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Gators & Guns & Secret Societies, oh my! know, Wednesday was kind of a letdown, TV-wise, after that great double platter combo of CSI Miami & NCIS.  Bones didn't do much for me, and the other two had their moments, but weren't spectacular as a whole.

LOST: Not in Portland
I failed to pay attention to Juliet's backstory.  I don't care.  Although I am moderately chagrined because last fall, I said if I had to pick a side, I would have gone with Ben because Juliet was wickedly scarier, and I figured she was the more evil of the two.  Whoops, guess she's just a prisoner.  Still doesn't explain why she's so willing to shoot Kate and/or Sawyer all the time, though.  And anyway, I have no sympathy for her because THE WOMAN WAS IMPREGNATING MALE MICE.  No.  You do not do that.  You do not a) provide hope for the addled fic authors who like to write mpreg stories (I still can't believe those even exist), or b) mess with the laws of biology like that.  She ALSO impregnated her sister - her sister who had cancer and did not appear to be long for this world.  It's one thing when Marisol Delko wants to have a baby; it's another when an actually sick and dying cancer patient wants to have a child she won't live long enough to raise, ESPECIALLY when said woman has no husband/boyfriend/other stable love interest.  Huff.  Moving away from that topic. 

Moving on: Karl is always going to be "Eric" from Judging Amy to me, and so it's gonna be a little hard to remind myself he's not gay, but maybe I can get to like him eventually.  On the other hand, I love Alex.  I love Alex more than half the original Lostaways.  Of all the characters ever, she's gotta be in my top 8 at least.  That actress has been great since Malcolm in the Middle and while she never appears to age, she just gets better and better.  I would be totally on board for having another 6 episodes that are all about Kate & Sawyer & Alex on the run from the Others.  (screw Jack.)  Alex is spunky, like a younger version of Kate (which puts them on great friendship terms already).  She and Sawyer have a great chemistry too; after she fired a barb right back at him without hesitation ("This a hobby of yours, diggin' holes?" "YEAH. That and basket weaving, you want one?"), he seemed to have taken a liking to her.  And not in a "Let me jam my tongue down your throat and/or undress you with my eyes" like when he met Kate, but having genuine admiration for a tough & capable kid (she's what, somewhere between 15 and 17, right?).

Loved the effort to bust out Karl, even though that room was insanely creepy in a 1984, or perhaps Brave New World kind of brainwashing way.  After only a few seconds of exposure, even Sawyer started getting mesmerized by the bright, flashing messages before the sound of Kate's voice  screaming at him to help snapped him out of it.  I think it may take Karl a little while to recover from that.  And he's not even going to have his girlfriend to help him through it.  Which SUCKS.  I wanted Kate/Sawyer/Alex interaction, not stupid Karl!  Oh well.  Made for a damn poignant ending when Juliet informs her that 3 of them are free to escape, but per Ben's orders Alex is to stay put.

Truthfully, one of the most wrenching scenes on this show in a while.  We barely know these characters, and yet Alex's teary eyed goodbye, telling Karl she loved him, she'd see him soon, and yes, he could just rest now?  OMG TEARS.  I am normally unswayed by teenage relationships, fickle and hormonally based as they have a habit of being.  I am swayed by this one; after all she'd gone through to get him back, to have to let him go again.  Kate looked like she was trying (and failing) not to imagine herself in the same position, and even Sawyer was making a stubborn and concentrated effort to look elsewhere.  Gruff and brusque he might be, but that scene was so tugging on his heartstrings.  Deep down, it was. 

My only real problem with the episode, in fact, was Kate's hysterical sobbing that she couldn't leave Jack, she couldn't and she wouldn't and no no no no she CAN'T!  It was just a little bit too hysterical and panicked for concern over a friend.  I worried about Sawyer's increasingly hard-eyed stare as he watched her.  God damn Lost writers and their frickin' love triangle.  See?  THIS is why I didn't really want the show to come back after the hiatus.  Short of a handhold, Kate & Sawyer had already achieved pretty much every point on my *very* extensive Checklist of Cute, so there was really nowhere to go but down.  I'd like to be optimistic, but the most I can do is start working on a new checklist for Charlie & Claire.  There are some promising spoilers for this couple.

Okay, fine, I can be a little optimistic.  Perhaps Sawyer was just being his usual jealous self, since he did appear to have swallowed his resentment by the time Jack got off the radio, and sounded genuinely sorry when he softly pointed out, "We gotta go."  Also, there was a nice moment I missed the first time around, right after Danny falls dead, where Kate protectively has her arms wrapped around Sawyer from behind, his own arms reaching back and holding her against him.

