RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I am incorrigible.

Just thoroughly and completely spoiled myself by reading a detailed recap of the next episode.

Am vaguely disappointed in my lack of willpower - what did that take, like six hours?

Am also, however, more hyperactive/electrified with joy than ever before.  I see no actual way this can fail.  I know, I know, famous last words, knock on wood,  but SERIOUSLY.  It sounds so epic.  The fact that the entire forum beneath it exploded in cries of "lame!" and "stupid!" only bolstered my confidence, since other people are always wrong.

Hey, remember back in  March when my enthusiasm/squee levels were operating at 10%, and I said "it's hard to remember why I was so crazy about it last fall, so I hope that comes back when the show does"?  Mission accomplished.  Now I can't remember how it feels when Glee isn't the center of my fandom universe.

P.S. Here is a magnificent post-ep for "Bad Reputation," Along The Yellow Brick Road, featuring shifting perspectives from Rachel and all three guys, in a rare blend of beautiful writing style and plot-driven story. You need it in your life, regardless of who you ship her with, or even if you reject shipping altogether.  Trust me. 

Then again, heading for the Jesse/Rachel tag on gleefics pretty much guarantees you quality, because it seems that this ship's supporters excel at writing their pairing the way Will/Rachel writers suck at it.  The dichotomy fascinates me.
Tags: fic rec, glee, speculation, spoilers
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