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Office Post. It's like 'post office,' but backwards and meaning something completely different.

It's official, everything even remotely connected to "The Delivery" is pure gold.  Take, for example, the third deleted scene.  Which contains what may somehow be my favorite Jim/Pam exchange ever --

Jim (exploding ovaries across the nation while cuddling Cecilia): Delivery wasn't so bad, right?
Pam: Hah!  F*** YOU.
Jim: Wow.  Well, now I just [need?] a wonderful ending.  Kind of rough getting here, did not handle that well...(to Pam) I think you have to admit, you flipped out a little bit.
Pam: I think you should stop talking now.
Jim: Ooo-kay.  Uh-oh.  Someone's still a little sore.  You sittin' on your donut, hon? 
Pam: *flips him off*

God, these writers!  It's like they just downloaded things straight from my brain.  The subconscious part of my brain, because this is epic realism in a way I couldn't even consciously dream of.  And then on top of that, more time with the increasingly less patient nurse, them being overwhelmed parents, and Jim mangling more baby terms.  Loving all of it!

I've already forgotten that one bit in a promo was cut (Jim kissing the top of her head & "I love you" while wheeling her into the delivery room).  Tanster promises there are two more such scenes.  You know what, I don't think I named enough holidays in my previous post's intro. Clearly this was like Valentine's Day & New Year's thrown in, too.  Thanksgiving?  The treat portion of Halloween for sure, especially after this next part.

ALSO!  The Q&A with this episode's writers just went up, and I learned so many incredible things.  My favorite was the part where they originally planned to have part 2 include everyone at the hospital, a 'natural comedy engine,' but ultimately decided that would be too much - "at the end of the day, you just hated everyone for stealing the moment from Jim and Pam." Um,  YES? That is exactly what I was afraid of, that was exactly what I didn't want to see, and you checked yourselves!  HI, I LOVE YOU.

-Love the thought & planning that went into the lactation consultant bit

-I thought that baby looked smaller than most TV babies.  REALISM, HOORAY!  Also, thanks, now all future TV babies will be ruined for me if they don't use 6-week-olds.

-I didn't think explanation was necessary, but they mocked up a quick outline of how Jim's car got itself parked in the lot anyway.  Seriously, best writers ever.

-A Michael scene was cut for smooth editing flow.  WOOT.

-I notice they referred to the baby as Cece.  God, are we going with that as the nickname, for real?  Because I JUST got accustomed to calling her 'Celia' for short in my head, as I'm back to thinking that anything which sounds like 'CC' is all tough and sporty and not...really a name, in the end.  This name is driving me batty, augh!  

-There was Dwight/Rolph interaction, but it was cut for time.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH WHEN STUPID THINGS ARE CUT FOR TIME, INSTEAD OF JIM/PAM THINGS.  (which some were, but I specifically mean, there were like 325 hospital scenes, and zero Rolph scenes.  Ordinarily they'd try to be annoying and balance it out fairly, but not this time, bwahahaha!)

-I am going to live in eternal hope that the longer version of Pam's speech with the baby at the end makes it onto the DVDs, because that would make my life

-Jenna & John became pro swaddlers.  Awesome.  Also, awww at Jenna saying the crying babies broke her heart.  Basically, I love everything she has said in every interview about her first time working with infants.

-Holy cow, so much detail on how they recorded the delivery room audio!  I thought that would remain a mystery forever.  This is my new favorite part.

-Spoke too soon, NOW my favorite part is the fact that they actually told us what 'the birth song' was going to be.  Fine attention to detail.

End result: no offense, but if these guys - I should really look up their names; Charlie Grandy and Danny Chun? - could somehow usurp Mindy Kaling's spot in the writer's room and promote her to full-time actress, I think I would have better feelings about this series overall.

The Office, "St. Patrick's Day"
And now, for the traditional slump that necessarily follows a mind-bogglingly good installment.  Which is fine, as I was in need of a recovery period anyway.

1. "Tweedledee and Tweedledumbass."  I don't even know what to do with those nicknames, but I suddenly want people to use them all the time.  Dwight being funny has turned into a rare thing, so bring it on! I MUST HAVE MORE MEGADESK. The poorly named Quad Desk was also hilarious.  As was Jim just randomly throwing all Dwight's spillover onto the floor.

