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Which chat do you want to enter? (Available topics: 6)

1. Look, it's John Krasinski being adorable!  (also, everyone else that is amazing.  Taye Diggs!  Patrick Dempsey!  Lots more dudes!  Some of whom I almost want to argue, but ultimately cannot actually deny!)  Still think Jimmy Kimmel is somewhere between irrelevant and excruciating to watch, but the supporting players make up for it.

2. On a related Office note, the first deleted scene is really fantastic for Pam/Ryan shippers.  And anyone who loves Ryan.  Or hates Ryan.  It's an expanded version of his poetry reading scene, so in further proof that this episode is the best thing ever, I both love the new stuff and don't mind that it was cut, which is a fine balance that almost never happens.


I am so happy, it almost negates the bewildering WTF factor of a psychotic psycho beating Juliet Burke, are you people insane, what is wrong with you, or the subsequent losses of Jim (whatever, I'm just going to pretend it's a legitimate contest where people simply recognized Dr. Cox's unparalleled powers of Snark and Awesome), Barney Stinson (whoop-ass cans are getting opened on Sheldon tomorrow), Chandler, Sydney Bristow, Kara, and then Seth Cohen losing to goddamn Blair Waldorf AGAIN.

Of note: while entertaining to a point, I really wish people would cut it out with the SEVEN HUNDRED GIFS and 49 WALLPAPER SIZED PICTURES in every comment, because it takes my computer forever to finish loading the page, and the internet freezes up until it's done. Moderation, all things.

Starting with the Sweet 16 Round, though, with the exception of one matchup (Donna vs. Dana, everybody wins!), my feelings are HIGHLY POLARIZED at every turn.  So.  Unlike last year, now you need to vote my way or don't vote at all.  I don't want to hear that Jim Halpert lost in vain, okay, DR. COX >>>>>>>>>>>>> JON LAME-ASS STEWART. 

And I don't like Liz Lemon but I will STILL vote for her over Sheldon - I have seen like 9 episodes of BBT at this point, people, my aversion to him is gaining credibility by the week.  Fact: socially retarded genius is only acceptable when your hair is as fantastic as Charlie Eppes'. 

ALSO: for the time being, vote Lorelai, Bones, Veronica Mars, Buffy*, and Sue Sylvester.  But so far everyone is behaving on that front. 
* on second thought, when it comes to the redheads, you should probably vote Scully because I don't think Donna's fanbase is big enough to have a chance at knocking out the slayer next round, and so help me, after I lost the last good blonde, I want to take out all the rest.  And in the unlikely event that Mal Reynolds wins that bracket, he needs to be stomped out even faster.

4. Hee!  This article about a British perspective on American culture as depicted on TV made me laugh, and now I am intensely curious about what else people are curious about.  I was surprised to discover that red plastic party cups are a uniquely American thing, for example; I never even thought about that.  Or that apparently the UK doesn't use paper bags at grocery stores?  But they're so much more useful than the plastic ones, especially if you buy a lot of boxed stuff.

5. Now Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz both have pilots lined up for the fall.  TOO SOON.  You cannot possibly think my heart will be ready to handle either of them adopting a new persona on prime time!  That is like having your deceased pet stuffed and displayed in the living room.  Yes, exactly like that.

6. Fic rec, fic rec!  Not for you, probably, but numb3rs_awards  just crash-landed in my inbox, and while it turns out that I had already found most of the C/A nominees thanks to my determined Googling skills, I missed one - S is for Sita.  I initially assumed it was another of those maddening drabbles and skipped over it, but actually it is quite an amazing post-ep for "Angels and Devils," the kind I've been trying to find all year...but even more than that, it's a beautiful expansion on the "story about this Indian princess" Mason drawls about.

(I wish I could say that I was doing an actual fic recs post soon, but instead I am too overwhelmed by the fact that I basically have MY ENTIRE ENTRANCE into not one but two fandoms' worth of fic bookmarked right now (Glee and Numb3rs), and no idea how to sort through it, or how to categorize 'universally enjoyable' vs. 'fun scenario to read once, not worth saving & printing.'  Not to mention 8+ months' worth of stories from all the other fandoms...)
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