RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Introductory Post

This is attempt #1 at cross-posting backdated entries from their original posting site, Televinita

Hi all, RS here...subjecting members of LJ to the same wacky craziness she probably ought to have left in Xanga, where immaturity is expected.  Too  bad.   Time to re-introduce myself...

I spend more time watching TV than...pretty much anything else, and people think this a silly passtime.  I should spend less time watching it.   I would, but I like the TV world.  I like the internet fandoms and exchange of ideas that crop up around it; I like taping my 2 or 3 favorite shows; I like reading and writing fan fiction.  And I keep a strict taping schedule; I rarely watch anything outside of my usual shows.  I am generally quite on top of which ones have new episodes in a given week.  Why is it that people think it's acceptable to watch a lot of movies, but if you watch TV then you're a couch potato?  IT'S ALL FILM!  Sigh.

I don't think I ever watched TV after 5 PM until sometime in middle school (with the exception of Unsolved Mysteries, which Mom and I watched together, and which led me to X-Files); the longest-running shows on my radar are The Simpsons and That 70's Show.  The former I started watching in 6th grade because everybody around me was quoting it constantly, and the latter I started watching the following year.  By the time I was in high school (circa 2001), I was fairly well entrenched in the world of FOX dramas and comedies.

However, a steady Bruckheimer invasion on the Channel of the Eye stole me, one show at a time, over to a different world.  Now, for whatever reason, crime drama has gripped my interest and shows no signs of letting go.  The prizewinners among my lineup are CSI: Miami and NCIS.  I absolutely adore them, and will most probably gush more over them than usual.  10 months ago I was in love with CSI (the original) and Lost, and I dove into internet communities to a level previously attained only by X-Files...but their seasons have been shaky, and so they're both on probationary taping schedules (proven-good reruns only are saved to tape).  Nevertheless, here are the shows I watch every week:

Sunday:  Cold Case
                 Grey's Anatomy (Crossing Jordan alt.)
Monday: CSI Miami
Tuesday: NCIS (American Idol alt. - but ONLY if NCIS is a rerun I already have on tape)
                 Law & Order: SVU
Wednes: Lost
                CSI NY
Thursday: Survivor (That 70's Show alt.)
                   CSI (OC alt.)
                  Without a Trace (ER alt.)
Friday: Reba

Tags: introduction, scheduling

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