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*leaps about with hope*  Ausiello says ABC is interested in Ghost Whisperer, for real!  More so than Old Christine!  Oh sweet Jesus, network, I would love you forever and maybe even stop mocking your skankiness & treating you like a joke for a while. 

In other news, I have slightly calmed down from yesterday enough to speak in a rational manner about the rest of the upfronts news:

CBS's Decisions of Dumbassery
More on the Cancellations
Cold Case: I know I haven't actually watched this season yet, and it was living on borrowed time after last year's stay of execution, but it is a marvelous series and you can't stop me from feeling sad as it fades away.  I just hope it ended in a satisfying manner, since they had plenty of time to plan for this outcome.

Accidentally on Purpose: I get that it had a perfect conclusion, and was probably cuter pre-baby, and it's not like it didn't have a mess of problems (namely Stoner Guy), and I have only seen about 25% of the episodes that exist.  But it was funny and adorable and I just don't understand why stuff like this gets kicked out while the group of idiot misfit social FAILURES gets prime real estate.  *has worked self into a mild seething rage at the thought*  ...more on this later.

Numb3rs: Nope.  Pain still too fresh.  I have put it into a state of suspended animation where I just refuse to think about the show at all.  It can't hurt me if it never existed!

Ghost Whisperer: See opening statement.  A psychic told them back when it first got started that this thing would run 6 seasons minimum, okay, and I am putting my faith in that person. 

New Adventures of Old Christine: I have only seen maybe 5 episodes of this season (apparently New Christine got pregnant!  Did not know that) but that's because CBS kicked it out of its cozy Monday nest into the barren land of Wednesday, and it's not compelling enough to be appointment TV on its own, so it was mostly a comfort-food sitcom if I happened to run across it.  But comfort sitcoms are nice, so I wish it had been canceled last year, when ABC was even hotter to pick it up because they hadn't bottled comedic success yet.  I use the word "comedic" very, very lightly.

[Edit: Haha, someone just mentioned that Wanda Sykes is having the Worst Year Ever.  "If she was on a show, it got canceled."  I didn't even think of that!]

Also, I am still sad over "Three Rivers."  Just so you know.  Based on the 3 episodes I saw, it was slow and of very modest excitement, with a distressing unraveling-marriage subplot, but it was full of lovely doctors with excellent patient stories, and had this hearty, solid sense of quality about it.  Promising potential.  Unfortunately, people are stupid.   

Timeslot Switches
Survivor to Wednesday.  This helps me in practice, because Wednesdays are dull, I'm excited to get my fix earlier in the week, Thursday is already overstuffed and this means we can all watch Bones live again, but in theory...Survivor has been in that timeslot its whole life; it's a plum position, and moving to Wednesday is a straight-up demotion. 

-Big Bang Theory to Thursday,  because I guess after NCIS took on American Idol, CBS wants to declare open war on NBC's completely non-threatening comedies.  Go ahead, do that.  I'll have to get my popcorn and figure out which side I am actually cheering for less.  I hate them both so gosh-darn much...but I am pretty sure I hate BBT more.  Oh, the fury.  It knows no bounds.  There was this brief period where I thought Leonard/Penny might be enough to get me to back down, but no, now the anger escalates into a flame tornado every time I see one of those freaks.

-CSI: NY to Friday.  I have rationalized this all over the place, including the way it might help out Medium's ratings, but at the end of the day I'm still stinging from the injustice.  Kick The Mentalist down there if you're so sure it's not a punishment!  Better yet, The Good Wife.  That seems like Friday filler.  Or Criminal Minds.  There are many choices.

[Edit: Wait, it's on Friday at 8?  You mean you are still filling Numb3rs' slot with freshman crap?  I hate you.  I'm also not sure Medium is strong enough to open the night, so this baby is probably doomed after one more year too.]

-CSI: Miami to Sundays.  Okay, that threw me for a loop.  What is going ON with that franchise?!  It is too young to be in dangerrrrrrrrrrrr!  Even though I hate this one with every fiber of my soul at the moment, I am actually going to cling to all three of them with a death grip until you break my fingers with a hammer.

"We call it aggressive stability," they say.  Idiots.  Network, you're going down.  The last of my loyalty just went up with that statement, in which you confirmed that you are changing for the sake of change, and not because anything is actually wrong with what you're doing. Favorite no more!  I'm naming FOX as your successor.  FOX is pleased to have gotten back the soul it initially bought when I was a prime-time virgin. 

