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Friday Night Fun (so imaginative, my non-lyric titles, aren't they?)

The aforementioned Krumholtz interview (what do I have to do, go out and buy this week's copy of TV Guide?  I am not entirely sure I'm joking), which has ever so many shiny things to discuss!  My favorite part is the 'Screw you, CBS' sentiment, both subtle and blatant.

* When the ratings are good and you’re the highest rated show on an entire night of television and you’ve won your time slot consistently week in and week out for years going, you kind of don’t assume you’re going to get canceled. . . .

"I think the only thing that shocked us all was the cutting of the season order from 22 to 16 episodes. It took the wind out of our sails. We were on episode ten or eleven when we found out, so all of a sudden instead of thinking you have a whole other half of a season to go, you realize you have five episodes to wrap up the entire season and possibly the series. I thought it was a slightly disrespectful move on their part. We were forced to rush into storylines and not finish up the way we wanted to."
--So.  Agreed.

* Also, this reassurance: "If we did something like a cliffhanger, and then the show never returned, I think our fans would feel jilted and we would feel unresolved."

See, that is how beautiful this series is.  Not only does it not kill characters off, but after 3 or 4 seasons of cliffhangers, they lobbed a gentle one out last year when the renewal wasn't a 100% sure thing, and nixed the concept altogether this time.  Oh, show.  Also, I love that they were bound and determined to have this wedding take place, by hook or by crook. 

* Shout-out to, which is exciting, since these are the boards I've been stalking all year. 

* Cute stuff about how the show wedding lines up with his own real-life wedding plans.  Mild point of annoyance that the finale was originally going to air the night before his wedding, until The Chopping happened and bumped said finale up to March.  That would have been a fun piece of trivia.

* Charlie gets an opportunity to teach at Cambridge University in England and he’s bringing Amita along to teach along side him.
--Well, you're just clearing stuff up all over the place!

They have a very tough choice. Do they wait to get married longer than they wanted to and do it when they get back, or do they just go for it now? They throw caution to the wind and the wedding is very small with just the regular characters on our show.  It’s definitely a rushed wedding because our season was rushed into ending. If we had not been cut short, the plan was to do a larger wedding with Amita’s parents there,
--Thank you!  That's what I've wanted to know for months.

but we had to get to the wedding in the course of the few episodes we had left. But it’s sweet. Peter MacNicol’s Larry marries us with a beautiful speech. And there’s a lovely scene between [Alan and Amita] and he says some beautiful things to her.

In other words, I am NOT going to get gypped like I did on The Office!  God, it's like this show is everything Jim & Pam had the potential to be, but without screwing it up in the name of comedy.  MORE PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT.  I don't even know what I'm more excited for now, the Alan/Amita stuff or Larry's words.  Or the, you know, actual wedding part.  Or the Don/Robin interaction that I'm just assuming will be there.  Or the...thing I shouldn't spoil here because it's from sides, but there's a Don/Amita bit that had better not be cut.

* Don loses his gun and a criminal goes around town committing murders with it. Don is distraught and blames himself.  Charlie can’t leave until he helps Don figure out this one last crime, and also lend his brother emotional support.

Wait, so you're saying I might even have a good CASE to go along with the amazing subplots?  Because that would knock 6x12 right out of its current #1 slot.  And frankly, if you can top that episode, I'd be delighted.

Q: So will Charlie and Amita stay or go, or will that be left open?
A: No, they go. I don’t know what CBS and Paramount want me to say, but I don’t really care. They do go off and start a new chapter in their
lives and rightfully so.
Hahaha!  Although: that 'new chapter' phrase makes me all :(, so let's re-emphasize how much they have to have an exit strategy for a hypothetical season 7, which I will be applying regardless.

"That’s good for them, but Don has been star-crossed for several years. Where is he left at the episode’s end?"
A: What I will tell you is that there’s a major resolution to his storyline at the end of the episode. They don’t want us spoiling more than that. But there is a major resolution. He’s not miserable at the end.

"I’m thinking a double wedding, the show has been hinting that Don’s ready to settle down with his girlfriend."
A: I’m going to plead the Fifth. (Laughs)

Wow, I am going to deliberately not be optimistic, because they claimed they weren't boxing themselves in, know, on the other hand, you can wrap things up in gift bows without the boxes, can't you?   

*brims over with shiny feelings regardless*  I'll take anything at this point, really.  I promise.

Over yonder in Twitter news, looks like there will be 3 or 4 commentaries on the DVDs, and while one of them already seems less than stellar (Old Soldiers.  I told you never to put the Krumholtz-Winkler team together again!), the promise of a Nick/Cheryl/David trio for the finale just gave me a heart attack of joy.
Survivor, week 3
As an aside, I was flipping through some old reviews, and check out this foreshadowing thing I wrote in 2008: I really hate the wrestling challenges.  I hate ... watching people getting violent when they jerk others around (I'm always afraid someone is going to dislocate a shoulder, seriously).

