RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Almost there, don't give up now

Been running down new songs all evening, and am currently in a state of anguish over “Run This Town.” I must admit, the tiny clip they played during the Grammys caught my attention, but I shut it down on account of fervently disliking all three collaborators and their genre. Then today I ran across the music video, which is amazing, and realized Rihanna’s part is just spectacular. It’s creepy and skin-prickling with surprisingly neat lyrics over great music; an incredible song all around…and then Jay-Z comes in and starts rapping.  TERRIBLE. OH MY WORD, IT IS SO TERRIBLE.

And every time I think that maybe I could learn to live with it, because the “we are, yeah I said it, we are” part kind of fits with the beat…then Kanye West comes in at the end and has nothing relevant to contribute whatsoever, wrecking the entire song. Can’t Rihanna have this to remix as a solo on her own album? Please? And yet, I really like the presence that the men contribute to the video, so ideally I just want them to make minor edits and turn the guys turn into background decorations, contributing only their backing vocals.

Now it’s a waiting game to see if I will stick to my principles and shut the door on it, or if I will surrender and suffer the rap in my music library for the rest of the package.

Influence me, homies:

Resist it!
Tags: music

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