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I think I've resorted to autopilot at this point.  I don't even know what I'm saying, it just seems important to post these before new episodes of them roll in.  Which means I've stayed up way too late and this trend of exhaustion will continue. 

Glee, 1x16, "Home"
See now, this I liked in so many more ways.  (Even though it was full of Kurt.  I don't know, despite my normally incessant desire to light him on fire, sometimes he has this weird ability to not drive me criminally insane.  I think pretty much as long as he doesn't interact with or comment on Rachel in any way, we're on tolerable terms.)   

1. I don't remember Emma being in this episode.  No wonder I had such a good week.  Puck seemed mute again too.  
2. Finn made me tear up approximately 27 times as he alternately raged and wept about traces of the father he never knew being erased.  He is honestly just the sweetest thing.  I wish this had gotten a little less focus, because April was clearly more important, but when we focused on the Hudson instead of the Hummel half of the equation, it had some legs.  I liked the awkward guy bonding at the end, too.   

3. Still, even Kurt made me feel a little bit sad.  He's all cocky and self-confident and Rachel-bashing in his element, when I hate him, but shift one little thing and he tailspins into tears of sympathetic hurt and rejection.  I like him when he's vulnerable, basically.  And I like his dad.  "Suddenly I'm not the guy who sat through Riverdance 3 years in a row?"     

4. "Nothing but a washed-up deamer.  That's all I'll ever be." That is both the saddest and my favorite April quote to date.

5.  APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL.  Remember when I half-jokingly said that I shipped her & Will a little?  And remember last week when I said I needed to drum up a new cache of daydreams because I didn't know what other wishes they could possibly grant me?  Oh, here's something useful: Will & April can share a bed for the night.  No sex, just sleeping.  JACKPOT.  Even if she kept him awake by kicking him all night long.  I'm still going to pretend that handhold happened in some capacity, difficult as it is to discern where fantasy ends and reality starts in that weird singing sequence.

Hey, Will, if you were that uncomfortable, you could have slept on the sofa.  I'm just saying. Clearly a subconscious little part of you wanted to stay with her.  Maybe it was just the part of you that's terrified of being alone, but I really don't care, because it still counts.  Innocent bed-sharing, that is so high up on the idealistic daydream chart.    

6. Wait, you know what's even higher?  A randomly paternal forehead kiss whilst tucking her into her makeshift sofa bed.  What is that, I don't even know, but I love it more than anything ever since Jesse & Idina Menzel showed up.  This is the kind of moment where the show earns its name! 

[Edit: Oh, Self!  Don't forget the bonus hugging at the end!  One day I will articulate why I like the chemistry between the two of them so much, and only half of the answer will be 'Will is a bigger ladies' man than The Doctor.']

7. I find I like this series so much more before the first song kicks in.  I can't even skip most of them because there's so much being acted out during the song and, and, argh, at least Cold Case confines this nonsense to the last 3 minutes of an episode!  Was vastly underwhelmed by everything, and that is not how I want to feel about Chenoweth + Morrison's voices meeting again in harmonious union (I was so excited when I heard "Heart of Glass" in the background!  And then it turned into...whatever that boredom was.  Roller skating duets do not make up for anything!).  Shame, as "One Less Bell to Answer" sounds like it could have been amazing all on its own, particularly if sung by Will alone.

8. Okay, fine, I was just really super fond of him picking up the photo of him & Terri.  Due to the delicious lack of Emma this hour, I feel free to ignore the part where he then put it in a drawer, or at least spin this whole context on its head to pretend it's a world where Terri left him. 

9. "Beautiful" was decent, I guess.  Although I don't understand why anyone would voluntarily raise their hand in a crowded auditorium to admit that they've ever felt ugly/unwanted.  Oh, and, remind me again why the glee members are outcasts when they can get the entire school to stand up, applaud and/or sing a song of empowerment together?  Or does that fall under Hypnotic Cheerio Power and not count?

9. Overall, I definitely do not enjoy losing Rachel's perspective.  But I do very much enjoy that Jesse spent the entire episode with his arms around her, whenever we did get glimpses of them.  My brain is still glazed over with joy.  Is he supposed to be evil?  Because my brain will not accept this fact, and continues to bask in their excessive physical affection.

10. Quinn/Mercedes bonding!  I like this new and softer side of Quinn.  She's so sweet here, speaking to Mercedes with tones appropriate to use on a 5-year-old, this is the first inkling I've had that I might not mind her as a single teen mom.  I didn't feel much of anything for Mercedes, because it's pretty hard to swallow her manufactured "how did I become this person?" woe when she's been starving herself for all of, like, 2 days.  You brought this on yourself, idiot. 

11. Artie/Tina existed!  On the sidelines, but at least they were having lunch together.

12. Gross.  I did not need to hear that Sue's a "visionary."  So close to exposing her for the horrible creature she is, and again snatched away from me!  This is like watching Grossell not get voted out every week on Survivor for two horrible seasons in a row.  Except this will go on even longer.

Conclusion: I didn't get a chance to watch it twice, but it's vying for favorite of the last 3, and would rank on the higher end of everything put together, I think.  I just want to snuggle it.  And yet, I think this is the shortest post I've made about Glee since the last time April rolled into town...weird. 

The Office, "Body Language"
Aw, that just had everything, didn't it?  Jim/Pam!  Ryan/Kelly!  Kelly having the biggest starring role she's had in about three seasons!  Michael and Donna dragged it down horribly, but the rest was golden.

