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"The Back-Up Plan" looks like the most ridiculous movie idea ever.  Its levels of unrealistic fantasy wish fulfillment are off the chart, even for a rom-com, and every time I see a preview I burst out laughing. 

That said, it was clearly written with my personal fantasy wishlist in mind, right down to the casting of the male lead, and I am dying to see it.  ALEX O'LOUGHLIN, PEOPLE.  I don't know if you've heard, but attractive leading men are in short supply on the big screen these days, so even though Jennifer Lopez is completely against type and unsympathetic as a romantic heroine, I am all over this like you wouldn't believe.   
Speaking of things J.Lo is in...what has two thumbs and caught up on How I Met Your Mother with a six-episode marathon today?  THIS GIRL.

Can I just say up front, this whole arc with Don is almost as excruciating as the one with Ted and Stella.  It moves at a snail's pace, is completely bland and uninteresting, and seems completely pointless.  At this point I just want them to hurry up, get together, and get it over with it.  Barney and Robin only took, what, eight episodes as a couple?  Surely we could break that speed.

I'm also a little tired of this revolving door guest star thing they've got going on.  Come on, show.  You're better than 30 Rock.

Jenkins: Ahahaha, more Minnesota roots + Vikings/Packers rivalry!  Some of my favorite thing(s) ever.  This wound up being a really funny episode (and not just because Lily eventually tried to end Jenkins' life, although that was awesome), not least because unlike the next several famous people, Amanda Peet blended nicely into the framework of the series.

"Whoaaaa, hold it, hold it.  Dude, if you tell me you have a thing for a woman that is not your wife, I will drag you outside and kick your ass."

I also really liked the epic music they used, which sounded achingly familiar until I found it was "Adagio For Strings," of course!  I had to memorize that song, among others, for the listening portion in my music appreciation class, and I memorized it by thinking it was the one that sounded like it was from Doctor Who.  In retrospect, I wish I had ripped some of the songs before I sold the CDs back with my textbook.  To console myself, here is an even prettier version done on pan pipes.

And seriously, are arcade games a commonplace thing in bars?  I've never been to a bar, I don't know!  But between this and The Office, I'm starting to think I am missing out.  

Perfect Week: Meh.  I wanted to explore more of Professor Ted feeling guilty, preferably in ways that didn't sound gross.  Forgive me if I couldn't care about Barney sleeping with 7 women in 7 days, no rejections, and talking to some random sports guy in his mind.

Rabbit or Duck: Just FYI, this question was much cuter on Numb3rs, when it involved Charlie making shadow puppets on the wall while Don failed to recognize them. ("What do you see?"  "A duck?"  "A duck??  It's got ears.  These are the ears, it's supposed to be a rabbit."  "Looks like a duck.")

Why are we getting in screaming matches about which animal is better, though?  They're both awesome, for reasons that do not involve eating or skinning/plucking them.  Although if you needed to pick a side, maybe in order to prevent the crashing of a plane piloted by Oprah containing all your relatives, I don't know what's wrong with this group because RABBITS ARE ADORABLE.  PREACH IT, MARSHALL.

Poll #1547839 It's war, bitches.

Choose your side.


The comparison to Pantsless Donald Duck was inspired, though.  And hooray for a Naked Man callback in practice!  And "Teddy West Side!"  And, what's that aside, Blah Blah has been committed to a mental hospital?!

Hooked: TEACUP PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!  Uh, how would that not take over the night?  Because, I mean.  Tiny baby pig >>>>> sex.  At best, it would trigger your maternal instinct so hard that you decided to go for procreation sex, and that can't be in Barney's hookup plans.

I didn't think much of the plot in this one, but Carrie Underwood always sparkles like a precious gem on screen.  I found myself kinda sad that she didn't get to kiss Ted at any point?  But I think I was crossing a weird line between normal shipping and RP-shipping by then, so it's probably for the best.  Except now I'm wishing that she and Rachel Bilson had swapped roles, because Rachel would be so much better suited to giving the brush-off, while Carrie is easier to picture as a grad student.  