So, am I wrong, or was that the BEST CHALLENGE EVER, from a viewing standpoint?  Even though I normally hate mud-pit challenges even more than wrestling ones, I have never, ever, obtained anywhere near this much joy from a challenge before.  Bam!  Boom!  Smack!  Thunk!  Ka-pow!  One by one, every single villain gets their ass knocked into the mud.  HYSTERICAL!   Some in two seconds flat, others after an admittedly impressive struggle, and one in a rematch after Coach celebrates prematurely for not following the rules.  End result: shut-out!

And sure, I admit that Tyson had a point about how they seemed mildly psychotic in their aggressiveness - Colby, in particular, was like HULK SMASH NOW!!!!!! - and I was slightly afeared for their sanity too, but hey, they got the results.  It was almost like, instead of watching an actual fight, you were watching a choreographed demonstration on how to most effectively knock people off the side.  Let's relive the glory!

Some highlights:

* Russell getting immediately and effortlessly plowed off the platform.  I may or may not have SCREAMED MY APPROVAL.  The look of shock on his face was priceless.  Hahahahaha!  Not least because you know if he'd won, he would have gone straight to a camera and bragged about how either being 'hero' must be a synonym for 'weak and uncoordinated,' or what a bunch of pansies he had on his tribe again.

(incidentally, I cannot believe that CBS's video clip of this challenge decides not to include this part, staring instead in the middle of the Candice fight.  Get over your Russell love, damn it!)

* Candice using what little yet super-sinewy body she has to throw herself and Parvati over the side together, winning just by landing on top of her

* Jeff: "Take that anger and point it to the pirate, not me!"

* Cirie, whom you'd think might not be all forceful or agile, taking only 2.5 hits to push Jerri off her feet and over

* JT vindictively flinging mud off his shoes at Tyson while his back is turned.  Even though I feel like I will distinctly dislike JT this time around, that made me laugh.  Not that this stopped Tyson from weirdly dropping a kiss on the side of his head when it was over. 

* Amanda struggling with the closest fight of all, nearly losing only to save herself with an amazing twirl, proceed to clobber Danielle off the side, and then throw her blocker down with an awesomely haughty, huffy move and swagger her way back.  Danielle: *stuck with mud in her teeth*

* Rob's impressive flip.  I almost wanted him to win this match, just so I could mock Colby a little harder for losing all the time.  I don't know what's wrong with me lately.  

* Randy trying to taunt James about picking on an old man, to which James is like 'shut up and play, fool' followed by SINGLE-RUSH CLOBBER, DONE.

* Did I mention that the Heroes won luxury items (Candice's is a plush polar bear!  I love her so much) and coffee/sugar/rice?  Best reward yet.

As for who the Villains then choose to  vote off, I am shocked and appalled to find that I...not only wish they'd booted Parvati, with her creepy fake laugh and huge teeth and skeevy vibes and WHY, WHY DID SHE WIN WHY WHY, but am unexpectedly sad to see Randy go?  I never understood why people thought he was some sort of lovable curmudgeon, but this time around, I totally got it.  He didn't say anything that especially aggravated me, I agreed with him on all points about Parv's dangerously wilesome ways,

I still wish Villains had lost first so that Sugar could have outlasted him again, though.

Other things of note:

* Watching Rob & Coach school Russell: best thing ever.  Except possibly for Russell pitching a snit fit about not being Daddy In Charge.  I'm starting to be okay with including him for a second run, if only so he can humiliated as much as possible.

* Grudgingly, I admit that Rob is smart about identifying alliances based on who people sleep next to.  Remember when Erin took advantage of ex-Timbira being too stupid to notice that?  "I am literally sleeping with the enemy!  I sleep in the Jalapao ghetto at the end of the bed..."

* More Crazy Coach Campfire Tales!  Pity I couldn't hear them over Russell's attention-demanding return to his psychotic, camp-ruining ways.  "Watch me make the machete disappear!  Tee-hee-hee, I'm causing CHAOS!"  And then nobody really cares.  Best!

* Also, Parvati called him a lunatic to the camera, which almost justifies keeping her around

* There may not be Campfire Tales yet, but I see the editors are still more than willing to mock Coach's Warrior Yoga with every melodramatic trick in the book

* I would just like to say, despite being a completely straight woman, that Dani's boobs are amazing, or at least they fill out that bikini top extraordinarily well.  Jealous.

* Call her a bitter old cougar all you want, Parvati, but the fact  that Jerri constantly wants to punch you in the face has let me know exactly where

* Hey, speaking of foreshadowing, remember that dream I had last spring in which I was watching a historical romance novel featuring Coach and some anonymous, work-roughened middle-aged woman?  Who knew that I was just foreseeing the future showmance with Jerri?  Also, I find his affection for her sort of adorable when he pats her hair.  Seriously, I don't know who I am anymore.

* In other news, JT, please stop sucking as a human being, or I shall be forced to revive those cranky feelings I initially had when you won instead of Stephen.  Don't turn on Candice, don't turn on Cirie, and especially don't turn them against each other, and why can't you just form a solid alliance of winners with Tom like I want you to?  I understand that James and Amanda have glittery star power and all, but they are so comparatively dull.
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