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And now, to journey back through a week of American TV

1. I'm continuing to keep one eye and half an ear on American Idol, because Crystal is AMAZING (this must be what it was like for people who didn't understand that David Cook was horrendous!), and I have loved every single song she has sung, a feat that no other contestant has ever managed.  And even though I only see like 30% of the show in a given week, I also know the following things:

Siobhan frustrates me to no end, because -- look at her!  She is so pretty and seems like my ideal Idol type!  But then she gets up there and she screeches like a witch and makes my ears bleed.  On bright side, Katie Stevens is so pretty and I love her.  Didi I haven't quite figured out yet, but she's pleasant, super pretty, and reminds me all the time of someone else.  Some people say Brooke White, others Taylor Swift, and I personally think there's some Felicia Day in those eyes.  Thumbs up!

Tim Urban is still adorable.  Casey is ridiculously hot in a country-ish way, and while Tim is just a pretty face, Casey also sings songs that are pleasing as Crystal's, so I want him to come in at second place.  Big Mike is desperately boring, Neck Tattoo is still gross, and the other two guys I don't even know if I have heard them sing, because they are such boring non-entities.  Also, I'm quite glad Paige went home since she was awful, but I'm still sad about Lacey and her excellent song choices, and even sadder about Katelyn and her vivacious personality.  START GETTING RID OF THE STUPID MEN ALREADY.

2. Lost, 6x09, "Ab Aeterno"
I admit, I didn't expect Richard's backstory to be very interesting.  Still don't think it would hold up to multiple viewings, but for a single watch...well, I was wrong.

* I was happy enough with the 19th century gallop on horseback, but then it opened up into an amazing life-or-death love story, and hey, guess who is a sucker for those?  Especially on this show, and especially when all of my ships are presently out of commission, making it very easy for new ones to squirm into my heart?

* Black Rock history  = AWESOME.  I have a very limited scope of creativity and couldn't figure out what sort of slave ship with chains came from anywhere except Africa.  This way was much, much cooler.  Especially when that officer strolled down and casually started impaling everybody.  WAAAAAUGH.

* I allowed myself to be fooled for a few minutes when Isabella showed up on the ship, just because I have always, always wanted to embrace the theory that everybody on the island is dead.  I mean, look!  Look at this proof!  ...yeah, I temporarily forgot the part about how Smokey can become anybody.  That scene was too pretty!  I wanted to believe!   

* Richard gets smacked down on beaches a lot, doesn't he?

* Hurley's ghost whispering generally does not interest me, but that Richard/Isabelle moment was *so* sweet, and broke my heart.  I know Hurley's seen ghosts before and Miles hears crazy stuff, but somehow that felt like the first truly supernatural moment on the series.  And it was beautiful.

* Part of me is convinced that Man in Black is evil solely because of his disturbing similarity to Richard Hatch.
3. Survivor: I hate so much about what the show is choosing to be this year.

Curses.  Curses!  That is all I have to say.  Right up until the very end, I was breathless with anticipation, because if this vote went down the awesome way it was supposed to, that meant the spoilers were wrong and I could have fun watching this season again.  No such luck, and it's back to being worthless.  God, Tyson is such an idiot.  The best part of the night was hearing James say hilarious things - even though I don't quite agree with all the ragging on Colby, I have to admit that "It's like my Superman sucks!" had me rolling in a fit of giggles.

4. I've apparently given up talking about Law & Order: SVU, but I thought the last two episodes were pretty good!  The one that switched from a dying wisp of a rape victim to an African refugee/rape survivor was much stronger in the second half, but really solid with phenomenal acting all around (except for Alex leaving at the end, which...her rationale was amazing, but her being off my screen is uncool).  This week's episode was an interesting mash-up between "The Blind Side" and "Precious Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire" (come on, I have been dying to mock that since the Oscars aired), I think it worked in the end.  The actress playing a woman locked up with MS was just, wow.  Where did this streak of QUALITY come from?
5. I have definitely given up talking about Southland, but I feel like I should mention how pleased I am that TNT is only allowing a little bit more vulgarity than NBC did, and while I hate it, I feel like they've also toned down the amount of swearing they're doing at all.  And though I miss Russell, so far it's every bit as amazing as it was last year, in terms of rich characters and incredible, compelling stories.
6. Survivor on Wednesday + Bones rerun + waiting for new Office = I watch Community for the first time the whole way through!  Turns out all the fanfic is dead on, in terms of characterization, so the various opinions I have formed based on fic + previews + your journals stand (a/k/a: ladies, awesome!  Men, stupid!  Occasional exception: Jeff, who is great in theory, but suffers somewhat in reality from being Joel McHale).