Other things: Ben lives.  Sigh.  Just once, I want to see Jack do some real harm.  Is Ben REALLY going to let Juliet go?  I kind of doubt it. 

Also, Juliet shot Danny.  I'm oddly unresponsive to his death.  It wasn't really very shocking; he was clearly in a vendetta to the death against Sawyer, and we all knew Sawyer wasn't gonna be the one to go down.

Bones: The Girl in the Gator
The episode titles of this show never fail to amuse me.  They have so much flair.  And like Friends, they're actually quite helpful for recalling what the episode was about.  SO:

Not swayed in the slightest by the YTDAW spoiler board, I do not like Sully.  1, he looks like Booth.  A lot like Booth.  It's weird.  2, I don't even have a second opinion, that's how much I dislike him.  I am already counting down the episodes until he's gone.  You know, I thought Keppler would be an annoying interim replacement (on CSI), but really he hasn't bothered me that much.  Sully bothers me in ways I can't explain.  Also, Brennan's had way too many love interests this year for someone lacking in rudimentary social skills.  It's beginning to bother me, that glassy-eyed look she gets when she's attracted to a man and/or he starts flirting with her.

You know who's not annoying?  The psychiatrist. He is frickin' hilarious.  He's like the equivalent of a stress ball - you know, squeeze all you want but you won't break it?  I feel like you could punch this guy in the face and still, like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, he would smile broadly and perhaps let out an amused giggle.  Or was it more of a chortle?  Whatever it is, he's a delightful man. He reminds me of my film studies professor.

Of course, I can also see how his demeanor would creep under Booth's skin and enrage him.  He's like some freak of nature whom you cannot reason with using any accepted form of logic.  He's like...he's like Taylor Townsend!  Except instead of being completely thick-headed and irrational, he's frustrating because you know he's quite clever and in control the whole time and is batting you around in an advanced game of cat and mouse, but you can't figure out exactly how he's doing it or how you can possibly gain the upper hand.  In fact, for quite a while you can't even figure out how to play along by his rules so he'll let you go.  It's just a waiting game.

I really loved Booth in tonight's episode.  Shooting the clown and acting like it was no big deal was hilarious.  So were all his snippy retorts to the psychiatrist.  And I wanted to hug him at the end, when he didn't know whether he'd killed Epps or not.  This was news to me, I had just assumed he'd let him go on purpose, even though to anyone watching it would have looked like an accident, a slip of the wrist. 

In a related note, now that I know Booth's lifetime kill tally is an even 50 (or 49, if you prefer), I'm renewing my efforts to find out how many people Horatio's shot/stabbed in the last five years.  I'm really hoping it's not as high as Booth's, because "that is not good."

Speak of the devil hero, I think I have a new entry for the "you know you watch too much CSI Miami when..." thread on Talk CSI.  For example, when you're watching Bones take place in the Everglades, and all you can think about is why a simple case of an alligator chewing a body isn't being investigated by the local MDPD.  Specifically, Horatio's team of CSI's.  But honestly, I couldn't think of any reason why D.C. feds had jurisdiction, since I'm fairly sure CSI Miami has already investigated both cases of alligator-eaten bodies AND murdered tourists.   They probably explained why Bones was on the case, but I wasn't paying attention because Sully was really annoying.

Due to the above paragraph, I found I really didn't care about any components of the victim or the case.  I've seen enough crime shows to have gotten bored with both the "party girl on spring break makes poor choices/gets raped & killed" as well as the "father loses only daughter, takes revenge out on killer because he has no other family or friends whatsoever and therefore nothing to lose" storylines.  Although, the crazy preacher-dude was played by French Stewart, and he's always a fun actor to see.   :)

Best prop of the night?  Alligator body.  That was really very neat-looking. 

No J/A action, which ticks me off because I really thought something was going to come of the whole "Angela makes a mistake and Hodgins is there for her" spoiler.  But no, that boiled down to a 10-second scene of Angela calling Bones to say "I think I made a mistake" while Hodgins hung out in the background.  If you were invested, you might have a case for saying he was looking supportive.  But you'd have to be looking for it.

