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A madman sat in his empire of dust and ashes, little knowing of the glory he would achieve.

I've watched the first half of "End of Time, pt. 1." That is about as far as I can go before, you know, getting all sniffly and feeling utterly emotionally drained.

Just...when the Doctor starts crying, that is it for me.  Oh, my God, that has somehow surpassed every angsty thing in the series to date.  And the sight of Donna.  And how sometimes it's like she's sad but she can't remember why, and he needs her, and WAAHHHHHHHHHH.  In lieu of finishing, I will be watching this scene 378 more times.  I still don't really like Wilf all that much, but he's pouring so much sweetness and compassion into this part that I don't even care.  Breaking it down! 

-"I'm going to die."  "Well, so am I, one day."  "Don't you dare."  AWWWW.

-Oh good, an explanation for why Ten is so afraid of the prophesied death - apparently I just forgot the part where it is possible to die without regenerating? - but more to the point, a gorgeous and emotional speech about how either way, "It feels like dying.  Everything I am, dies.  Some new man goes sauntering away, and I'm dead."  And it was just so very meta and intense and I feel foolish for not being able to make these inferences before, and...DON'T LEAVE ME.  I'M NEEDY.  *clings*

-How earnestly Wilf begs him to do something, to fix her.  "Stop it.  If she ever remembers me, her mind will burn and she will die."   Plus, the Doctor's face while staring at Donna from afar...let's just say it gives Josh Holloway's Amazing Face of Pain and Feelings a run for its money.

-The heartbreakingly affectionate laugh about how Donna's not changed

-"And what about you, who've you got now?"
"No one.  Traveling alone.  I thought it was better... But I did some things, it went wrong.  I need--"


-"Look, wouldn't she make you laugh again?  Good old Donna?"
From weeping corner: *WAILING* 

Okay, all those feelings I had about Donna's memory loss not being that bad were apparently just delayed reactions, because the full extent of its heartbreak - without Rose around to steal the show - is finally hitting me.  Thiiiiis is absolutely devastating.  And the way he can't help agreeing - I have never more badly wanted to restore a partnership lost, possibly not even post-Doomsday.  To have her right there but still not be able to reach out, that is more painful than I ever thought possible.  RTD and his hatpin stabbing, God.

In other news:
-The first scene with the Ood = marvelous.  In every way.  Including the way we tied up one last loose end - the mystery of why Queen Bess wants him dead.  I LOL'ED, FOR REAL.  (on a related note, the Lost writers should take tips from this show re: answering questions)  Plus I am pretty sure Ood Sigma rolled his eyes at one point.  Fantastic.

-The rest of the scene with the Ood and the hand-joining was even better.  Between the alarm over Donna's safety, arguing that it wasn't Lucy's fault, and...everything else...loving it.

-I adore Lucy

-So far, the Master is both as awesome and terrifying as hoped.  I LOVE WHATEVER MARVELOUS CRACK WE USED TO BRING HIM BACK.

-The Doctor being groped by feisty old ladies = best thing ever, y/y? 

-I love the existence of a narrator.  It makes everything more epic, just like Pushing Daisies.  Except in this case, far more grave and solemn, lines that could be lifted straight from classic prose; gives the series an extra-good sense of finality.  By the way, am I supposed to know who the narrator is (real person or character)?  Can you tell me, or will that spoil things?

n/m, just watched 30 seconds more and got a face.  I can wait. 
Edit: Okay, finished it part 1.  I don't even...know how I feel right now.  I'm locked in this frozen state of "I can't believe I am actually watching this."  There've been a fair number of funny lines, and a few slow parts, but mostly I've been perched on the edge of my seat, eyes glued to the screen and unable to even make myself jot notes down.  I just want to see where it's going.  That's some quality plot, right there.  

-YAY, MORE DONNA!  Being delightful and ever so pretty and magnificent!  And remembering stuff...oh, hell.  Can that somehow turn out okay, instead of lethal?

-SO MUCH LOVE for the Doctor's pride in her subconscious abilities.  "Oh, she's still fighting for us, even now.  The Doctor-Donna."  I need to rewatch season 4 like whoa.

-Okay, I could do with fewer scenes of the Master stuffing his face.  Also fewer scenes of that father/daughter pair with the extra-creepy and slightly incestuous vibes.  Although a guess a world full of Masters will take care of that for now.

-Still not quite clear on why the Doctor just strolled up all casual-like until he got zapped with a bolt of Master-lightning...

-Hee!  A surprising number of fun little moments, like "don't swear" and "shimmer!" made me giggle a lot.  The spiky-headed green people are loads better than the version of -een I was preparing myself for.  And a lot of fast-talking Doctor is always my favorite thing.

-On the ending --
Me: ...Gaillifrey.  Really.  GALLIFREY.

You know what, I am just not even going to say anything until I see part 2 and figure out what the hell is going on in that department.
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