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Lost: Heroes vs. Villains

I should probably have saved that title for later in the season, if/when there's actual conflict between the main camps...but whatever, that's how I am referring to the season in my head.  Not least because, just like on Survivor, I'm siding with the Heroes (Jacob's posse) and yet cannot deny that the Villains side has most of the interesting people. 

Lost, 6x08, "Recon"
Ooh, that was right up there with last week's level of quality - but this time featuring my favorite remaining character.  I approve. 
Oh, and haha, I see what you did there with the title.  Clever stuff. 

Island Life
* Sawyer tending to Jin: well hey, it's like a callback/role reversal to those fun times in early season 2.  But because Sawyer has ~*grown*~, now he does things like give his word that if Sun's here, "we ain't leaving without her."  This episode just hit the ground running and never stopped.

* I like that he at least looks a little worried about the other people, even Jack, who might have been at the Temple.  Random Others, meh, but there's some 815 + Miles solidarity to be reckoned with.

* POLAR BEAR CAGES!  Those were some good times too.  Remember the split season?  And how it was a way less stupid idea than the mini seasons that followed?  /bittercakes.

* Sawyer, is there a reason you're clutching Kate's dress with the approximate level of sentiment (minus tears) that you gave to Juliet's future engagement ring?  Because we might have issues.  Normally a gesture like that would make me all flaily no matter what, but instead I just started thinking about how this was, technically, also the first time he met Juliet.  And then I got all nostalgic for entirely different reasons.

* Incidentally, that dress still randomly lying there in the same condition she left it, has got to be right up there with Rose's shirt in the TARDIS when it comes to Conveniently Placed Clothing Reminders Of Your Ex.

* Stupid Widmore and his stupid decoy castaway!  I liked her!  More specifically, I really liked Sawyer being an amazingly noble guy coming to her rescue, which was a storyline I enjoyed more than anything else in this episode.  I mean, normally, if you are an average sort of woman alone on a deserted island, who suddenly finds herself in a rescue fantasy and brought to safety by the finest (male) specimen of humanity, you should probably assume that you passed out from heatstroke somewhere along the way and are now close to death.  But this was real!  Except she wasn't.  -.-

* I do like that Sawyer is calmly flipping from side to side and immediately telling everything to everyone who asks.  See, he's like the J.T. of Lost!  No loyalties, no game plan!  (*continues blithely making Survivor allusions nobody gets*)

Except that Sawyer does have a game plan, and it is amazing, because his brain is always working on almost as many levels as Ben's (when he's not clouded with rage).  Does this secret escape plan include just Kate, or will it be expanding to include everyone he likes and/or made promises to?  I'm up for either at this point.  I don't know how I feel about Skate yet.  It's gonna take more than abandoned dresses and firelight smiling to re-convert me, show!    

(honestly, at this point, I think I do just want them to be friends.  I could handle straight-up friendship, maybe a hint at the possibility of something in the distant post-series future.  Anything else seems unlikely.)

* Fact: I am so tired of Claire's nuttiness that "Remember Me" is starting to look like a film I desperately need to see.  ...this started out being a joke, but now I am 100% serious and watching extended trailers and stuff. 

* The makeshift doll-baby is still every possible level of creepy-cool, though.  I'm trying to think of an island equivalent for "Tar Baby" that I can call it.  Any suggestions?

Parallel World
* My head may have exploded a little bit when I realized he was really a cop in Alterna-life.  That's so awesome I can't handle it.  Like, was he not appealing enough, show?  Now he's being hot in one of the five hottest possible occupations in the world?  Swoon.

* Miles is a weirdly codependent Heterosexual Life Partner, isn't he?  "You can tell me anything, Jim.  Anything.  OMG, WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME WHERE YOU'RE GOING ANYMORE?  ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH ANOTHER PARTNER?  FINE, WE ARE GETTING A DIVORCE."  It amuses me.

* Charlotte!  It was almost nice to see her again.  I also confirmed that she is nicest in very small doses and/or while dying, because she's pretty with a lovely accent, but she also has a permanent look of bitchiness etched into her features, and one episode was exactly how long I could stand her.

* James/Charlotte: DO NOT WANT!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, my EYES.  So bad it bleached the first scene right out of my brain, and that first scene should have been plenty.  I did not expect this experience to be so scarring, given how pretty both of them are individually, but man, that combo just does not work.  I mean, if you told me you were gonna give me one free pass to ship Sawyer/any random pretty lady on the show, she would be low on the list.  Okay, so basically the list would only consist of non-pregnant Claire, but still

Is there anyone in the world who fantasized about Sawyer/Charlotte?  Anyone?  Because fandom will almost always ship every possible couple at some point in time, but I'd be surprised if they picked this one out.  If they did, then those two fans are probably dead from shock and/or heart attacks of joy now.  

* I am starting to be sorry that I sold my copy of Watership Down, which was the same one they use in this show, because stupid as the book is, it would be almost like having a prop.
(all right, I honestly don't know if it's as stupid as I remember, or I just overwhelmingly remember the feeling of BITTERNESS that a book with a rabbit on the cover was not, in fact, a wildlife novel at all, false advertising!!)

* It warms my heart that even in Alt-Verse, grown-up James turns to 'Little House' reruns for comfort.  