The only difference is it turns out that Britta is 14 times more likable and wonderful than I expected; like, right on par with Annie.  They are like twins!   Why was I under the impression that you had to pick one team or the other?  I don't quite understand why they are not hanging out as BFFs.  Other questions: how old is Britta, and what's her story?  Is it bad if I'm totally cool with simultaneously shipping Jeff/Britta and Jeff/Annie?  In actuality, they're both too good for him and should find dudes outside their study group to date, but since this is what I have to work with...

Also I would like to hammer in one more time how creepy and annoying and unwanted Abed is.  Fandom March Madness really set me off. 

(Troy is...I will generously mark him as "inoffensive" for now, meaning he has not specifically done anything to earn my wrath, but neither has he earned his keep.  Unlike, say, Shirley, who has been awesome since the actress was in cell phone commercials) 

I really wish they would pair this show up with The Office.  Or at least put it on at 7:30 so that I would catch the closing tag every week, instead of gross P&R.  I don't know that I'm ready to be all YEAH, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER about it, but I will at least give it credit for being a funny show.  I'd say it's right around New Adventures of Old Christine territory.  And for those of you who think that's an insult, it's not; NAOC is to me what "Cougar Town" or "The Middle" is to you.  Community made me laugh, and that's golden.

7. The Office, "Happy Hour"
Holy crap, relationship overdrive.  It was like they were trying to recreate the "Valentine's Day" movie phenomenon, but using only the cast of Dunder-Mifflin.  Hard to say which venture was less successful.

Or as I put it while watching in numb horror: "Michael/multiple women, Dwight/Isabelle, Matt/Oscar, and Andy/Erin.  Why does this show always turn to CRAP right before my birthday?!"  Oh, I'm sorry, was there Jim/Pam in there too?  Okay, so it was less crappy than last year's infamous blowout (Two Weeks), but...I still spent like 90% of this episode either cringing or quietly banging my head against the wall.  I'm going to focus on things that didn't suck. 

* "I had a really hard workout this morning."  Hah!  I love this man and all his lame excuses.

* You know how I always loathe Pam when she freaks out and starts screaming stupid things, especially over the phone?  This time, I thought it was adorable how badly she wanted to get out of the house and have adult conversations again.  And that's essentially Cecelia's doing, so to echo Jim's sentiments, this baby is amazing. 

* Pam...wants her friend to meet Michael.  Does she not understand that if they hit it off, he would be nearly as integrated into their social life as when he was dating her mom?  I think that's proof right there for the theory about how you lose brain cells after giving birth.

* OK, where is there a bar that doubles as a full-scale arcade for grown-ups?  Because I want to go to there.  

* Angela was so pretty tonight!  And she was so sweet, and I remembered why she and Dwight are, against all possible logic, perfectly suited to one another.  I also cheered when she whipped out her legal contract and started smacking him down as effectively as she slays Phyllis on a good day. 

Up to that point, Isabel had just sort of been this vaguely annoying pest in the background...but then she dared to reach out and bop Angela on the head.  WTF, BITCH, THAT IS A DECLARATION OF WAR.  I DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE PAM'S BEST FRIEND, IT IS OPEN SEASON ON YOUR ASS. 

* I still hate Erin (shocker!), and the only thing I got from them tonight was an overwhelming big brother/little sister vibe.  That said, I laughed for like five minutes straight at "Where did you learn to talk like that?!" /// "...the movies?"  because HAHA, YES, that is pretty much where all my knowledge of relationships comes from.  Well, TV, but same thing.  Now I just need a guy who will find that endearing, instead of creepy and off-putting. 

* Speaking of creepy, you better stand and deliver on this Scranton Strangler business, show.  One possible solution: making Kelly Erin Hannon his next victim.

* Pam suddenly needing to rush home, right now, at the end?  Um, that's me, doing a victorious little fist-pump at getting yet another thing I was hoping for out of the baby storyline.  But for less creepy reasons than Kevin, I promise.

* Saving the best for last: RYAN/KELLY!!!  The DDR battle was like the cutest they have been since season 3.  It almost seemed like he was...enjoying her company?  That can't be right.  AND THEN THERE WAS THE END.  My brain short-circuited; I didn't even hear what silly thing Kelly was crying about, but the point is that she was crying and he had his arm around her and it was like he was an actual caring boyfriend for a couple of seconds.  Show, sometimes when I least expect it, you are made of pure magic.
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