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Yesterday wasn't a bad Friday,really.  Let's see...woke up at 9, got ready, walked the dog, went to the store, did dishes.   Worked through my not-insignificant pile of Thursday shows, caught up on about a thousand blog posts (maybe fewer), talked to Mom.  Had dinner and have now finished writing about 4 of the 5 shows.  As writing about them is rather time consuming, in a fun sort of way that I have time to indulge in until I'm actually working, that's what I spent most of the night on.  I STILL haven't gotten to working on my stories or even catching up on my e-mail (I've got 3, but 80% of the content on the good account comes from, which is really very tempting since it appears to be full of chapter updates, new stories, review replies and even a review.  But I'm feeling rather tired at the moment, thinking maybe I'll go to bed now, so thoughts on CSI & Numb3rs will come later.  For now, these three await.

Survivor: My lone reality show
Yikes, whoa, overboard on the diversity there.  True, to accurately reflect MY everyday world Survivor would have to be made up of  - to use last season's classificiations - 16 white people, 2 Asian, 1 black and 1 hispanic, but it was still a little disconcerting to realize there were only three Caucasians in the whole mess.  Maybe 4, I couldn't tell about Jess.   I went through their bios on the website and it looks like otherwise it breaks down to 5 of each ethnicity, so I'm guessing Mystery Bolter was white too.  YES, THIS WAS ALL I WAS CONCERNED WITH FOR THE FIRST TWENTY MINUTES.  What a long, drawn-out, dull start.  Though the "construction" phase usually is.  This is why I ordinarily don't start watching until at least four people have gotten kicked off.

The other thing I had to ponder was Gary, the Minnesotan of the bunch whom I am supposed to cheer on for reasons of propinquity, since he's been interviewed by all the local news stations, but whom I find I really don't want to see much more of.  Given that he's an overweight and older man, I figured that was a recipe for "first booted."  I'm disappointed he wasn't, but more later.  He's personable, sure, but he looks so out of his element.  Yes, I KNOW he has all kinds of rural skillz, but he just looks lost in the jungle (to say nothing of physical challenges), and it's uncomfortable.

Other themes of this episode: am I nuts, or did they go out of their way to cast dumb people?  So many of them just look so, so vapid and empty-headed.  I feel like I'm going to want to say "numbskull" a lot between now and May.  Checking the website, I think I'd list at least half of these people as "below average intelligence."  I might amend that in future weeks, but for now it stands.  There are also 5 or 6 on the opposite spectrum, who have advanced degrees from prestigious institutions.  Nice dividing line, really.

I really like the whole luxury vs. nothing concept.  I don't watch the Apprentice.  I don't really watch NBC much at all, so I don't even see previews for the Apprentice, and I definitely don't care about borrowed ideas, especially when they're fun.  The only thing I don't like is that the team of annoying people got the Camp of Luxury.  Seriously, out of the whole Moto tribe, I don't like any of them except possibly Cassandra and Stacy.  Okay, I don't really *hate* any of the people (except for Dumboo), I just don't have a high opinion of them.  Although, I know he's on Ravu, but I specifically hate "Rocky."  I already want to bash my head against a wall every time he gets on camera.  So full of himself.  And I hate Mookie simply because that name sends me spinning into Flashbacks of Rage as I remember being forced to endure the torturous film that was Do the Right Thing.  

Wait, so who do I like?  I didn't think I'd be able to have any kind of impressions after just one episode, but my favorite so far is Erica.  She reminds me of someone (oh.  Macy Gray, apparently, only much younger), and even though she's short-tempered and kind of loud and mouthy, I think she's got spunk, and I like that.   I don't remember much about Rita, but the website says she "graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Italian and French Literature," which means I think I could get to like her in a hurry.  Yau-Man is pretty awesome, funny and clever without being...weird like Cao Boi, and I hope they keep him for a while.  I am disappointed that there are no hot guys, at least none that are jumping out at me yet.  Edgardo might grow on me.  I'm undecided about his accent; it's very pronounced and Spanish is not usually among the accents that make me swoon.   But we'll see.

