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Because I Want To.

(And I'm bored until Monday.  And I'm putting off writing thoughtful, detailed reviews for people who deserve much better than "that was great," because that requires energy)

Even though I doubt I'll get any responses at all, it amuses me.  My MP3 player is freshly charged and ready to play, and the lyrics of my songs tend to come with substance, or so I think.

Rules for player A: put player on shuffle and post first line (or 2) of 25 songs.  Objective for whoever wants to play: name as many lines by song & artist as possible, without the help of Google.  Strikethrough when people guess. 

To make this game even more fun for myself, if/when songs are guessed correctly I'll add a line in italics about how it got on my playlist in the first place.  :) If not guessed, I'll complete it in a week anyway, because this is my version of the game and I'm altering it as I go along.

1. Blind soul, lost in Chicago/She fell asleep under a bridge
Pennyless - Plumb.  I was browsing around random Xangas one day, and I landed on a site where this was playing as background music.  It was so pretty I almost started crying, and I scoured the internet for days until I could find a place to buy the track for myself.
2. I watch the morning dawn across your skin
Now or Never - Josh Groban. The lyrics in this are lovely; it's my favorite song off his album "Awake"
3. Down to the earth I fell, with dripping wings
Tonight and the Rest of My Life - Nina Gordon.  One of my favorite radio plays in my middle school days; it makes me feel nostalgic and has the added bonus of being a sad song.
4. Prison gates won't open up for me: Savin' Me - Nickelback[info]stunt_muppet
This is the only rock band I really like...this particular song reminds me of my summer job, as it was always on the radio whether we listened to the good mix station or the horrid rock one.  It also reminds me of the promos for season 2 of Prison Break, but I try to block that part out.
5. I pulled out with the mountain laurel blooming
Devotion - Indigo GirlsThis one opens with some cool harmonica music, and it always makes me bob my head.
6. Cigars in the summertime, under the sky by the light
Penny and Me - HansonOne day last winter, I got an urge to hear MMMBop! again.  And while looking for lyrics, I saw this title listed among their songs, so I picked it up.  I love songs with girls' names in the title.
7. Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking
Move Along - The All-American RejectsI blame VH1 for getting me hooked on the music video, with the montage of the lead singer staring into the camera while his shirts/backgrounds change at hyperspeed.
8. She hangs around the boulevard, she's a local girl with local scars: L.A. Song - Beth Hart stunt_muppet
Aw, middle school nostalgia...when I first started listening to the radio...anyway, I'm always drawn to songs about the lonely girls.
9. I was working part time at a five and dime
Raspberry Beret - Prince
Best. Prince song. Ever.  It's not possible to hear this without bobbing your head.
10. So no one told you life was gonna be this way I'll Be There For You - The Remembrandts[info]stunt_muppet
I always did like the Friends theme song, but never heard it in full...then I found a bunch of old kids' music CDs in our house, and there it was.
11. You are my sweetest downfall
Samson - Regina Spektor. This song is responsible for turning me into a CSI:NY fan.  The way it played over a montage of Stella returning home after being attacked there still sends chills down my back.
In the lush Virginia hills, they kept her as long as they could
Virginia - Tori AmosJust love the music.
13. Met her on a Friday afternoon/In a neon Dayglo pink chiffon satin room
Do You Want to Play? - JewelI don't know why, but I adore this song.  It reminds me of a summer bike trip along the Gateway trail, cycling along on a Friday afternoon past woodland and horse pastures.  Gorgeous day, that way.
14. She's miserable, why make everybody miserable too?
Miss Popular - M2MI don't like their second album as much as the first, but this song makes me smile.
15. I'm a very quirky girl, live in front of my TV/A million girls like me
Nothing is Real - Fisher.  I found this song in the week before school started; I had a week living in my single room before anybody else moved into the dorm, and I spent it obsessively writing fanfic.  I love the opening lyrics - it's SO me.
16. The words that you said, they still ring in my head
Bitter End - Dixie ChicksI read a really gorgeous AU CSI oneshot inspired by this song, GSR-centric, so I found the song. Ergo, song always reminds me of story.
17. I couldn't tell you why she felt that way, she felt it every day: Nobody's Home - Avril LaVigne
The first time I heard this, it sounded like me.  And/or my former best friend. That right there would have been enough, but then someone turned it into the most beautiful CSI video ever (GSR friendly but Sara-centric);lyrics and imagery match up like whoa, so now that always comes to mind first.  Which, incidentally, puts me back to summer 2005, in which I became CSI/GSR obsessed.
18. Watch her as she flew, deep within the blue
Annie - Vanessa CarltonThe first time I heard it, I fell in love.  Sad song about a dying girl.
Silence is empty, filled with breaths from mouths that never move no more: All at Sea - Richard Walters jeremybrettfan
*flashes back to one amazing April night, watching CSI Miami - Dead Air* *bawls* No, really, this song instantly shoots me back in time.  Is it sad if that's one of my best memories of the year?  I always feel a little breathless and light-headed when I listen to it; it's a spring night and I'm buried in homework but taking a one-hour break, and it's Marisol and the first actual physical contact between her and Horatio and OKAY STOPPING NOW.
20. Crashed on the floor when I moved in/This little bungalow with some strange new friends: White Houses - Vanessa Carlton [info]stunt_muppet
I really hate the "my first time" verse.  But I love Vanessa Carlton, and everything else about this song is just so lovely, the summertime lyrics and the piano & strings both light and pulsing at the same time, that I can't stop listening to it.
21. She's got the kind of look that defies gravity
Don't Bother - Shakira.  It's not my favorite, but it's hard to find Shakira songs online outside of iTunes - I took whatever I could find.
It's like you're a drug/It's like you're a demon I can't face down
Addicted - Kelly Clarkson. I didn't think I'd like this one much, even though everyone said it was great...then I listened to it, and they were right.  Her voice is lovely on this one; neither a hard rock sound nor a dragging love ballad.
23. Ophelia drowned in the water, crushed by her own weight
Innocence Maintained - Jewel.  This is my favorite song off Jewel's "Spirit" album.  It's all about violence in the world, and how hard it is to escape from it.
24. I haven't ever really found a place that I call home
Life for Rent - DidoTitle track off her second album; song of a wanderer lost in life
25. It's Sunday night, I am curled up in my room
David Duchovny - Bree Sharp.  It's an unofficial X-Phile anthem.  I bought her CD just for this song, which is great.  They never play it on my radio station anymore...BOO.
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