RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Remember how I have a Wishlist of Impossible Things, consisting of unique TV show props that I can only dream of having for my very own?

THE JOURNAL OF IMPOSSIBLE THINGS.  IT EXISTS.  IN TINY TOY BOOK FORM.  If you need me, I will be over here, having paroxysms of glee.  Now all I need is for CSI to release some miniature crime scene playsets...
In Steel Cage Match News: most of my picks are doing pretty nicely so far, and I have little to no drama as yet**, but I'm keeping a wary eye on Jim's minor lead over Abed in hopes that it stays that way. Both because he is my favorite, and because it will feel like a satisfying punch in the face to all the Jim-hating assholes in the comments.  At this point I don't even care if he gets taken down in the 2nd round (though I will tomorrow), I just want to make sure he destroys Community.  Though if not, I would accept a consolation prize of Dr. Cox chewing Abed up and spitting him out.

* Yeah, I see Dean winning over there, but whatever.  The fabulous pro-Sam (Carter) and/or anti-Dean campaigns being waged in the comments almost make up for it. 

* I choose to steadfastly ignore the fact that that psycho Dexter somehow has a huge margin over Dr. Cristina Yang Of The World's Most Fabulous Snark.  WTF, fandom.  Fail. 

[Edit, 12 hours later: OH MY WORD.  WHEN DID JULIET BURKE SLIP TO A MERE 20-ODD VOTE LEAD IN HER BRACKET?  THE HELL, CASTLE NATHAN FILLION, DIAF.  In other news, Jim's lead has increased to 300 or so, which is a relief. Barring any unfortunate last-minute vote changing en masse, and/or sock puppet discoveries.]
Tags: doctor who, march madness, wishlist of impossible things

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