CSI: NY: Some Buried Bones
I have to admit that Nelly Furtado is a very lovely woman.  I generally cannot stand her music (although 'Promiscuous' is fun), but she's got a cute nose, and lovely bewitching eyes like Demi Moore.  I just didn't feel like watching her act.   To be honest, much like with Murder Sings the Blues, I didn't want to sit through this ep at all.  So even though Angell was on case 1 (woot woot!), I spun through the episode on fast-forward, pausing only for Flack and/or character development.  Much like in Murder Sings the Blues, I got way more of the latter than I was expecting, specifically REED GARRET! 

A quick list of "sweet stuff" about the parts of this ep I watched, before I go into detail about that:

-Flack was on all night. I also treasure the "haven't been here since I was a kid" line.  I feel like fic authors could use that somehow.
-I detract points for the fact that your preview was misleading, as I was waiting for his long, drawnout and sarcastic "I looooove this job" and instead it was just a brusque, shrugging "I love this job."  Ah well.
-Love the way they introduced Reed this time around, a friend of the victim, although I'm a bit confused as I thought the kid was only supposed to be around 16?  I would never have pegged him to be in college already.  I'm all thrown off now.  Also, am I imagining things, or have both his hair and his eyebrows gotton a lot darker since last time?
-Show, you get huge points for having a masked intruder beat up Reed.  Poor baby!  Hug!
-Kings and Shadows sounds like a great title for a novel.  Oh wait, I'm thinking of King's Shadow.  That's a great novel too. 
-Flack shoving the kid back down in his seat and yanking the shoulder of his shirt back to reveal the brand??  *swoons* And that was in addition to the fact that he was wearing just a button-down shirt, without an overcoat, which always looks better.  Purrrr. 

Some things that I had issues with:
1. A line the CSI Files review, "The absence of the ill-fitting Lindsay Monroe gives other, worthier characters more screentime--"
RS: *puffs up furiously*  Stop.  Doing.  That.
"-- most notably Dr. Hawkes and lovably nerdy lab tech Adam Ross."
RS: Oh, hell no.  You did not just claim ADAM THE LAB RAT to be a fucking worthier character than Lindsay.  *stomps around* The only time a lab rat is greater than a CSI is when it's Valera > Natalia.  Otherwise, no.   And no, I don't need to hear about how he had a mean daddy.  So did Horatio.  Horatio's tale is much more compelling than yours, lab rat.  Lab rat who has gotten more time in the field than Lindsay in the last few episodes.  -.-

2. You can't tell me that any college REALLY has a "grief policy" that grants a semester's 4.0 to any student whose roommate dies.  Murder rates would spike.  And that's ridiculous anyway; even if you totally fall apart, your professors would be lenient enough on you so that you'd be fine.  That's assuming you and your roommate were friends, which isn't always the case among freshmen.  AND, they brought this up on CSI and you were supposed to laugh your head off at the idiot who asked about it!  Sheesh.  Okay, on to specific discussion of Reed & Mac.

Firstly, when Reed says "I'd like to know where my mom is buried," and Mac says she wasn't, because they never found a body, the poor kid looked like he'd been punched in the gut.  Understandable.  But I'm just confused - I was under the impression that MOST bodies from 9/11 were never recovered.  I thought they were mostly all kind of crushed to nothing.  [Edit: Okay, Mom says they found "parts" of hundreds of bodies, but still.]  But weren't they still all declared dead?  So shouldn't there be some kind of memorial marker, at the very least?  Geeze Mac.  Not having a body doesn't make her any less dead.  And PLEASE do not tempt my already fanciful mind with any scenarios in which she might still be alive!  My brain cannot take that!  Not now, not when Peyton's here, and I am trying my damndest to stop dreaming of the past.  *shakes head HARD, slaps self* I'm not delusional.  Really, I'm not.   It's just, this is hard enough on me to think that there's a chance Mac is still honestly missing Claire, even when he says he wants to be with Peyton.  I don't want him to forget Claire. I want him to be able to remember her, but also find happiness and fulfilment with someone who is very much alive.  Moving on. 

Hah!  I love when Reed stands there (somewhat unsuccessfully) fighting tears and finally just puts his arms around Mac.  Mac's expression is all UH.  Okay.  When did we reach the tearful hugging stage?  Stop that.  It was intensely uncomfortable for a bit, until both Mac and I remembered that for all his attempts to be a tough and stoic Marine, in the last couple of years he has become all about the supportive hugs, and returned the embrace.  And then it was really very touching.  And because I really DON'T always hate the CSI Files review, I'll leave with words spoken better than I could put them:

"Their only bond is a dead woman, but their interest in each other, and the affection that's springing up between them is utterly believable and compelling to watch. The embrace between the two tugs at the heartstrings."
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