-Seriously, do I even have to acknowledge Donna as a person?  She's less of a waste of space than Isabelle, but that's sort of like saying an apartment complex wastes less space than a McMansion.  They're both eyesores. 

-JIM & PAM, FRONT AND CENTER; BRAIN, DANGER OF EXPLODING, IN.  I really do not know what to say about this.  I was bent in half from cringeing, wondering how big of an idiot Pam would make herself sound in this joint presentation that was clearly going to go horribly wrong and be all her fault.  Her early jokes were not encouraging.  She used to have a legitimate sense of humor, right?  That's why she and Jim were so much fun to watch in season 2?  Okay, from now on, whenever I dislike something Pam does, I will blame it on baby brain/lack of sleep. 

Thankfully, Michael showed up to ruin it for them instead, and divert their attention to something much more fun for me: fighting!  Not actual fighting, as I'm not sure they're capable of being mad at the same time, but close enough for me to run with Jim having a mild conniption fit over everything she said.  "WHAT?" Doors were slammed (well, closed with a certain amount of force).  I used the phrase "Fighting is sexy!" in my notes and I don't know what that means, but I'm pretty sure it's still true.

-And then we referenced the early days of their relationship some more (I will never tire of people acknowledging it.  Not even when those people are Michael.  "Well, maybe you shouldn't try to kiss people at work."  "Oh, REALLY, Jim?  What about Pam?  And you did a heck of a lot more than kiss."), with bonus reference to Jim visiting her desk 15 times a day.  You remember that wonderful desk she had, currently being controlled by a bubble-headed dimwit making my Office life miserable?

-I got a kick out of the scene with Erin repeatedly attempting to break into the conversation, and Dwight repeatedly repelling her as she was squeezed out of the frame.  It was like a live-action version of what my brain does to her while I'm trying to enjoy this series.

-I've never seen Pam look as close to murder as she did when Angela dissed Cece.  REALLY, Angela?  I love you, but even I can't condone that.  Not within earshot of the parents, anyway.

-Speaking of expressions, I need a GIF of Jim's reaction to Pam spoiling the effect of a whole room full of people urging Michael to quit pursuing Donna already.  It's this marvelous combination of eye-rolling and general flailing that takes place in the space of one second flat, and it cracks me up.

-KELLY!  KELLY, HEARTS AND FLAILING, I LOVE HER SO MUCH.  I love everything about her, from her gorgeous traditional clothing to her general enthusiasm to the AWESOME potential of a Ryan/Kelly power play, to her schooling Dwight like a master puppeteer at the end.  Where did that ruthless side even come from?  Has she managed to learn a thing or two from dating Ryan after all?  Don't know, don't care.  What I really want to know is why Ed Helms is in the credits instead of Mindy Kaling, because in one episode Kelly's been more interesting than Andy has in his entire career at Dunder-Mifflin.

-My new favorite Dwight quote: "Just once, I would like to be a puppetmaster and have nothing go wrong."

P.S. Seriously, if you do not do something with the Scranton Strangler by the end of the season, I'll strangle you myself.   
I haven't mentioned Survivor in what feels like a billion years, and that's because I'm spoiled and it's not fun anymore.  I hate watching everything happen for the Villains in such a perfect and perfectly insane series of coincidences that you could not have scripted it better.  Literally, it is like someone is writing a novel this season, and just when you think there is no possible way it will work out for the protagonist (who in this case is misnamed, as it's Grossell and he's horrible) and his friends, he manages to find a way you never would have thought possible.  It really sucked watching Parvati laugh and cackle over JT's letter last week.  I knew there was a reason she was a loathsome human being.

And this week - Candice!!  Argh, I have loved her the whole way through, but now I just want to knock her on the head with a coconut.  I tried to see it from her perspective, but I see no benefit to her flipping.  It doesn't move her any higher in the tribe, no matter what Russell says, and she should know that due to the fat that SHE JUST WATCHED JT VOTE HIMSELF OUT OF THE GAME BECAUSE HE TRUSTED RUSSELL.  The proof is right there!  Staring her in the face!  How do you willfully believe otherwise?

What I really wanted to mention this week, though, was the reward.  Dude - not only did you win it by playing Shuffleboard (and what a sweet break from the sadistic novel, to have Colby take Russell down at the last moment), but it was A VISIT TO A HISTORIC MUSEUM.  Robert Louis Stevenson's house-turned-museum, to be specific.  And they didn't even appreciate it.  That just killed me.  You know, when they have all these lame rewards to do scary things like rafting, or have feasts with the locals and watch/participate in native dancing or something, that's a stupid reward.  That's the kind of reward you actively try not to win.  But this was one of the best things Survivor has ever dangled.

And, er, granted, I probably would not be too interested in a black-and-white movie, but look at where you're watching it!  I have to go into an AU where they got to shower and put on clean clothes first, but otherwise, stretching out in a bed with popcorn & pals seems like the perfect way to unwind.  I'm just sorry that idyllic scene was ruined by an idol clue catfight.

It was quite fun watching Jerri win immunity, though!  She's become kind of adorable.  That twist made a nice break from the sadistic novel too, because if I ever have to hear Grossell gloat about winning immunity...well.  It'll be worse than the realization that Parvati now holds the title of "person who has spent the most time on Survivor," and that fact is downright depressing.
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