RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"You know who else ships them? The camera."

Quote courtesy of youcallitwinter , although pretty much all of will_rachel  is having a spazz right now.

Fact 1: I was not really looking forward to the Madonna episode of Glee.

Fact 2: Fact 1 is rendered null and void due to the existence of the TV Guide cover/photo shoot.  Why do I not yet have a subscription to this beautiful magazine that is always, constantly, incessantly featuring articles about my favorite things? 

Fact 3: I am still way more excited and over-anticipated for Lost than for Glee tonight.  Even though there is actually not that much about any given episode of Lost that thrills me, it has somehow become the highlight of my week. 

Opinion 1: Really, 24?  Really?

Opinion 2: I have no idea when this is coming out, possibly never, but Office Tally showed up with a trailer for a movie starring Jenna Fischer - the first one of hers that doesn't look completely terrible - so I am doing the skippy dance of joy as a result.

The question now is how it will compare to Away We Go.  Worse, I'm pretty sure, but at least she has a better costar than Krasinski did (not much better, but nobody I specifically hate).  And more to the point, after five seconds of this, I'm pretty sure I went 'bam, AU where Pam married Roy, GO.'  So I've got multiple platforms working for me here.  

P.S. Curses!  Ausiello's scary, no-one-will-see-it-coming season finale death blind item does apply to one of my shows.  And it is one on which I like a shockingly high percentage of characters!  ODDS: BAD. 
Tags: 24, glee, movies, speculation

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