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The gospel changes meaning if you follow John or Mark

Mark Pellegrino, that is, who plays Jacob.  I knew I could use this lyric for a title someday!  Was this week the best week to do so?  Probably not, but I miss having relevant lyrical subject lines for this show.

Lost, 6x15, "Across the Sea"
Remember when I thought Richard's backstory would be dull, but it turned out fairly impressive?  I thought the story of Yin & Yang would be duller, and that's exactly what it was.  That definitely did not need its own episode.  Brief flashbacks would have sufficed.   

Here's what I got out of it:
1) I shouldn't have to suffer  through awkward woman-in-labor scenes when it's not even a character whose pregnancy I have been following.  No matter how pretty she is.

2) Wow, the island has a long history of crazy jungle ladies & baby-snatching.


4) When I saw the magical glowing golden light, I...immediately burst out laughing.  Guffaws.  Sorry, wasn't aware I was watching LEGEND OF THE SEEKER.**  I don't think I can take this show seriously anymore.

**Which I've never actually seen, but I hear it's cheesy fun, I can only presume it has similar special effects.

5) I liked "The Source" better on Doctor Who.  It has a pretty song to go with it and everything.

6) *still laughing at the mystical light*

7) Communion parallels much?

8) Smokey, your friends wouldn't be dead if you'd whined less about demanding to leave this place.  No sympathy, I have no sympathy!  You know how I feel about people who want to travel and aren't content staying within 50-100 miles of where they grew up their whole lives!

9) Back in the real world, everyone seems to be whining that it didn't answer stuff.  I don't know, I thought it answered plenty.  I just think it could have been answered quicker, and while I cannot actually explain what the answers were, they make sense.

10) Finding out that the skeletons belonged Jacob's mother and brother was anti-climatic.  Satisfying, but anti-climatic.  The best part was how they tied the stones into it, which I'd forgotten about, because season 1 was a really long time ago and if they hadn't added in old footage, I probably would have been - no pun intended - lost.

11) The biggest thing I got out of this was, sob, I DON'T WANT JACK TO TAKE OVER JACOB'S STUPID LONELY PLACE. 

12) And I'm still wondering if this was really their master plan from Day 1, or if they've just been sewing it all together as they go along.  I'm impressed either way, to be honest, because they are certainly making it look like there's a master plan.  Generally I prefer when TV shows make it up as they go along because it's more like real life that way, but for this I'll make an exception.

P.S. I'm beginning to feel pangs of desperation at the realization that's there's just one explosive week of material left.  Not true!  Tell me it's not true!  However, I like that they're putting on one last show in the regular time slot and then going out on a massive Sunday conclusion, because I wasn't drawing enough parallels to Survivor lately already.

Glee, 1x18, "Laryngitis"
Better than Lost, but only about half of it was worth watching at all.

A rundown in chronological order, first time I've used that format for this series.

-Puck: "Human garbage.  I should just lay here until the truck comes and let it crush me to death."  You should!  I'm certainly not stopping you.

-The answer to the burning question of whether I find him more or less visually repulsive without his mohawk: "I don't know."  He looks vaguely less scuzzy, but on the other hand, guys with buzzed/shaved heads look worse than bald men.  It's the reason I could never date a guy in the military, despite otherwise finding them appealing in every way. 

+ Magical, spark-filled Will/Rachel chemistry!  This is one of my favorite Rachel scenes ever, between the simple fact that they're having a Serious Conversation alone, and the crazy-eyed intensity of her choir-room-bugging detective work.

-Remember what one of my 5 least favorite ships on this series is?  That's right, "Puck/anyone."  I appreciate that Mercedes spends most of the episode being my mouthpiece (minus describing him as "one of the studliest guys"), but not enough to spend any more text on this.

+ I love how Mr. Schue starts every episode angry and yelling at the kids for a brand new reason.  Especially since it's never his own idea.  Someone whispers in his ear and he's all STRESS ATTACK, RAWR.  Halfway through the hour he forgets about it, and will be all smiles and benevolence again by the end.  UNTIL NEXT WEEK.

+ "Rachel - I think you've lost your voice
."  As we all properly flailed about when this sneak peek first came out, could he BE standing any closer?  Not to mention touching her shoulder.   

