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Neat Stuff! Which I am posting way, way too late to sound sane...

I'm sorry, did NBC just release over 4 minutes' worth of clips from "The Delivery"?  Yes.  Did I immediately watch them all?  Of course.  How am I feeling?  STILL SPECTACULAR!  God, this is going to bite me so hard...  But I swear I love every single second that I have seen!  Even the things that make me cringe, I am cringing with a smile hidden away because, I don't know, despite all the red flags and potential to be AWFUL written in the summaries, it is somehow playing out just as I hoped.  Largely thanks to Jim.

Trying not to spoil things here, but -- may I just register my relief that he is not on board with Pam's crazy plan to wait until midnight to check into the hospital?  When I first read the summary in which "they" were waiting, I was ticked off, because it seems perfectly in character for Pam to be stubborn like that, but I just could not imagine a world in which Jim was not fretting on the sidelines about her well-being and impatient to whisk her off to care ASAP.  It's good to be vindicated.

Lost, 6x06, "Sundown"
Is it a Sayid episode?  It is!  All right, finally, an interesting flash-sideways.  The island, not so much...until the end, when all of a sudden it's OMGWTFPOLARBEAR.

I.e., unexpected bloodbath is unexpected!!  But first:

Sideways Stuff: The first thing I notice is that 2004 Sayid lacks super-hot hair.  Sad!  The second thing I notice is a brief and fleeting thought that "Nadia looks a bit like Maya Rudolph, I never noticed that, hmmm" before "OH MY GOD.  OH MY GOD, HUG OF FAMILIARITY; THEY'RE TOGETHER? FLAILCAKES, CHILDREN, WHAT, OH MY GOD, THIS TOTALLY EXCUSES JULIET DYING, YES IT DOES.

...UNCLE Sayid?  Oh, fuck that noise."

But of course, nothing is ever quite as it seems on Lost.  Not that I cared, at first, since my brain went right to a Raymond/Yelina/Horatio place, and reminded me that when potential adultery concerns brothers, well...women are always choosing the wrong brother in fiction, so my moral conclusion is that it's practically not wrong at all.  Her marriage will be a mere matter of inconvenience to me --

-- oh, what's that, it's a matter of mere inconvenience to you too, writers?  EXCELLENT.  (especially if they're only having an emotional affair.  That's the very best kind.  For me, as a viewer.)  Because in that case, I am completely on board with a world in which there are meaning-laden Looks all over, followed by a waaaaaaaaay closer comfort embrace at the hospital than can possibly be appropriate (plus hair kiss, SQUEE), and then into awesomely blatant territory with "Why didn't you want to be with me?", and hand clasps, and "I can't be with you... Because I don't deserve  you." 

Okay, okay, I'm sorry!  As always!  I am always sorry that I keep putting other people like James & Juliet ahead of him on my list of favorites, because clearly he is the best character ever.  That last scene there just went ahead and took my breath away.  *whimper*  Better or worse than having her smacked down with a car in the middle of the street?  YOU DECIDE! 

In related news, Sayid is the most magnificent uncle ever.  I would not have believed it until I saw it, but his interaction with the kids is incredible.  Which doesn't help me with the "familial adultery, it's no big deal!  (disclaimer: in fiction)" feelings.

I also really like that in this timeline, he's still all about atonement for his military stint, and still struggling with the insistence that he's not a bad man at heart.  Damn these moral quandries that keep demanding he kill people for the good of more innocent people!  (Speaking of which, it was nice to see Keamy get blown away again.  Good karmic justice.) 

Also, heh, remember how I said that Lost has this habit of whipping out new Sayid/Nadia moments whenever they've killed off all my regular ships?  Prime example. 

Island Stuff: 
Me, in the first half: You know, Dogen, if you persist in trying to kill my favorite lostaway, you and I are going to have issues.  In spite of my otherwise strong allegiance to your shiny hair and fantastically mysterious aura.

Me, in the second half: OH MY GOD, I DIDN'T MEAN IT!  WHY, CLEARLY INFECTED SAYID, WHY?  (10 seconds later)  What the hell!  You took out Lennon too?  What, are you on some kind of kill 1, get 1 free deal? 

I don't even know why I am surprised, because that is how Lost rolls - knocking off 2 or 3 people I like for every nuisance they get rid of - but I'm still not over Juliet here; definitely cannot handle unexpected character death.  I am reading most of the spoilers that appear these days, but either that wasn't warned for, or I missed it, because they shocked the hell out of me.

So, are people still trying to argue that Man in Locke (my new favorite moniker!) is going to wind up being the good guy?  Because this seemed like a bit of a setback, what with the rampant death and destruction for no apparent reason.  Meanwhile, I cannot believe how sound, sane, normal and wholesome Ben seems at this point.  Like, remember when he was the most evil little creature on the planet?  And now he shows up and it's like a cry of relief.

However, this last little bit of normal and beautifully emotional Sayid broke my heart too:
"What if I told you you could have anything you wanted?  What if I said that you could have anything in the entire world?"
"I would tell you that the only thing I ever wanted died in my arms.  [Twice!  No?]  And I'll never see it again."

"What if you could?"
On the other hand, this is the point where I would tell you you sounded like a crazy nutcase, and I don't know what you mean by that, but I am inclined to say no, no, and get the hell away from me, no.  I see no possible way this can end well, but apparently Sayid does, because just like that, there goes another one to the dark side, along with all my other living favorites except lone holdout Jack.

Other Stuff:
-I want nothing more to do with Claire until she loses the squirrel wig and all the crazy.  That is all.
-Jack randomly strolling by in the hospital made my night.
-Said it before and I'll say it again - anything that scares Ben scares me more.  Ben skedaddling away from locoweed Sayid was all the proof I needed to mentally flee as well.
-I love how last week, the promo was all 'WE CAN'T SHOW YOU ANYTHING', and this week, it's like 'lol, yeah, BTW Ben might die.'

In conclusion, I think this is my favorite one since the premiere.

Speaking of smoke monsters, I saw the most wonderful Scrubs episode ever tonight.  *looks stuff up*  "My Princess."  BEST.  Live-action fairy tales!  (*cough* and/or, um, a Princess Bride parody; not my fault, I only saw it once)  Horses!  In the context of a bedtime story being told to Jack! (ADORABLE). Jordan/Perry bonus!  A mystery diagnosis to solve, complete with clues for the clever viewer!  (NAILED IT)   Acknowledgment that JD & Elliot are both idiots!  (but in my world, just because they're idiots.  Not because they didn't get together.  Also, remind me someday to vent about how gross I find them as a couple)  It was magical, both literally and figuratively.
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