"Um, who's buying canned chili and not eating it immediately?"
"Amen, sister."

+ Hahaha, Lily & Marshall are the best.  Also, high-five for a St. Cloud flashback, my second hometown! 

+ Future Ted yelling at Past Ted, HILARIOUS.  By the way, Ted, why are you and Henrietta not an item?  She works at the university library and has gorgeous hair, not to mention the part where you're already buddies and she's in love with you.  I WILL ARRANGED-MARRIAGE YOU.  

Of Course: I can't decide if it was wonderful or horrible.  Observe.

Me at the beginning -- "Robin cried real tears?  I might have cared about that three months ago."


Poll #1547840 Stupid characters

Most pointless breakup in TV history?

Hodgins/Angela (Bones)
Me at the 3/4 mark -- "...holy crap, I am so easy it's disgusting, but I am a melted puddle of goo over this ridiculously sweet scene at the shooting range.   Barney's face!  Robin tears!  More on Barney's expressions!  And sweet words!  I caught feelings, I caught feelings bad.  There is a reason they won me over; GOD, Barney The Real Boy was amazing." (and other assorted shippy squealing)

Me at the end: "Damn it, Don!  Why am I seeing you, instead of Barney taking Robin on Super Date as a caring friend, thus providing images which my brain could then pretend were legitimate and real?"

+ Josh Radnor has a very lovely voice, so even though that song was completely random and I was so distracted by the changing scenery that I forgot to listen to any of the lyrics, I approve. 

+ Barney throwing himself into the river, HAHAHAHAHA!  As for Jennifer Lopez, it's weird; generally speaking she's boring and I don't think much of her, but she is a curiously respectable actress and I always enjoy her fictional roles. 

Say Cheese: Cracked me UP.  Barney's magical picture-taking abilities just had me laughing and laughing and laughing.  Plus, bonus Karen!  I did not know we were getting more Karen!  (she is my favorite thing ever)  And Lily's birthday giddiness!  Which, incidentally, she is totally right while Ted is wrong.  There's a difference between having your date hang out with you and your friends - isn't that where MacLaren's would come in handy? - and having her hang out with them on special occasions. 

On a low note, "Totally true.  Running on fumes here."  WHAT THE HELL, DUDES.  That doesn't even make sense.  Who's got the Barney/Robin axe to grind?  And really, Lily assumes they'll never last?  Wasn't she like their biggest shipper?  Ugh.  Show, I can put you back in the storage closet until May.  This is no longer an idle threat!

In other news, Navi Rawat was gorgeous on "Castle" tonight, and totally stole the show from everyone except possibly the title character's daughter. 

Who, as it turns out, I adore.  She's older than I thought she'd be - I was picturing 9 or 10 - but she's AMAZING, he has a nice dorky-dad vibe going on, and their interaction really is as cute as promised.  I don't think I'll be tuning in again, but maybe I will just spend time on my new buddy YouTube trying to find compilations of their scenes.    

I get why you guys like this show - the writing is pretty snappy - but I've already got Bones, I used to have Standoff, and they both have far superior partnership chemistry.  Here I spend all my time wondering what Castle's lines would sound like coming from a better actor.  Call me when it's in syndication on weekends, I'll put it on as background noise when I'm bored. 

Although I have to admit, an episode where Nathan Fillion is constantly getting whaled on was a pretty satisfying place to start.  Especially if that episode includes Navi.  And an awesome mummy plot.  An awesome Mayan mummy plot, so that I had mental flashbacks to my beloved X-Files novel Ruins. And Rachel wasn't even the guilty party! Which I appreciated. She's too pretty to go to jail/be evil in any way. 

Randomly: I laughed SO HARD at Dr. Bey from "The Mummy" turning up in a basically identical role.
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