[sidebar -- is "The Climb" part of the Glee soundtrack, or is this wimpy version just a throwaway piece?  I'm counting it as a throwaway for now, and numbering the songs whose titles I don't know accordingly]

+ Ooh, I think I like Kurt better dressed this way.  He's got a certain rural charm.

+ What!  Why is Finn with her in the doctor's office?  I want Jesse back!  Go back to granting my improbable wishes, show!  You don't get a week off & Will comfortingly squeezing her shoulder doesn't cut it!  Wouldn't this be so much nicer if Jesse were holding her hand through this?  I'm glad to hear that she still has feelings for him, at least, and is laboring under the willful delusion that he feels the same way.

Hey, I'd like to appreciate that Finn is all about loving Rachel for who she is no matter what, "Why don't you ask your boyfriend?  Oh wait, he's not here!  . . . When are you gonna realize that he's not into you like I am?  You think he's gonna stick around if you can't sing?", Jim/Pam/Roy overtones!, but like everything else on this show his feelings about her have been too inconsistent for that to ring true.  He's practically in the JD category of boyfriend material ["Well, Dr. Dorian, you have me.  You finally have me." // OH MY GOD, I DON'T WANT HER!

If you'd been pushing this since the pilot, right about now is when I might start to accept it, but since you've introduced the hotness of Jesse St. James, I'd rather willfully believe that Jesse has the same type of feelings.  Remember episode 14?  When he said all those lovely and reassuring things?  I miss episode 14.

+ JESSIE'S GIRL!  I heard a rumor yesterday that this was happening, but I didn't believe it until I saw it.  Oh, this is the best thing ever.  Not only is this one of my favorite songs in the world, and this is right on par with the original, but the fact that they had the name and situation built right in is clearly far more brilliant than anything the Lost writers are doing.  I love this sequence. I love the fact that Mr. Schue is getting such a kick out of it and somehow nobody but Rachel seems to think this completely unsubtle display is awkward or embarrassing at all.

I also seem to have fallen in love with Finn at some point during this song.  Interesting.

-Song #2: um, is that big band noise I'm hearing?  Stop that nonsense RIGHT NOW.  *skips*

-Ew, Quinn is living with Puck.  Wouldn't you rather live in the fantasy world of the story I recced two days ago, where Mr. Schue takes her in? 

+ Pink Houses: Better known to me as the song that goes, "Ain't that America, for you and me..." because there are a ridiculous number of classic rock songs I recognize by ear but whose titles I've never known.  And: ahahaha!  This is the absolutely the greatest song he has ever participated in!  Sure, it was a little bit uncomfortable when he tried to be too guttural on the low notes, but you know that if Colfer didn't have to tailor this to the character's situation, he could nail that sound.  And I still like it as-is.  That's it, I'm on a mission to turn Kurt straight.  This version of him is so much more likable.

*snicker* I love how Rachel gives two deliberate claps and drops her hands while refusing to even look at him.  I love watching everybody's reactions to the song, but hers is the best.

+ "Don't lose track of who you are just because it might be easier to be somebody else."  Aww, teacher moment, teacher moment!  I didn't know you could have those in front of the entire group!  I love this so much. 

+ "I am like Tinkerbell, Finn.  I need applause to LIVE!" 
Rachel + Bag Lady Outfit of Illness = best!  I just had an interesting flash where despite the fact that Finn uses this opportunity to say he's sick of her feeling sorry for herself, I kind of want her to lie on the couch doing just that while he brings her soup.  What can I say, there were a lot of Old Married Couple vibes in this bit.  And Jesse's in San Diego. 

-Kurt/Britney times.  "Gross.  I don't want him to be THAT straight."  *skips*

+ THE BOY IS MINE.  No way!  One of the approximately 10 R&B songs in the world I enjoy, you're really covering it??  I have Brandy's CD.  I used to have Monica's.  And this sounds almost exactly like the original, too - if anything, Naya's voice is a tad prettier - which never happens; you cannot imagine how happy this makes me.  Watching Santana & Mercedes circle each other is the best. 

+ I stand corrected - the best is when they get into a shoving match requiring teacher intervention.  What is this, like the third fight he's broken up?  Don't care, I love it!  And the girls are much feistier than the boys, requiring considerably more physical restraint.  To calm Mercedes down we even continue the shoulder-squeezing theme of the episode. 

See what you're missing, Jesse? All kinds of drama and strife!