You know, I think that's enough about the reality show.  The chariot race was a sweet new challenge, and I'm glad to see they jumped right in with the puzzles.  You know what wasn't sweet?  WHEN THEY VOTED OUT JESS. *punches walls* I told myself not to get attached to anyone.  I promptly fall in love with Jess anyway; she's just got such a sweet demeanor that she became my instant favorite, moreso than Erica, and then they go and get rid of her.  *viciously hates show*
Grey's: Walk on Water
I really didn't believe they could top last year's bomb episode - but they did.  I had to watch this episode twice.  Twice, the whole way through, to take it all in, that's how incredible it was.  However, I do need to split the episode in good and bad, because...really, it's both.

-Meredith sinking under the bathwater, and Derek yanking her out.  The subsequent scene in the hallway and all those perfect words was really very sweet.  I recognize this.  The scene in the hallway also started out with a paternal vibe, so I have to bring this up again, in the "bad" section.  However, I felt like there was fic potential off the themes introduced in this episode - her listlessness, how he described her being "like a ghost," the way he's warm and wants to be open, but while she's hurting over her mother she cools off and shuts him out...hell, even the connection between the beginning and the end. 

-Randomly...Meredith was wearing a beautiful bubblegum pink turtleneck.

-Addison in the elevator.  Dear GOD, Addison in the elevator.  That is going in my top 5 moments for the *year.*  That is why I want her to be Chief.  She was doing some great work channeling Bailey.  Like a mare dominating a herd of geldings (for purposes of this analogy, set aside the fact that those men are very much studs), she put the other attendings SOUNDLY in their places.  I normally reserve my swooning for men, but that speech made me weak in the knees for its sheer awesomeness.  "He.  Is.  Alone.  All alone!  Do any of you even know what that's like?  I don't expect you to understand, lives-with-Cristina/dates-the-perfect-12-year-old/man-whore.  His wife left him.  After 25 years of marriage, so if the man wants to dye his hair, we're going to respect that.  Leave him be."

-Bailey's horror that Callie is attempting to discuss her sex life with her.  SEE?  Cristina's not the only one squicked out by that.  Callie is way too willing to share the intimate details of her bedroom with anyone she happens across.  Have you noticed that?  It's getting a little ooky.  So thank you, Bailey, for calling a moratorium on that.  "Stop!  Right there, I don't need to know that! ...your sex life cannot be held in my mind today -- EVER!  It cannot be held in my mind ever.  Never."

-Fire on the ferry, courtesy of being rammed by another boat.  Now THAT is a creative use of location.  And they did make that scene look truly horrific.  Smoke billowing from the boat, a hectic mass of victims and emergency workers, and a tarp full of shrouded bodies.  That last one was more chilling than anything, I think.  I kept having flashbacks to one of the most emotionally troubling horse stories ever, Stormy, Misty's Foal in which people boat along Assateague Island, marking groups of drowned ponies in the aftermath of a hurricane.

-I'm not kidding about the fic.  When they were all staring in shock as they arrived on the scene?  All I was doing was sitting there thinking FIC!  FIC!  I want word-art stories to define the thoughts and emotions running through all the characters in this episode 3-part arc.  Do it right and it could be spectacular.  I'd do it myself, but I'm not in the characters' heads enough to write for them.  So yes, for the first time in my life I'll be frequenting the GA section of the Pit.

-Alex rescuing the pregnant woman.  I WAS impressed with his efforts there.  Though it irks me a little bit that these women always reach out to him like he's some kind of savior...I mean, if it were McDreamy leaning over me, sure, I'd cling.  Or, say, John Carter.  Hell, even George's earnest expression would probably make me feel safe.  But Alex?  Seriously?  The man always looks like he's smirking, even when he's being heroic.

-The shell-shocked little girl.  She's traumatized almost past the point of emotion. My personal bet is that she watched someone die, possibly a relative.  And I absolutely love Meredith taking care of her, and later on getting her to be the helper.  That was amazing.  And I love the way the girl just wandered off in the end - I think that's what really made my bet, the way she seems to take for granted that people will keep leaving her and not come back. 

