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Think of this post as an Easter basket. So many goodies inside!

So I'll just be...staring at this for a while.  I can has several new icons? 

I knew if I spent enough time voting at numb3rs_awards, I would find things that were amazing. 

I did absolutely nothing worthwhile past noon today, between restocking on Neopets and discovering that I am now grossly addicted to YouTube.  But you guys like YouTube, right?  And you'd enjoy it if I suddenly...HIT YOU WITH A DELUGE OF VIDEOS?  WHAM!  OVERLOAD!  What is this "moderation" of which you speak?

Technically, it started a couple of days ago, when the musical episode of That 70's Show aired, and I remembered how I love that one with every fiber of my heart and soul. It only gets better with age.  Go ahead, watch this clip and try not to be filled with joy:

[Sidebar: Did you skip the first cut? If so, please scroll up and view it now. Only then you may proceed.]

"Are you people singing again?!"

My other favorite, because Hyde is widely acknowledged as the space cowboy of the group.  And he also calls midnight toker!

And we have to have the closing piece - because if you do not want to get up and shake your groove thang after this, please see a doctor to have your lobotomy reversed.

God, I love this show.  Most amazing cast ever!  On another note, between all the sparkly, shiny costumes and the infectious enthusiasm, at one point in my life I may or may not have memorized all the choreography in this episode and danced around when no one was watching.  I recommend it.  

Oh, and I finally got around to watching that Christmas Carol clip, whatever that was...I'd forgotten I had one last bit of the marvelous Team Tennant/Tate after Doctor Who waiting for me!  I have seen it like ten times at this point and still burst out laughing when he comes in.  Never mind the "Risotto" bit.  *DEAD OF LAUGHTER*

Speaking of Doctor Who, this intro is adorable. How can we bottle this charm and use it in a way that makes things like Idol Gives Back less excruciating?

...and then I guess I just spent a really long time listening to music and unsuccessfully trying to beat the site into giving me more Desmond/Penny clips from season 5 of Lost, so there's not really much left to show off. As a consolation prize, please accept this adorable commercial.

"You bring this thing wherever you go?"
"...I do."

Saved under "I want to go to there," an image-heavy post of pictures taken at an antiques mall in Canada.  I'm pretty sure I was talking about the corner bookshelf when I named the bookmark, but the whole place almost makes me want to acquire a passport.

rural_ruin continues to  be amazing, but so far nothing has topped this particular postThis is exactly the kind of adventure I want to have someday!  I have no interest in overseas travel, famous locations and/or unfamiliar cultures & customs, but I want to go all over the United States, exploring off the beaten path. 

A recent favorite XKCD strip --

Lastly, a new old thing I find fascinating:  ephemera books.  They mesmerize, enchant and delight me.  They're like scrapbooks, but made of literal scraps - vintage paper and pictures, the sort of things people recycle and throw out every day, arranged in old covers and turned into works of absolute art.  Here's a finished example.  Plus, finally, a way people can dismantle old and even antique books that doesn't break my heart!

Oh, look at that, it's well after midnight...I should post this and go to bed.  Happy Easter!
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