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I do not know how to handle six dramas in 48 hours!

I feel like I have been smacked in the face with a bag of TV goodness, and while very nice in theory, in reality it proves difficult to absorb it all at once.  And yet I have to, because suddenly I have a flist and even more suddenly, I am now behind on it.  I mean, I've watched the shows, but I don't want to read anyone else's thoughts on them until I've gotten down my own, otherwise I'll be swayed by their opinions and forget mine. (remember.  Sheep mentality.)  SO, time to sit down and write it out.  Tuesday first, Wednesday's still coming.

I missed the teasers on all my Tuesday shows because someone (*eyes self in mirror*) accidentally kicked the power cord of her TV out of the wall, meaning the clock had to be reset.  She did not realize this until early evening when she was curling up for a nap (after not having slept in 36 hours) and reached to set the timer-record.  Too tired to get up again, SOMEONE decided to trust her bedside clock, failing to remember that she had not yet fixed it from when she set it 3 minutes fast a week ago.  RESULTING IN: no teasers.  Which was okay on NCIS, thanks to the Inner Tube, and on House, where nothing happens, but not so good for SVU.  -.-  

NCIS: Blowback: One of the best all season.  Continuing the streak of great TV this week!

I loved the beginning more than words can describe.  I love Gibbs and Tony's soft, bemused banter & chuckling as they jerked the Israeli guy around, I loved a pissed-off Ziva slapping the traitor and and hissing her contempt in Hebrew, I loved all the conspiratorial snickers between the NCIS agents as they continue to mess with Traity McTraitor.

Tony walking in on Cynthia pinning up the director's bra...hah!  For some reason, that's one of my favorite scenes.  It's so very human.  Put her in an awkward/vulnerable position, the sort that no top-boss ever wants to be in, particularly when interrupted by an employee of the opposite gender.  That, plus Cynthia is my favorite minor character ever.  I envy her job.   Nope, I have no interest in being a field agent or a forensics whiz...of all the people on that show, I most I want to be the secretary/receptionist/personal assistant.  She gets to interact with all the quirky agents, plus Jen seems like a great boss.

Anyway - really, there's a lot more to this scene.  Tony's discomfort about lying to Gibbs - "I'm not worried about [covering] my ass, Jenny!" - was a nice transition into Gibbs much-too-casually swaggering into the office.  After a chagrined Tony sidled out the door, I couldn't decide whose performance I liked better - Gibbs playing dumb about Harrow, or Jen's furious "DAMN it Jethro, this is an order, call them OFF."

My love for Jen Shepard has grown by leaps and bounds since she was first introduced, and I can now safely say the only people I still like more than her are Gibbs, Abby and Ziva.  I think I maybe like her even more than Kate.  And this episode was a fantastic showcase for her character.  I am so glad that while the Paris flashbacks have stopped, references to their time there most certainly have not.  Unless I'm very much mistaken, we still don't know the full story of what happened between her and Gibbs there to cause the rift between them.  I'm eager to find out, but in the meantime I'm just enjoying the discussion and not too eager to speculate theories.  In fact, I enjoyed this whole section  so much I feel a need to transcribe it for you.  Normally this time; it's not good enough for deluxe.  As they exit her office and head downstairs:

Gibbs: You haven't been straight with me since I --
Jen: Quit?
G: Retired.
J: When you left on your margarita safari -
G: "Margarita" safari?
J: --this agency didn't shut down.  New operations were put in motion.  One sent Tony undercover.
G: Well, I'm back, and I won't have a part-time senior field agent.
J: It's your own fault, you know.
G: For what?  Leaving, or coming back?
J: For teaching me your rules.  Best way to keep a secret?  Keep it to yourself. Second best?  Tell one other person, if you must.  There is no third best.  That's rule #4, isn't it?
G: #1 supercedes all of those.
J: "Never screw your partner"?
G: Never screw over your partner.
(At this point, Jen stops, turns, and forcibly backs Gibbs up against a window.  Which, incidentally, is rather hot.  When she speaks again, her voice has lost all trace of levity and her expression is deadly intense)
J: I *never* screwed you over. And I'm not your partner.  I'm your boss.

Semi-Digression: About a month ago I read this fantastic book called Chronicles of Faerie: The Summer King  which, among its many elements of myth, included a sort of time-travel thing in which the main character found herself on board the ship of the infamous 16th century Irish pirate, Grace O'Malley.  I'd never heard of her before then - and now on NCIS, it pops up as a code name for one of the arms dealers.  So as soon as Jen commented on the name, I giggled hysterically. 

