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CSI: Law of Gravity
Last week, when I saw the previews for this ep, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I honestly didn't even have time to miss Grissom before suddenly he was back!  Possibly due to the fact that out of 4 episodes he was supposed to be "gone," he had scenes in two of them and sent a gift in another...but oh well.

(but) It would have defeated the purpose of shielding the unspoiled by using a cut if I'd written "THEY KILLED KEPPY!"   ;)

Anyone who doesn't read YTDAW spoilers, you don't know what you're missing.  Aside from the fact that I keep quoting things here.  Anyway, the accompanying commentary is fantastic.  I absolutely loved this post of Gibby's back in December, regarding this episode:

"Keppler, however, is like Season 1 Grissom. If Season 1 Grissom had a FUCKED UP PAST! Okay, as of Law of Gravity, we will know more about Michael Keppler than we do Sara Sidle. Keppy's dead ex-girlfriend haunts his dreams. Scary, scary dreams. Dreams that will not feel at all out of place for a guy who has starred in three Scream flicks. While Keppy, Nick, and sometimes Warrick work the case of a dead escort and the cop who was with her, Jack McCarty pops up here and there. As far as father figures go on CSI, I think it's safe to say that Papa Stokes > Matt Phelps > Philip Gerard > Sam Braun > Jack McCarty.

By the end of this episode, Sam Braun may start to resemble Ward Cleaver."

I found myself enjoying this episode far, far more than I ever expected to.  Jack McCarty ended up being extraordinarily evil and creepy.  Evil and creepy on a level not entirely unlike the dentist in "Sweet Jane."  I couldn't believe I ended up liking Keppler.  I knew he was going to die, but it still somehow shocked the hell out of me, and I'm a little bit distraught over his death. 

Catherine had quite the little crush on Keppler, didn't she?  No, I will not play nice and go along with the friendship camp.  Not that I don't believe people can be that distraught over a friend (I see no paralells to Kate & Jack!), but I swear there was a spark of something more.  Not just flirting, though there was that, but something deeper, based on admiration and respect.  I loved his final nigh-suicidal phone call to Cath, who rightfully panicked and relayed it to Grissom - and I love the fact that he didn't pick up on that at all, and brushed it off.  "He's not your priority."  I think that played a big role in the way he looked at the end, just a little twinge of guilt on his face.  There's also this beautiful moment in his expression where he goes from looking simply empathetic and a little taken aback at a colleague's death, to looking at her and realizing OH, God, you two were really friends.  That's the moment where he pulls a Mac Taylor and swiftly puts his arm around her shoulders, lending support.  No hesitation.  And when they said there was no pulse, Keppler was gone...I wanted to blubber right along with Catherine.  Marg was doing a beautiful job with emotion tonight; her wobbly "What??" cut right through me.  And when Grissom keeps his arm around the tearful woman and quietly escorts her away from the truck, cue my own wobbly lip.  The ending was tragic and heartbreaking, but that was a beautiful display of their friendship.  I get so bogged down in the GSR v. Grillows mudslinging wars that I have a tendency to forget he and she have a long, solid history of being there for each other.

Now if only Horatio Caine were here to rage at the paramedics and order them to keep working.  Good thing Delko didn't get shot in Vegas.

Quick question: Anyone know what that mournful trumpet solo that played whenever Keppler went into flashback mode was?  Prominent during the scene where he's cutting into the turkey (right before Wendy approaches him about the butt implants)... The melody sounds sounds familiar to me, but that could be all those years of band songs jumbled up in my brain.  Just wondered if was something more than background music.   Okay, other things about this episode:

GSR scene: Um.  Little weird? Grissom has this crazy-excited grin on his face as he advances on her down the hallway, and she backs up more and more quickly until she's practically running away from him.  Ostensibly it's because she just got back from a garbage dump, smells awful, and really doesn't want him around her when she's all nasty like that.  Which I could buy, except for the fact that Grissom seemed oblivious to that fact.  That was the point which made it uncomfortably like George & Callie a couple of episodes back in Grey's Anatomy, making G seem almost predatory.  It was nice that they mentioned the cocoon (now thriving in a terrarium).  Although I am confused - I wasn't aware that cocoons could survive through winter; I thought it was some frozen/preserved-by-cold specimen he'd found.   But I don't know a great deal about bugs.  And apparently there are several species which require long exposure to cold weather in order to hatch in spring.   ANYWAY.  It could have been worse, I suppose.  That could have been Sara's only scene in the episode.  Oh, wait.
Speaking of which, where in hell's my Greg? I am greedy!  There is never enough Greg!  Except in Fannysmackin' and Post Mortem.  But even if I wasn't greedy, one 30-second scene is ridiculous. 

But!  Nick holding the baby!  AW!  I do not like babies, as a general rule.  Certainly not in real life.  But on TV, provided they're sitting quietly, they automatically up the cute factor of any character holding them.  Nick's such a sweetie!  That man needs to find himself a wife ASAP, so they can purchase a house with a big yard and a Golden Retriever and start raising kids.  He's such a classic all-American kind of guy, I can't believe he doesn't have any of the above yet.

And finally, Warrick's role increased this week...his scenes were *good*, lots of nice, easy rapport with Grissom.  They're really of one mind; I love that.  Grissom was incredibly light and cheerful this whole episode, really - meeting Keppler, joking about "avoiding the paperwork and mail" on his desk, etc.  Speaking of which, best quote of the night:
Warrick: Oh, I'm just following a lead off some serialized butt implants.
Grissom: I missed Las Vegas.

My only real complaint about the episode is the final scene where they find the hand - I always think the episode is over when it pulls away on an aerial shot of the parking lot filled with law enforcement & emergency personnel, and suddenly it cuts back to a pre-sunset moment with Warrick and Nick.  It feels very tacked on, disruptive.  I think it would have been a better editing choice to cut that scene and simply change it so that we saw Keppler leave the phone and and the hand there, letting us draw our own conclusions.
1) If there's going to be a Last Series Standing competition at Fandom Talk, which is already down to 3, Numb3rs is going to win.  Spy doesn't seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere, for which I'm grateful.  Even if, due to an addled ISP, there were no captioned pictures last week.
2) Note to self: stop watching taped shows right before you go to sleep, when you're so tired you can barely keep your eyes open.  It makes anything less than a stellar episode go from average to horrifically dull and uninteresting.  And this was darn sure no stellar episode.

 We've seen that cop before, haven't we?  I forget which are recurring characters and which are just people who like to play law enforcement roles on every show they can, but I think he's recurring.  He's also irritating.  Not unlike Millie, who continues to have expertise in every field, ever.  When Alan asked if she knew any good lawyers, I was fully expecting her to say "Yeah.  Me," and bust out her law degree and California Bar license.  Even Amita was grating on my nerves this week, as I neither knew what 'chairing a committee' meant, nor precisely why it was stressing her out.  She's feeling undermined because people are gossiping about her relationship with Charlie?  I know you don't believe me, but you really don't have to be ashamed about that.  It's not like you stole him away from a wife somewhere.  Okay, he was your professor but you were not dating or doing anything else with him at the time, so that shouldn't have any bearing on your relationship NOW.

To make this ep just a little bit worse, Liz Warner was back and I still can't stand her.  Come to think of it, I don't think I have anything nice to say about this episode at all other than that David was in it, and I really shouldn't have to be grateful just to see him.  The cop's cold-case storyline could have been interesting, but the supporting characters rubbed me the wrong way too much for that to work.  In conclusion: Not so good for a sweeps ep, not so good at all.
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