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Worst - April Fool's - Ever.

At midnight, I decided that this year, instead of my annual avoid-the-internet tradition, I was just going to embrace the holiday.  Come what may, prank away!  Let's actively see how many sites I can get to screw with my head!  The result?  Disappointment. 

Neopets, LJ, Google, what is with the sad lack of creativity here?  Normally I can count on you to completely freak me out, but instead you are full of lamesauce.  (although Neopets has some cute distractions.  Someone throw a pie at me!) 

Cute Overload almost got me with "Cocks 'n Cracks" - it's not like they haven't put up gross categories before - but I just sighed and gritted my teeth for a while until I realized it was a joke.

I noticed "Andrew Garcia" was a trending topic on Twitter.  That was a prank, right?  Because, I mean.  Neck Tattoo.  

Office Tally played its hand nicely, though, by pretending to integrate with Google (i.e., essentially becoming the Google homepage, where the blog posts showed up as search results).

And one person on LJ finally got me for real - polloftheday , "U.S. to switch to the metric system."  You'd better believe I freaked out for a solid 30 seconds there.  Which shows you how much trust I have in the president.   

Other than that, it's been a sadly mundane day.  Text-only YouTube?  Bitch, please.  I had much more of a heart attack over the site redesign, and sadly, I don't think that's part of the prank.

[Edit: HAHA!  Joel McHale took over Ryan Seacrest's site.  Okay, that's legitimately funny.]
Maybe this week's TV will be kinder to me?  Especially since I've decided to just forgo Survivor in favor of burying myself in Tocantins clips on YouTube, basking in the glory that was last spring.

Lost, 6x10, "The Package"
I'm really surprised by how much I wanted The Story of Ricardo Alpert to continue this week, instead of hanging out with the full cast.  And that was before it took half an hour to quit dragging its feet and pick up some interesting story threads.

Have decided the Kwons are getting way too much central focus at this point - I liked it better when it was The Jack Show.  Or even the Triangle Series.  Anything but these two.  Jin routinely has bursts of being interesting - mostly when he's on the island in the company of buddies - but Sun is boring as can be and they're both quite dull in every off-island life**.  Other thoughts:

-Oh, my God, Sun striptease, DO NOT WANT.

-However: Ben rousing a wounded Sun back to consciousness = like, the most adorable thing he has done since Alex was still alive.  Awww, I like when's non-threatening and actually looking out for people.  (not that this prevents me from snerking at the following exchange)

Ben: Oh, for the 4th time, I was gathering mangoes and she was already unconscious!  Why won't you believe me?
Ilana: Because you're speaking.

-And Sun's aphasia gave Jack plenty of chances to share his winning smile of reassurance, and me to melt in a gooey puddle as a result.  ( more than a little ridiculous how much I love this guy now.  Out of nowhere!  And yet.  I am pretty sure he's edging out Sawyer for my favorite?  He's finally become the hero/savior the show has been trying to make him since Day 1)

-Speaking of Richard, my heart swelled with something like pride and/or platonic love when he burst back on the scene full of knowledge & Plans Of Action.  I am so on this team, 100% of the way, til death.  Even if it means I am also somewhat siding with Widmore, which I swore never to do, and I'm still trying to figure out how I can wriggle my way out of that part.

-Sayid has lost the power of emotions?  Well, that's comforting.  Not.

-I literally...forgot that Jin & Sun had a daughter.  On a related note, watching him get all choked up over the pictures is an example of why he's by far my preferred one of the pair.

[**It just occurred to me that in 2004, Sun is pregnant and has been shot in the stomach.  How is that still boring to me?!  HOW?]

-Oh dear, they do have Desmond.  Frick!  Frickity frick frick!  (been watching a lot of Scrubs lately, sorry)  I demand that this turn out okay, because Desmond/Penny is all I have left here. 

Now, if you need me, I'll be YouTubing it up with scenes I previously spurned.  Like the reunion on the boat.  Oh, my word, this is one of the most thrilling and impossibly beautiful things I have ever seen played out in fiction.  Look, I'm sure 2008 Me had good and legitimate reasons for being bitter about them, but time heals some wounds and now I can't stop watching this over and over.  My brain can't even comprehend the fact that there's a whole other episode in season 5 full of family times that I have yet to watch with fresh, non-hate-filled eyes... 

Bones, 5x15, "Bones on the Blue Line"
I missed this show so much!  Earlier tonight I was on that site I'm apparently addicted to now, watching things like this and wondering why the hell they aren't together yet.  Which, as you know, is not a thing I have wondered very often over the course of this series, but now I'm officially impatient.  That's two steps below frustrated, so don't keep me waiting here.

All things considered, this episode started out red-hot - probably as a direct result of its long absence from my life - and then just kind of limped its sad way to the finish line.  I love how even the conclusion of the crime itself became an afterthought.  It was like meta on top of the meta statements they were making with the gushing fangirl RP shipper interviewing journalist, about characters taking precedence over crime details.

Always nice to see Clea DuVall pop up, though.  Someday I am going to create Guest Star Bingo, and she's going to be a popular choice.

And I grinned like an idiot while Angela had a minor freak-out over her Very Large Check of Authoring Input.  That was even sweeter than our customary Booth/Brennan moment at the end, where I enjoyed Booth messing with her over Plato/Play-Doh, but was generally underwhelmed (see opening statement for possible reasons why).

Iiiiiiin other news, I was beside myself with joy when Daisy popped up as well, and feeling...a mild amount of sympathy for Sweets?  I was all set to make my usual statement about how if they would keep him on reserve and give him screen time proportionate to Daisy's, this would be one of those times where I found him a useful character, but then he had to go and propose.  (hah, I say that like it was not INTENSELY TELEGRAPHED as soon as the cancer survivor died)

And, look, maybe one day these two will have a Desmond/Penny style revival in my brain whereby this proposal makes my heart sing with joy, but right now I am busy running hot and cold, and yet more unnecessary mentions of their brain-scarring sex life put me firmly in the "cold" camp.

Don't mind me, though.  I'm all spoiled from the fact that three of my longtime OTPs got married this season; it's hard to feel that moved by minor characters, even if they do have heartfelt speech to accompany it.  Yes, even if they go and use words like 'wife,' which has a tendency to make me all tap-dance-y.  Not today, folks!  (shut up, Brain!) 

P.S. Speaking of brain-scarring sex lives, unnecessary mentions of," Hodgins/Angela, GROSS BARF NO AUGH UGH.  *shudder*  Must - cleanse - mind - ahhhhh.  Let's just hang out in the happy past forever, mm-kay?

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