RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,


My favorite part of the Numb3rs finale was not the squeeful thing at the beginning.  Or the squeeful thing at the end.  I mean, those were amazing, but no, my very favorite part of it was:


From the pilot to Primacy and now to the final scene of the series, forever my favorite, and seeing it at the end made me so happy that I actually missed some of the dialogue while I was jumping for joy.  Yes, I do have a ridiculous attachment to this shirt, and I don't care.  It is iconic, somehow, in the manner of Booth's belt buckle. 

Specific thoughts later.  Still in state of delirious shock, too electrified with general joy to hit my weeping corner yet, but I'm already scared of what will happen when I come down from this high.  I suspect chocolate may be involved.

P.S. Dear Nicholas Falacci, that plug for public health care was the absolute clunkiest, clumsiest shoehorning in of a political statement in the history of television.  ORGANIC WRITING FAIL. 

Tags: numb3rs

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