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Oh my God, the first half of that was like 98.5% perfection.  In the second half it went speeding downhill at a massively alarming rate, but the good news is that it's still like 65-70% positive overall, and more to the point, there was like SIX HUNDRED PERCENT more hospital time than I ever dreamed possible, and OMG OMG OMG OMG JOY.

I'm not super-fond of the name just yet.  But it's cool.  I knew I wouldn't be.  And there were some shenanigans I winced my way through and groaned about and facepalmed about a lot, but at the same time, a lot of it was shockingly realistic (a lot, if not all).  More than the wedding was.  Also, I spent much of this episode squealing in high-pitched noises, so that reviewer who promised it was "shipper-tastic" did not exaggerate at all.  If anything, they undersold it.   

Seriously, I was informed this morning that the birth was just the beginning of the fun, but even so, I could not believe we got such a ridiculous amount of parenting time.  Sleepy Jim!  Cuddling in one cramped bed, even; no side cots here!  An entire storyline about problematic nursing!  (CONFESSION: I am intensely interested in the subject of breastfeeding vs. bottle-feeding, and I love Pam so much right now)  I am on such a joy high, I am going to do like the Halperts and not even process the fact that Dwight destroyed their kitchen!

[EDIT: Oh, also, I totally maintained my gender-neutral hopes the whole way through, GO ME, so basically I had the same response as Jim to finding out.] 

Stopping now so I still have stuff left over for the official review, but holy mother of God, I love these writers, whoever they are, so so so much.

In conclusion: BEST EPISODE OFSEASON, NO HOLDS BARRED.  BOO-YAH.  [edit: It is now 3 hours later, still flailing!  When was the last time the show made me this happy?  Was it after the proposal?  It totally was.]
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