As in, 10 to 1 says the wedding gets popped off pre-credits, but I'm gonna pretend that's okay, as long as they don't cheat me with an awful, wordless music montage like they did with Jim & Pam's vows. 


Also, I have no idea where I got the England bit two weeks ago - part of the cryptic Tweets?  I should have saved more of them - but apparently I was dead on.

Me, 5 seconds later:
ALSO.  THERE ARE MORE, NEW, AND BETTER PICTURES.  *squeals like a...super-squealy thing*

*asldjfalskdjflk;asdjfklasdlkfjasd JOY*

Some thoughts: 
-What the, is Larry officiating this thing?  Because that'd be...oddly appropriate, and maybe even beautiful.

-Oh yes, that is definitely THE necklace, so let's just double the flailing

-On second thought, not sure I like that her dress is as short as it is.  It's like a damn tea frock.  But that's a relief too, as there clearly does not exist a bride on earth whose dress is 100% perfect.  If there ever was, I'd have to figure out how to copy it for my own unlikely wedding, and that'd just be hassle.  I suppose for their setting, though, this works.  Still quite pretty.

-Nikki, pantsuits are not a good look on women (or maybe just you), and Robin, that seems like a super extra unflattering color.  But that's cool too!  I'll just assume you were all trying to make sure you didn't outshine the bride.

-At this point, I don't think I  how the episodes play out anymore?  Because I am just going to be sitting and staring at these pictures for the next two weeks straight.  Except for the couple of nights where I am briefly distracted by the Halpert baby.

[edit: OH GOODNESS.  While I was typing all this, the best interview ever with David Krumholtz just popped up, and I do not have space enough in this post to flail about it, so...hold that thought.]
On a more relevant topic, since I still have the willpower of a field mouse re: spoilers, I have obsessively pounced on every single piece of news that has come across Office Tally's desk for "The Delivery," including all the promos (we are currently up to 10?  Half of which are 'two seconds new footage,' but still), the TV Guide article, and the adorable on-camera interview with Jenna & John. 

All of them have just made me happier and happier and happier, so I am clearly screwed.  For example, I keep mentally pushing away the part of the summary that promises me excruciating Andy-n-Erin interaction for a B-plot back at the office.  And yet!  SO EXCITED, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.  It's a good sign that I've been warned about Awkward Michael and Totally Uncool, Flipping-Out Jim, but am still looking forward to it, right?
Plus!  Unrelatedly, the Q&A with Jen (Celotta, not -na) & John for "Sabre" is up, and besides being the most fantastic thing ever, I learned something amazing: that adorable "Hopped off the train in Scranton, PA...." ditty that I have been humming all month was set to the tune of Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A."!  Which is a song I've been avoiding, due to its popularity + being Miley Cyrus, but after reading that I couldn't look it up fast enough, and WOW!

I just assumed, from the way everybody's been praising it and calling it one of the best pop songs of the year, that she had come up with some awful and meaningless Lady-Gaga-esque dance anthem, or at least something as techno-y as "See You Again."  NOPE.  I mean, it's catchy, but it is this surprisingly laid back and almost storytelling kind of song, which I am completely in love with.  Adore the music video, too.
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