2. Tonight, I elicited squeals of equal admiration over both the giant Great Danes and the picture of the tiny baby.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME THESE DAYS?  DOGS > BABIES, FOOL!  But...she was sleeping...and she was wearing a wee tiny green outfit!  With shamrocks!  Ugh, I don't even recognize myself anymore.  I mean.

vs. = no brainer, right?

3. That said, the Halpert family things were far and away the highlights of the episode, and my heart soared over Erin calling Jim "Dad" (boy, that looks weird written out), both sweet phone calls home, and the fact that all the Dwight needling in the world couldn't hide the fact that he is so, so happy about being a father.  ALSO: new baby picture on the desk.  Dying of Teh Qte, BRB.

4. "It's kind of like that lip thing she did last night, like a half-snarl, half-smile?  I get the sense that she's very ironic."  Remember how Pam being at art school and existing through phone calls was THE WORST THING EVER?  Yeah, totally acceptable right now.  *melts in happy puddle of contentment*  

5. "I am not surprised that Dwight's using my baby to steal my desk.  ...I'm a little surprised that it's working."
Hee!  On that note, though, I love that Jim spent most of the episode casually neutralizing and/or reflecting Dwight's zingers without even trying.  "Is that what happened to you?" "Oh, it's tough being here for a *lot* of reasons."  It is so nice seeing him non-frazzled again.  

6. I redact anything complimentary I may have said about Andy last week.  The magic is gone, he is back to being excruciating.  Not half as bad as that dipwad with a cotton-fluff brain he's pursuing, though - there, that's my positive Andy thought for the day.  Even my mom turned to me tonight and said, "God, she is really annoying.  I wanted to like her, but she's so irritating."  So.  Haha.  VICTORY.

7. (If I weren't still in a bliss coma from the overload of baby scenes last week, I would probably be SUPER ANGRY about the gross waste of time that was Andy at Erin's house.  As it is, I'm going to let them have one free pass.  But don't make a habit of it.)

8. I thought it was pretty cool that Darryl made an amazing suggestion about shipping efficiency, and was taken seriously.  In fact, it was so logical and realistic that I'm not quite sure how it happened on this show.  And then, as a freebie, they even acknowledged that Jim's old office exists?  I like that.

9. You know, I've felt the strangest sense of calm for the past few years.  No matter how positive or negative things were at any given time, there was always this mysterious aura of bliss and peace floating over the series.  I now know that feeling was called NO PACKER.

10. Aside from him, though, I loved everything about the gang at the bar.  Just an amazing sense of camaraderie and fun that I haven't felt in a while.  And of note: Meredith looked amazing.  The white jacket she wore to work was surprisingly fancy, and her green dance floor dress was pretty, not to mention the adorable flowers in her hair...I don't know, guys, I sort of want to copy everything down to the last detail.  I loved the green outfits/accents/accessories on everybody in this episode, but she was by far my favorite.

[EDIT: 11. I was deliriously happy for about five seconds when Andy referenced How I Met Your Mother.  Then my heart plummeted in despair as it realized that would joss this amazing crossover story, and that's a tragedy.  So we're going to have to retcon Andy's reference out of existence.] 

Let me tell you, it is a fortuitous thing that I not only have dollar store chocolate but frosted chocolate cake on hand - totally by coincidence, too - because otherwise this episode's SINFULLY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE FEST would have driven me criminally insane. Thank heaven for unintentional preparation!

On a related note, what crawled up Colby's butt and died?  Why did he (and the rest of the group) act like being offered a free sample of chocolate before the challenge was some kind of personal affront?  Why are the Heroes so full of FAIL, all the time now?  I mean, as much as I didn't want to see James go down to injury twice in a row, and as much as I sympathized with Amanda crying and decided I loved the protective big brother/little sister dynamic going on there, losing yet ANOTHER one of my beloved favorites (Tom) is starting to wear my nerves real thin.  Everyone randomly hating Candice all the time doesn't help.

Also: JT, stop sucking as a human being.  I mean it.  Why are you deliberately making sure no one trusts you?  And why hasn't that sort of behavior made him a target yet?  Feeling disillusioned by season at the moment; hope things get better on other side of the non-fandom March Madness break.
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