Back to the brilliance of her majesty the Director.  Her fury at Ziva and McGee after they chase down Harrow was GREAT.   Oh, yes I do think I need to transcribe again:

Jen: You were supposed to keep Mr. Harrow under surveillance, not CHASE him into a coronary!
McGee: Director, once he made us we had to take him into custody, didn't we?
Ziva (bitterly, not taking kindly to getting bitched out by her usual friend/ally): No, the director's right.  We could have let Harrow escape; if he sold Ares we could have caught  Black Rose and La Grenouille selling it to Iran or--
Jen: Don't [erm, cannot sort out jumble of voices here, help!], Officer David, I'm saying there had to be a better way.  Right Tony?
Tony: Um.  That's right director, they could have...
Gibbs: Shot him.
Tony: That's right, they could have shot him.
Gibbs: Of course, in high-octane situations, Ziva reverts back to her Moussad training and probably would have put a round through his heart.
Ziva: Three rounds.
Gibbs: And McGee, not to be outdone, would have added
McGee: Three more rounds.
Jen: Gibbs.
Gibbs: See?  There you go.   Six rounds, same result - one dead Mr. Harrow.  (Ducky walks up)
Ducky: I signed for the body.  Cause of death was most likely I interrupting?
Jen: Not at all, doctor.  We were just discussing the various ways NCIS could have killed Mr. Harrow besides CHASING HIM TO DEATH.

This is the season for people to dress in disguise and go undercover, isn't it?   Michelle, Ziva, Tony, and now Ducky?  And next week it looks like McGee gets to play up the "famous author" role and go UC to a club, taking Abby as arm candy (and Ziva and Michelle too, apparently.  *viciously hates Lee and wishes she would die already*).  But, um, for the moment, I thought Ducky did a very good job considering he really didn't have any training for it.  Though that conversation scene in the limo went on several minutes more than it really needed to. 

Other things I liked:
-Tony and Ziva driving - "Ziva WATCH THE ROAD!" It was so...domestic.  That's exactly how all their road trips are going to go when they're married.  Yes, in my alternate fantasy world, Tony and Ziva get married and take vacations by car. 
-Gibbs' coffee peace offering to Jen.  She's wound up tighter than we've ever seen her, and Gibbs is being hilarious in a way I did not know he could be with anyone other than Abby or possibly Kelly.  He tells her he looked up La Grenouille and that it means 'the frog.' 
"I know what it means," Jen says icily, without taking her eyes off the screen in front of her.
"So why don't you call him that?"
"'La Grenouille' is his code name."
"Well, I'm gonna call him The Frog."  Gibbs looks sideways at her, and then does the funniest bullfrog impression ever.  "Reeeeep."  He puffs out his cheeks and everything.  Heh.
-Abby's glee over getting to handle the super-powerful computer.
-Ziva pretending to drop the $20 million ARES system, and everyone else's UTTER PANIC FACES
-I have a burning desire to know what that guy did to Jen
-Ducky's fluent in French!  And yet, they spoke in such a slow and relaxed manner that I was able to follow the entirety of their conversation without difficulty or subtitles.
-Dagnabit, that's sad - Harrow wasn't a traitor after all; he altered the operating system to render it useless for anti-US purposes.  So NCIS ran him down and indirectly killed him for nothing.  :'(  He looked like a nice guy.  What a downer ending...

House: Needle in a Haystack
That kid!  He's been on Cold Case ('Detention', INCREDIBLE) and Bones ('Headless Witch of the Woods, also awesome) and now House, so it's time I learned his name.  IMDB says "Jake Richardson."  He is oddly hot, though does not in any way resemble the people I usually have crushes on, in real life or TV.  I feel like he reminds me of someone I know, but I can't figure out why.  Must be the hair.  Anyway, he has a very arresting presence which makes every scene with him rather captivating.  I mean, unless that scene involves massive amounts of blood.  Why can this show not go two episodes without a patient either coughing up blood or bleeding from the backside/nether regions?

Interesting angle, making the kid Romany.  Not so interesting naming him Stevie, because -- IGNORE MY USER NAME! -- "Stevie" is a fairly dorky name.  For guys, anyway.  For me, it always conjures up images of Malcolm (in the Middle's) nerdy best friend.  In my world, Stevie is only acceptable as a tombody nickname for Stephanie.  And I don't even like that too much anymore, which is why I insist upon being "RS."  Anyway.

