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S'up, LJ?

Fandom Steel Cage Match March Madness:

Remember the good times we had last year?  Such as the mysteriously trashed Dean campaign poster, or the VOTE BARNEY post full of subliminal messages (including location: voting for Barney, music: Barney Stinson (That Guy's Awesome), a special tag, and - at the time - a Barney icon that said 'I'm awesome')?  Remember the sucky times, like when Sawyer lost in the very first round, or Seth Cohen lost by 11 votes, or I was forced to vote for Spike at one point and grossed out my soul? 

Well, they're coming back!  In full force next week, but I thought I'd alert you now in case you want to participate in prelims or the betting pool.  Which you do, don't even deny it.
The Office: Is it just me, or does the Halpert baby blog cause you to recoil in physical pain?  I am trying unbelievably hard to spin those words in a way that will give me aww-inducing scenes to visualize, but I cannot.  Something about the tone is off, and it's driving me nuts. 

The insistence on date stamps and sticking to a real-time timeline is especially getting on my nerves because
[edit: no.  You know what?  I redact that paragraph.  Clearly I have not paid enough attention to months vs. weeks during my pregnancy research, because by God, unless I am sorely mistaken, I can make this timeline work after all.  If we assume they were only on the very cusp of month 5 at the wedding (10/10), then we can also assume Company Picnic took place in early June.  If July counts as month 2, then September clocks in as month 4, and voila, MAGIC.  Well within the 38-42 week timeframe.  Yes, I like obsessing over this.]
Numb3rs: on a happier note, this old video (with Megan!  Remember Megan?), still makes me smile, especially at the end.  You release the cutest fan-style shipper videos, CBS.  It almost makes me forget that you're a right bastard with a cancellation stamp this year.

P.S. Leno comes back tonight.  Rejoicing!  Rejoicing wherein we willfully deny the news that Kevin Eubanks will be phasing himself out, because, NOT COOL.  The banter with Kevin is a large part of what I love about Leno, as all the other band leaders in late night are kind of creepy and weird, while he's fun and personable.  Will not be the same show without him.  Is already not the same show without John Melendez.  So much for my Magic Wand of Unchanging. 

Don't make me admit that I am actually a little bit sad about Conan leaving, because to be perfectly honest, Conan was my #1 pick to succeed Leno (greatest familiarity = least change).  It just happened about 10 or 15 years too soon for me, since I didn't start watching The Tonight Show until 2003.


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Mar. 1st, 2010 10:46 pm (UTC)
Oooh, Fandom Steel Cage March Madness! I might actually stand a chance, now that I might have a better idea of what I'm voting for. LOL.

I haven't been watching "The Office", so I haven't followed the baby story line at all, but I will agree that's one of the troubling things about writing a pregnancy into a show; the dates are always off. Take "Friends" for example. Monica and Chandler got married in May, and Rachel was already pregnant by then, which puts her due date around January. However, come October and November in the story, she still wasn't showing, and then Valentine's Day showed up. Oh, look, she's still pregnant! I don't know when exactly Emma's birthday was supposed to have been, but I do know in Season 10 they were having her first birthday party, but the episode aired in October. I'm not sure what month it was in the show. Long story short, they hardly ever get the dates right.
Mar. 1st, 2010 11:12 pm (UTC)
Oh, geeze. That...is a hilariously bad timeline. That almost sounds worse than X-Files. Clearly, everyone in TV should just give in and announce pregnancies in their premieres so they can have births in their finales; cover your sweeps on all points and everybody wins! Why won't more people do this?
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