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I've re-fallen in love with the Glee soundtrack, specifically last episode's music ( I spent two hours with "Turn around, bright eyes" humming through my head at work last night), and cannot wait to get my hands on a physical CD.  Thinking about breaking my rule that even refurbished rap songs are not allowed on my Music List, because I cannot stop listening to their interpretations of MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice.  And howling with laughter.  I can't believe how happy these tunes make me.  May have downloaded "Bust a Move" to complete my descent into madness.  "Gold Digger" may or may not be next. 

In more respectable news, I recently learned that the full version of "Leavin' On a Jet Plane" is not a mere fantasy in my head, but actual reality!  It's the highlight of my week so far, better than I ever imagined. 
The Office
Mediocre.  It turns out that while it's extremely refreshing to get away from the suffocating Erin/Andy storyline, mostly as it means Jim & Pam get to be the romantic leads again, there's a reason Andy was my least favorite character until she came along.  In this particular instance I suppose he didn't aggravate me, but Darryl is not one of the background characters that needs more screen time.

But Jim and Pam, HOW PRECIOUS ARE THEY?  This is officially my favorite cold open of the season.  How many times do you have to watch something before it gets weird?  I'm approaching that territory.  It's just, I love everything from the fierce keyboard tapping to "Jim, are you clicking a detonator?" to the intense 3-way blinking, and when Jim spares a wink for the camera, certain internal organs of mine sustained damage.

Dwight: Stop it!
Jim: Stop what?
Dwight: You're talking about me in Morse code.  Well, you know what, joke's on you, 'cause I know Morse Code.  Hah!
Jim: Yeah.  That's what we're doing.  With our very limited free time, and with our very limited budget, we went and got a nanny, and we went out and took a class on a very outmoded and very unnecessary form of communication, just so we could talk about you in front of you.
Jim TH: Yep.  That's *exactly* what we did.

Other brief highlights:
+ If this doesn't already exist on MTT, I would really appreciate it if someone with experience in either hiring or being a nanny would write me fic in which they interview potential candidates.  That's the sort of thing I think about in my free time.

+ I love Jim trying to repress the memory of Michael dating Pam's mom after she dredged it back up.

+ Two joint TH's in the same episode!!
Pam: Okay - heart-shaped jewelry is not something a woman buys for herself [I BEG TO DIFFER].  A man definitely bought it for her recently, and it wasn't Michael.
Jim: Wait, so - you like heart-shaped jewelry, right?
Pam: No.  [oops!] ...except for the pendant that you bought me, which I LOVE.

+ "...yes.  Yes, I desperately want to speak with you about my sex life with Jim."  What has been heard cannot be unheard.  Which does not stop me from trying to block out the first part and let the last five words stand much more happily on their own.

+ I thought it was a cute callback that Michael turned "okay, weirdo" back on her. 

+ Kelly and her fabulous knowledge of all malls in the greater Scranton area!  Plus a brief shot of Jim & Pam sharing lunch, which is the sort of scene I miss.

+ When did Ryan have two girlfriends?!  How is that we knew every excruciating detail of Angela's two boyfriends, but for this I get nothing?  However, I love how Ryan makes his appeals about the diner straight to the camera rather than the people he's actually in the room with and talking to.

+ I'm not sure I feel about the fact that the camera also cuts him off in the middle of his TH, mostly as I don't know which camera guy to blame...the fictional ones or TPTB.

+ Did you notice that Gabe eats like a squirrel?  If Angela did not already have a reputation as the office mattress and a pregnancy contract with Dwight, I'd think they should get together and have uptight, socially awkward babies who fortunately split their parents' height difference.

The first thing I thought of, when I saw their reward challenge, was that magnificent video clip with James on Fans vs. Favorites.  "Damn, that would suck!  OH, BITCH.  *splash*"  Two years later, I promise it is still one of the most hilarious things in the history of the show.  *giggles uncontrollably*

Hate that Parvati won it a second time.  Am, however, glad to see Candace get the boot.  Good riddance, you deserved it.  Danielle, not so much,  but the riddance is welcome all the same.  I'm irked that Russell's two-timing lies were exposed by people comparing stories and he STILL got his way, but it's also pretty much six-of-one at this point as to who I hate more, him or Parvati, so anything to bust up that trio is okay by me.  I'm also content with the fact that even if he makes the final 3 - and he might, I don't know; I can only remember two of the people there - this jury hates him even more than his first jury did.

[Edit: Wow, haha, I just forgot that Jerri was even still in this game.  Literally forgot.  I'm too busy being dazzled by the fact that Colby is still somehow there despite having given up on approximately day 5, or how Sandra has magic almost as potent as Russell's for keeping all the heat completely off her back.  The narrow escape through the chute right before merge was as close as she ever came to trouble.]

And I appreciate that at least I didn't have to see too much of Russell crowing about winning immunity...this was a really exciting episode.  I love that Rupert was actually able to fool them - and by them I mean Grossell, hook line and sinker - about the HI!  Which Sandra has!  God, the way this episode deviated from the ponderous novel script was remarkable.  One of the few truly entertaining hours in the season. 

Ghost Whisperer, 5x20, Blood Money.