-Song #5. This seems like a Broadway song.  Possibly Disney, but probably Broadway.  It's dull as sin.  Go back to Mellencamp!  As for the giant light-up letters spelling out KURT... "what the actual hell."

+ Awww.  Told you, I like Kurt best when he's all tearful and vulnerable.  Crying in his dad's arms with reassuring "I love you"s being thrown around is my new favorite scene of his.

-I see we're back to closing songs of boredom.  I'm skipping it, just like I skipped the rest of this storyline after I realized that it offered me nothing except a brief example of Finn being a Genuinely Nice Guy, and even then I had to extrapolate & imagine most of the good stuff.

P.S. You know who wasn't in this episode?  That's right, Emma!  You know who was barely in this episode?  Sue!  That's called a 50% success rate, and since I dislike both of them more than Kurt, it's technically even a little bit more successful. 

Lastly, interview questions from dollsome , and then I'm done with this game:

1. Five desert island books! What do you pick? (For the sake of convenience and non-brain-breakage, the Harry Potter series can all count as one book.)
Oh good, because that was my first pick.  Besides, I'm positive that one day, they will sell the entire series in one Shakespeare-anthology sized text.  Just wait.  As for my other picks...I could think of a way to secretly stuff another 20 into four covers, but instead I'll be reckless and just go with
-Francesca Lia Block, The Rose and the Beast [gorgeous writing]
-Sara Gruen, Flying Changes [love story + horses!]
-Anita Heyman, Final Grades [arbitrary YA pick, because I need one that's not magical]
-James Herriot, All Creatures Great and Small [animals & proven reread value]

Sorry, classics!  Apparently I don't love you as much as I generally claim to.  Desert island novels are all about genre balance.

2. What is one ship you feel that you would wholeheartedly support ... on a show that you don't actually watch?
I'm sure I'll think of something better in a week, but for now I'm drawing a blank, so - I'm drawn to Buffy/Angel.  That seems sweet and aesthetically pleasing.

Edit: Um, and more obviously, Richard/Kahlan from Legend of the Seeker.  Ever since I found out there is a helpful clause in place where they can't sleep together - it's like Ned & Chuck, with an upgrade! - I've been all over that cuteness.  Though I remain worried by the fact that people persist in describing their chemistry as "sexy."

3. What's your favourite season of Lost?
Impossible!  They all have pros and cons.  All I know is that the answer is "not season 6, where everybody dies."  I think it might be season 5?  I remember a vast percentage of that making me happy.  But I think season 4 was the same way, so it is impossible to say for sure.  Vaguest answer ever!  In fairness, I've been trying to figure this out for at least a year, and will need to make a pro/con chart after rewatching from the beginning.

4. Who kindles more ire in your heart: Karen Filippeli, or Erin Hannon?
Erin by a landslide.  Karen's attitude may represent everything I hate in an outgoing woman, but I think she could have been an interesting character if she'd been introduced independent of Jim, not unlike Jan.  I was even happy to see her in "Lecture Circuit"!  Whereas Erin's mere existence on my screen, before she so much as opens her mouth, ignites some sort of Hulk-esque chemical reaction in my brain.  RS MAD!  RS SMASH!!

5. What was the best class you took in college?
I'd like to bring up a story from freshman or sophomore year, for the sake of being interesting, but the truth is: British Novels to 1900, a/ka/ "Jane Austen & Charles Dickens," in fall '08, which was completely worth taking a semester off and graduating late.  Allow me to wax nostalgic!

Besides the simple fact that we finally read classic novels (a thing which happened approximately never in my undergrad career - it was either excerpts or modern novels), it was a literary love fest.  Our professor would spend about 20-30 minutes in engaging lecture, and then open it up to large/small group discussion, where I was actually eager to raise my hand and offer ideas.  We had to do one 5-minute presentation, but they were fun research topics drawn from the text and designed to supplement our understanding - I explained "the role of the governess," for example.

As far as homework, we just had to read bucketloads and write approximately 1 page in response to a daily question, and then there were two 5-page papers (with topics given!!) and a midterm/final.  They required a fair amount of effort, but it was the weirdest thing - I enjoyed putting in the effort, because it stretched my brain and I actually felt like I was learning, as opposed to BSing my way through requirements.

TL;DR: it was the classic, traditional English course that I'd become an English major to experience, dreamed about for years, and finally saw come true.
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