* However, further on my nostalgic feelings about Juliet, my heart twinged all over the place when he showed up at Charlotte's door with an oversized flower.  I MISS THE 1970'S ON THE ISLAND.

While I'm here: the Numb3rs finale is currently locked in a box until such time as I am ready to start dealing with it (FEELINGS!  I have so many.  Preview version: "I love how much this show loves love."), but in the meantime, let me get out my thoughts on the less-exciting shows that precede it, since honestly...I don't know how invested I'm going to be in tuning in to the spirit of Friday night when the heart is gone.
(that was clever, wasn't it?  I thought so)

Ghost Whisperer, 5x16, "Old Sins Cast Long Shadows"
You know how all my procedurals and alien sci-fi shows are always teasing me with the prospect of haunted houses, and then frustrating me with their scientific explanations?  I forgot that Ghost Whisperer is the vehicle that can deliver them to me for real.  THAT WAS SO AMAZING.  AND TERRIFYING.  SO TERRIFYING.  I cannot even stress to you how much that scared me; see, this is why I started watching in the first place! 

I mean!  You start off with Melinda Clarke, who is just a scary lady in general (though to be fair, this show was mysteriously capable of dulling all her scary edges and turning her into a docile softie of a grieving mother, that is like magic right there). 

Then you add in an old house with terrified ghost child warning you to leave, a BATSHIT INSANE witch of an old-lady ghost, an amazing hidden room full of beautiful antique toys that quickly turns terrifying, a lethal old wheelchair intent on knocking you down the staircase, ravens flying out of nowhere, visions of old-fashioned seances (two levels of terror!), and a couple ghosts of prisoners from the - 1920's? - unfairly executed as murderers now protecting the wee little ghost child.

And I didn't even mention the Shadows yet.  Or the increased presence of Jim & Aiden.  Or the fact that as of now, Ned has stopped being an annoying thorn in my side, and instead become the cute kid sidekick whose mom is still a furious Mama Bear in full-on protective mode about his safety, but who is gently sidestepping her protection orders in a determined quest to help Melinda & Co.  

But mostly, it was the fact that they set up this complex, chilling, terrifying mystery.  I mean, that was as good as any horror movie.  No, scratch that - that was better than most horror movies, and right on par with, say, The Others.  I kept getting goosebumps and feeling my heart rate speed up.  At one point I was leaning forward, I was so into what might happen next.

Yeah, new favorite episode, right here.  Oh!  And I almost forgot about that chilling ending, as even though the old lady is gone, the boy from the hospital she was ghost-whispering (in a bad way) still dies, shows up at the house, looks around curiously, and then wanders inside.  WAAAAUGH. 

I do think that this episode needed to be about 10 minutes longer just so I could drool over the antiques.  Have I mentioned that one of my fantasies is to buy a house full of old things left behind?  Aside from my irrational fears about ghosts, that is ideal.  (and, okay, we actually lingered over the old things a fair bit this time around, but I am greedy and always want more.)

And finally, I love how I never made the connection that "Jamie Kennedy" = JLH's significant other = ...the professor guy whose name I apparently still don't know!, until I read the news that they'd split up.  That should make things fun!  At least they weren't romantically involved on the show? 

Medium, 6x16, "Allison Rolen Got Married" 
I will just assume that this entire episode, from start to finish, was an AU rather than 'backstory,' because otherwise it screws over a lot more canon than just ignoring the pre-Ariel miscarriage. 

That detail's tricky to work around, but technically you could force it into last week's description of events, whereas this just takes the pilot and throws the show's entire foundation out the window (and I quote from the summary of 1x01: "Allison keeps having 'dreams' that her husband Joe is determined to disprove. In a drastic measure he submits her dreams to different law enforcement agencies.")

Come on, people, I haven't even seen season 1 and yet I am calling red flags all over the place.  I guess when you explore as many alternate realities as this show does - though usually, they confine them to the teaser or Allison's dreams - sometimes you get your wires crossed about which one is true.  But seriously, effing pilot.  Surely Allison's murder dreams didn't go into hibernation for 10 years and then randomly start happening again?  PAY ATTENTION, PEOPLE.  Did you forget to pack the continuity fairy when you moved to CBS?  

Anyway.  As long as I focus on the AU theory, this was really cute.  And they did an amazing job of making them both look 20 years younger - I don't even know how they did it, it was more than just the hair (although on that note, it meant I temporarily got longer hair on both of them back, and I nearly wept with joy).  It was fun to see Grandma Benoit again too, and I like how they just keep working Joe's dad back in at every opportunity. Well, not 'like.'  Respect.

I really, really liked the teaser, kicking off the AU within an AU, because as depressing as that scenario was, it was also so very realistic that my brain might have to hang out there for a little while longer.  Or I am just a sucker for Joe & Bridgette time; six of one.

Finally, I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the overdose of cuddling and kissing (and sexing.  Boy, was there a lot of fooling around.  To a level that was almost uncomfortable), but I was sort of in a rage blackout for most of it due to my annoyance with the whole pre-wedding "oops!" baby trope, and the fact that I was gearing up for a frankly much more awesome wedding within the hour.  Joe and Allison have dropped pretty low on the domestic squee scale (I know, Past Me, I KNOW.  But they've been outpaced by the couples at 7 and 9), but maybe if I saw it again later in the future I'd enjoy it more.
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