-Meredith getting knocked into the water at the end!  Now THERE'S a good scenario.  And no, I don't mean because I want her dead, but because I think this is going to lead to one hell of a good scene later between her and Derek, especially given that Derek's already worried something's happened to her since she never showed up with the girl.  And I know I can't stand Mer-Der, but I still kind of want to try, so...ugh, I'm so confused.    

-I want to like Derek and Meredith.  Especially after this ep, I want to.  So bad it physically hurts.  But I just can't.  Addison didn't help matters by calling her "the perfect 12 year old."

-Sydney.  Really.  She's not funny.  Just annoying.

-Izzie's trapped-under-a-car patient.  I couldn't even sit through those scenes once.  I've had enough of Izzie looking flustered and panicky to last me a lifetime. 

-The idiot woman refusing surgery until her son was found. I couldn't believe no one pointed out to her that there was an increasing likelihood that she could be DEAD by or before the time her son was found, and then where would the boy be?  But I did like George in this part.  His hair has grown out again!  It would be easier to appreciate if I didn't hate him for being married.  To Callie.  Ew.

-Please, please, PLEASE cut the crap with Addison/Alex already.

-I feel like the whole side story with Burke & Cristina and him telling people about their engagement before she told kind of a waste of time and characters.  I mean, honestly, who cares?  It seems like it's just going to blow over with no real harm done, so why even try to make it an issue?

-What was wrong with the pregnant woman's face??  It reminded me of that ep last year with all the plastic surgery patients...
ER: Dying is Easy...
This was one of those episodes where I was fast-forwarding a lot.  Say, through every scene involving actual patient care, as said patients were extra annoying tonight.
I watched the medical board yammer at Pratt; the outcome was pretty much what I expected - after careful review, put on probation with a community service mandate.   Too tired to get into an uproar about prescription drugs just now.  I watched Sam mull over what to do with Alex, which was also par for the course - school for troubled kids?

Then I watched Sam break up with Ben, which ticked me off more than I expected it to.  It's just...even though I barely paid him a second glance, Ben seemed like the World's Most Patient Guy, who could have waited through anything.  He didn't need attention lavished upon him.  She could have focused on Alex and still had time for him.  Sam's inability to maintain stable relationships irritates me.  Why do all these fantastic men want to date her, anyway?  She should come with a label, "warning: neurotic and unpredictable."  My Sam love is starting to wane.  Gates now officially has the 4th corner in my Top Tier with Luka, Abby and Neela.

Speaking of Gates, loved every scene tonight.  For starters, he got a haircut and yet he still looks as good as he did before.  But that's shallow and unimportant compared to seeing him back in Uncle Jesse Tony mode.  There must have been 3 or 4 scenes with Sarah, each of them comparatively brief but put together, beautiful.  I shiver with glee every time he kisses her hair,  and I don't even have words to describe my reaction to the sound of his oh so understanding voice on the phone, "I told you you didn't have to go to school...yes, I'll come pick you up."  And getting to see him  do just that, even though there was no dialogue and the snippet was only 20 seconds long, underscored the importance of their relationship, their connection.

He and Neela are definitely not going to work out.  Their lone scene tonight was rife with tension and uncomfortable to watch, so that ship has sailed sunk. On the one hand, that leaves it open for Neela/Ray - ew, yuck.  But on the other, it makes it more likely that Sarah will continue to live with him, and oh, how I hope.

And the last scene - what a last scene!!  Look, I was really kind of joking when I suggested that Luka would offer a second marriage proposal.  But hot diggity damn, we got just that.  Or actually, Abby asked him.  To ask her again.  I couldn't STAND her patient so I don't know exactly what prompted her change of heart.  I really don't care, because the end result was grins all around and I now feel that they're safe forever more.  Perhaps even untouchable...another Doug & Carol?   I just jinxed it, didn't I.
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