I do so enjoy when you have House's medicine clashing with cultural/religious beliefs.   The skeptical people do not always annoy me, because even I'm a little leery of too many pharmeceutical drugs.  And frankly, House does a lot of unnecessary harm before he finally heals, to the point that my parents have begun referring to the show (or perhaps the Dr. himself) as "Hell House," so you are probably right to suspect him.  BUT, when a person is sick and your natural remedies are clearly not working, don't you think that would be the time to take a chance on modern medicine?  Just maybe?  Anyway, as for what his 'illness' turned out to be - a swallowed toothpick stabbing through his intestinal wall - all I can say is this: do you need more proof not to let your dog have chicken bones?  You know, those hollow things that snap easily, leaving thin and pointy shards in their wake?

Side note: ccording to TWoP "gypsy" is no longer a PC term, though other places on the internet tell me various different stories.  I hope it's still okay to use, because it's such a pretty word.  Isn't it?  It makes me think of fortune tellers and mysticism.  It's also a beautiful name for horses and dogs, and I know that sounds degrading, but I really don't mean it like that.  IT'S A PRETTY WORD.  "Romany" is an un-pretty word, it sounds so bland. 

Other notes: Is the wheelchair-bound doctor a lesbian, or was she just smirking about Cuddy breasts in order to unsettle House?  Because really, I'd believe either one, though for once I kind of hope it's the former.  That would be amusing.  I love House's random stupid bet with Cuddy, and I love how Wilson is a go-between for the two of them. House's best friend, but he'll still squeal to Cuddy about everything.  I'm going to have to side with House getting the closer parking space, though, since it is more painful for him to limp across the parking lot than it is for wheelchair doc to "push a button."  I find it hard to believe it's really that dangerous for her just because the chair makes her shorter.  People hit cats and rabbits and raccoons because they don't see them.  People do not hit big dogs very often, because they are much easier to see.  Even the biggest dog is still much shorter than people in wheelchairs.  So, sorry, not buying it.  Give House his space back.  Thanks.

Law & Order: SVU - Loophole
As previously stated, I missed the teaser.  The teaser which apparently involved Elliot getting hurt (! thrown through a window!) and Finn whacking a guy over the head with a chair, WWF style I imagine.  SIGH.  But at least there was a nice scene that I did get to see, with Elliot getting patched up at the hospital and Olivia sitting with him.  This was also an excuse to write him out of most of the episode, which I really didn't mind since it meant we got to see the rare but great pairing of Benson & Finn. 

A few weeks back, watching CSI, I realized that I can no longer tell the difference between when we're supposed to assume the victims were actually found in their underwear - really, killers are so thoughtful these days, preserving peoples' modesty like that - and when we're supposed to assume that they would be naked except they can't be shown that way on TV.  Lately I've taken to assuming the latter, because otherwise my logic center explodes.  Which is why it took a while to understand that the photos in question this week really WERE of nothing more than a boy in his underwear.  But that really wasn't important, in the long run, since the photos were less "porn" and more "documented proof of no skin conditions/rashes/etc."

It swung upwards when Olivia went to the boy's apartment to talk to him.  He was listless and unresponsive to her questions, hanging his head and mumbling "I don't remember" a lot.  I thought the kid seemed sick as opposed to simply being ashamed/hiding his knowledge, but it was when Olivia's vision started to waver that I really sat up and took notice.  My first thought was "gas leak," or rather carbon monoxide.  That's "the silent killer," isn't it?   Colorless and odorless.  Liv was her usual awesome and heroic self, breaking a window to vent whatever it was, dragging the unconcious mother and child outside despite being barely able to stand, and evacuating the building before succumbing herself.  Then the episode got...odd.

The toxin wasn't anything they could identify, suggesting potential terrorism or a sleeper cell.  Or, as it turns out, a pesticide company testing the effects of longterm exposure by coating the radiators of certain apartments with the stuff, which spread into the air when the heaters turned on.   Frankly,  even though I know Munch likes to come up with whacky conspiracy theories, I thought he made perfect sense from the beginning.  As soon as I saw the kid on tape, unable to remember three words only a minute after being told them, I thought of how he'd , "memory tests.  this stuff damages memory, or causes brain damage...something.  They're documenting the decline."   And while I'm not sure I approve of Liv's furious "Erin Brockovich" crusade against the company or her illegal file-hacking, I like the end result - the CEO avoids jail time in exchange for paying lifetime medical expenses for the boy with cancer and the other people exposed in the building.  That was some fast work.  Overall, not the best episode I've ever seen, but a decent hour.  I think it will rerun well. 
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