That's what I like to see!  Terrifying haunted-barn openings that rival any good horror movie in the last ten years.  Per usual, I'm frustrated by the way this show's entire MO is to set up a brilliant platform that weakens at the halfway point and completely falls apart like wet tissue when it's time to temporarily reunite the ghosts with their loved ones, but...most of this was really good.  I didn't suspect the detective until I saw the fresh holes inside the barn.  Pity, I was just getting used to the idea of them having a friend on the police force. 

Oh, and I liked last week's nanny episode too, just because Erin Cahill (I finally learned her name!  previously known to me as Stomach Cancer Girl on Grey's Anatomy, or Ted Mosby's sister) turns everything she touches to gold.

Full of impatience for the finale!  Want major showdowns and mytharc advancement, yes-yes.

Medium, 6x20, "Time Keeps On Slippin'"
You know how people always complain that shows go on "too long," and I counter that shows should always go on as long as possible, because even at a level of 90% crap, if there is one gold nugget per extra season, the entire count is worth it?  This is one of those episodes that makes the show, whose cancellation I have recently recommended, worth it enough for me to want season 7.

It plays with what is essentially my favorite non-fandom daydream in the world (for which I blame "The Family Man"): what if you woke up tomorrow, and it was 10 years later?  And you suddenly had your own family, but no memories of them or how you got there, and you had to figure out how to rebuild your life from this new position?  Ariel, still her 16-year-old self, spent the episode doing just that; hello time of my life!

The only drawback was that I figured out the killer way too early - like, as soon as she said 'mother of your own son' I knew it was a lover, I suspected him, and the second time they played that scene I recognized his eyes for sure.  Which made it harder to completely indulge myself in the fantasy.  And it was a good fantasy, darn it.  Can I wake up in a life where I have a handsome and loving husband, plus an adorable 5-year-old daughter with a head of curly hair?  I'll even risk his potential to have a murderous past.

I liked everything about it, from him agreeing that her parents generally have a better handle on this stuff - oh, and you know what else was great about this episode, fixing everybody's hair!  Allison got the longer wig back for the future, and Joe's hair in general appears to have grown back to acceptable lengths - to the slightly awkward bedtime scene.  Put on a shirt and sleep in a different bed, yes, those sound like good ideas!  The almost-kiss after Ariel shares her one memory of the two of them was sweet, too.  I wish she hadn't turned away at the last minute, but I suppose to her eyes he looked 10 years older and a little more grown-up than she was prepared for?

How cute/heartbreaking was it to watch her trying to tuck her daughter into bed, using stilted phrases like "good night, Darling" in attempt to play her new role right ("You mean good night, Panda Bear!").  Love!  Love all over the place!  I knew he'd wind up killing her at the end, but even that section with charged with incredible emotion.  Once you kill her mother, all bets are off.

Oh, and the teaser!  I love when Joe gets involved breaking up squabbles (in this case, little ones hollering at Ariel to come out of the bathroom...and then dream sequence, because Ariel is suddenly 80 years old).

Pity that doing the right thing and saving her favorite teacher's life resulted in said teacher being fired, and for all I know arrested on statutory rape charges.  SIGH.  Oh, cute teacher, why couldn't you just keep that highly illegal relationship to yourself?  And you, cute AP boy, why couldn't you keep it in your pants?  You were the only boy in Ariel's life I've actually liked!

I'm doing a horrible job explaining myself, so just know that this is by far my new favorite of the season, in my all-time Top 20, and I'll be applying this memory-loss scenario to, oh, I don't know, every single other one of my ships.  Hurrah for a new daydream playground!  This could be fodder for a month.

And maybe one day, just once, Ariel will meet a nice boy who is not involved with criminal activity in any way.  At this rate, she probably has enough for a book deal or at least a blog..."Tales From a Teenage Medium: you think your high school dating experience was tough?"

Oh, and I forgot to mention - last week's episode, "Sal," was really good too.  It felt a little disjointed, like it was supposed to be continued to wrap up the loose ends but then never was, but I loved both Marie and Ariel having their own central storylines.  Marie's was better,  because she's an adorable little scamp (and resourceful, fishing a gun out of a storm drain and riding off with it in her cute pink bike basket!), but Ariel's had what's-his-name, Richard from Ally McBeal, who is apparently most fun while playing ghosts. 

Not sure why Ariel couldn't have just done what he asked, though.  He's one of the rare ghosts that was willing to do a HUGE favor, and not screw you over, for very minimal work.  That he even helped you accomplish, making sure she didn't get caught in the act.  But no, you had to get your screwy morals in a twist - who did that help, really? NO ONE - so that he turned against you and made sure you didn't get to go to your dream school.  Sigh.  But at least we got to see more of Ariel's best friend, whom I love, as she is the last person with beautiful hair left on this show.  That, and she's funny and plucky in general, much more entertaining than Scanlon or Devalos. 

P.S. Was on Wikipedia to look up the titles, checked out summaries for last two episodes, next week already looked awesome but I'm worried about the finale.  It seems cliff-hangery.  I would think that after last season's narrow rescue, they could ease up on the cliffhangers?  Numb3rs did!  Be like Numb3rs!  And just because I said they PROBABLY wouldn't rip out more than one of their long-running Friday night shows at a time, and especially wouldn't break up the Spirit of Friday Night, especially after they made a big public show of saving it, doesn't mean your comeback is guaranteed! 
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