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Tuesday night

Well, that was some weird boundary crossing, as Mr. Schue & Finn - oh yes, quite in character - introduced American Idol.  I mean, it was adorable, but...bzuh? 

You know who was amazing this week?  Boring old Michael Lynche.  It might have been related to the fact that everybody else sang stupid songs I hate, but he came out there with the most awesome version of "Eleanor Rigby" I have ever heard.  True, for the first 10 seconds it was hideously dull and I was hissing about stupid contestants always killing my beloved song, but then he turned it around and my jaw fell to the floor. It was like it was on the radio - a thought I had before it became the judges' catchphrase of the night - and even though it was R&B styling, it was incredible.

On another note, Tim Urban is officially my reality-TV boyfriend of the trimester.  My heart, that smile, whooshy things, yes.

Lost, 6x11, "Happily Ever After"
Huh.  I really thought there'd be more to enjoy in this one, but after the first five minutes it was just a long slog during which I kept wandering off to go watch the hospital scenes in episode 100.  What part of "I still have no interest in their pre-boat-reunion life" wasn't clear to you?  That includes AU lives! 

First five minutes were pretty great, though.  I got to see Desmond ask for Penny, gradually flip out, and most importantly make Charles Widmore bleed.  Good times!  Might have watched several times in a row!  And then he winds up with a beatdown of his own for his troubles.  :(  Poor Desmond's really having a crap week.

Although for a while, they were giving me a heart attack, worrying about his safety.  DEAR PRODUCERS, NEW DEAL: you can kill anybody and everybody else you want - even Jack!  even Sawyer**! - just leave my one last couple alive.  Can you do that?  Considering how you have taken away every other ship I have ever sailed, I think you owe me one.

**please try to refrain from killing Sawyer.  Or Jack.

Sideways World was just WEIRD.  And boring.  With way too much Charlie, who as it turns out, I have absolutely no use for with his gross lack of hair.  I did squeal over pretty, pretty (sane!) Claire, but the only thing the shippy references did for me was send me on a YouTube nostalgia tour, to bask in that cruelly brief period of time where she wasn't driving him away at every opportunity.  I have no actual desire for her to meet his grungy, druggie self in this life. Just keep talking to a smooth, snappily-dressed Desmond. That caught my attention.

Right now, back on the island, I am just massively confused about what's going on, and normally this show doesn't go over my head like that.  So uh, I'm just going to go back to watching the relevant bits of "The Variable" and wondering what sort of state Penny's in after finding out that her husband has just disappeared.

*spots Hurley-centric promo for next week*

On second thought, maybe in the future I will come back to this one and merely be content with the amount of Hotly Scottish-Accented Desmond on my screen, with bonus Fionnula Flanagan. 

Those of you not interested in the above can play this game, which I have stolen from various people, because everyone likes guessing  games:
Pick 15 of your ships and write down a quote for each of them. Have your flist guess the ships without using Google / IMDB.

Too obvious?  Too obscure?  All of the above!  This is hard, okay.

1. "Just admit it, you don't like me very much."
"That's not true.  I am your biggest - and sometimes your only - fan."
Will/Rachel, guessed by crackers4jenn

2. "Face it, our chemistry is undeniable."
"You know what else is undeniable?"
"The pain this fork is going to cause when I jam it into your eye!" 
Not guessed: Seth/Summer. (Maybe I should have left the '...I suffer from rage blackouts' part at the end?)

3. "What do you need to be happy?"
Not guessed: Ned/Chuck. (sheesh, I would have picked an easier quote if I'd known apparently none of you watch it)

4. "Even when the world was falling apart, you were my touchstone."
Mulder/Scully, guessed by dollsome

5."That was the moment that you knew you liked me."
"Wow. Can we make it a different moment?"
Jim/Pam, guessed by crackers4jenn

6.  "I should have told you every day from the moment I met you: I love you."
Will/Elizabeth, guessed by aries11 

7. "He looks a little fussy there. Why don't you pick him up and give him a cuddle?"
"Just because I have breasts doesn't mean I have magical powers over infants."
Booth/Brennan, guessed by crackers4jenn 

8. "I don't know, maybe after you win your Fields Medal..."
"You really think I'll win a Fields?"
"I do.  Why else do you think I'm with you?"
"Thought it was for my hair."
"Well, there's that, too."
Not guessed: Charlie/Amita. (*whines* Come on, guys, it's my OTP; I threw in a math award plus a hair comment from a quote I picspammed and everything!)

9. "There is a land called Passive Aggressiva, and you are their queen."
Derek/Addison, guessed by looking4shadows 

10. "Everyone leaves home in the end."
"Not to end up stuck here."
"Yeah, but stuck with you, that's not so bad."
Doctor/Rose, guessed by dollsome

11. "Since when are you interested in beauty?"
"Since I met you." 
Grissom/Sara, guessed by dollsome

12. "You see?  She still wants to marry him, even though he's been bitten!  She doesn't care!"
Remus/Tonks, guessed by looking4shadows 

13.  “You're a lot like her - stubborn, opinionated.  Smart.  40 years from now, I'm gonna have to pry the scalpel out of your hand, too."
"From my cold, dead hands."
"You're missing the point...I want to be around 40 years from now."
Owen/Cristina, guessed by crackers4jenn  

14. "I don't like ketchup."
"You love ketchup!  He loves ketchup."
Ryan/Kelly, guessed by crackers4jenn

15. "How long do you think we can play house?"
"Why don't we find out?"
Kate/Sawyer, guessed by dollsome
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