New Stuff
I hate everything.  No chances, this year gets no chances!  I should add a special bit of extra vitriol for picking up anything that started as an asinine Twitter thing, though.  Also, "Mike and Molly."  I have already made it my enemy.  You heard it here first.

Tiny Bright Spots
+ Miami Medical's cancellation. It was like taking a steak knife to the heart every time I saw this on Friday nights @ 9.  Good riddance.  It will be nice to have something familiar back in this spot, even if it means that familiar thing is being abused in the process.  (Or not.  But at least whatever they put on there won't have taken the timeslot in the middle of the season)

+ Strictly speaking, it is still the network supporting the greatest number of my shows - the CSI trio, NCIS, Medium, HIMYM, and Survivor - but that number is so much lower than it was two years ago that I kind of want to cry a little. 

...that's really all I got for good news.

Until they pick up Ghost Whisperer, ABC is an irrelevant network (FlashForward fails, hah!  V inexplicably lives, probably on the strength of Elizabeth Mitchell's awesomeness alone!  Modern Family continues to be a thorn in my side!  Now that Lost is out, I don't even understand how a network can be so bad that it only has two watchable things on it, and both of them are dreck from Shonda Rhimes!).  I thought maybe I would be helplessly sucked into one fall pilot based on the Rob Morrow factor, but a 90-second preview clip of "The Whole Truth" proved that he's cut his hair back down and the sound of his voice only makes me desperately miss Don Eppes, a feeling which gets more painful when he's talking about a crime, but from the wrong angle as a defense attorney.  So that's a no.

--Speaking of Numb3rs alum, didn't David Krumholtz have a pilot for FOX? Something about the IRS?  I forgot to look for that yesterday, but apparently that's because it didn't even get picked up.  Sigh.  
TNT has relevant news too - apparently Southland's a go for "season 3", although precisely how you can be on season 3 after 13 episodes baffles me.  I forgot to mention it again, but I did watch the remainder of the episodes; it was spectacular the whole way through, and I didn't even notice the change when they claimed they were going for a "less ensemble focus."  Basically, it was perfect, and while it could have ended where it did, I'm glad there will be more.  I'd be even more glad if it didn't come with a budget cut and promises of cast reduction to make that work.  Sigh.  I don't understand why this show costs so much to produce when it looks like it has the same budget as COPS.  Is that like when you pay $50 to buy a pair of jeans that are already ripped and frayed?   

On a random note, Idol results: in which I am continually baffled that for the second year in a row, two of my three favorites made it to the final 3, for another season in which I really only watched for about six weeks. 

Lee is more boring both musically and as a person than drying paint.  I didn't even know his name until April, that's how boring he is.  If he wins, as he probably will because I got my way last year, it will not ABJECTLY HORRIFY ME the way Adam Lambert would have, but it will be deeply anti-climatic.  Crystal should just win, period.  Meanwhile, Casey James' hair/smile/voice continues to make me swoon, and then tonight he picked up a little girl and carried her around while singing "Daughters."  Yeah.  It was so amazing that I temporarily forgot how awful that song is.  His levels of charisma are ridiculous.  Why is he not competing for the title?  Is it because my head would explode over my inability to pick between him and Crystal?  Probably.  The universe is always looking out for me like that.

P.S. IMPORTANT QUESTION!  The rigid and unflinching rules of the Music Of... List state that no song I enjoyed prior to 2007, regardless of whether or not I experience a resurgence of falling in love with it, will be admitted.  It also states that cover versions will be permitted, typically because they are for a song whose original version I either disliked or was merely neutral about, and sound quite different.  But I don't know what to do about the likes of Glee's "Jessie's Girl" and "The Boy is Mine," which sound exceptionally similar to the original versions that I adore. 

Glee doesn't really offer anything better; I just play them because I like having all these great songs listed under one artist, especially since I don't have MP3 versions of the originals, and because now they have contextual significance.  Do they count, or don't they??  Does it influence the decision at all if I have at least 8 other songs that would definitely qualify, meaning my list is already saturated with one artist for the month?  You're the ones reading it.  You tell me.

I'm starting to think I should just throw caution to the winds and include all 20 Glee songs I have added to the playlist lately.  I'm probably still adhering to the "top 50%" rule of only does percentages, not concrete maximum numbers.  But then I will hear something like "Dream On," and that is on a whoooooole different plane from something like "Hello Goodbye," which itself is a massive upgrade from the likes of, say, 'Don't Rain on My Parade,' but is mostly just easy listening rather than LOVE.

My obsessive headspace and predilection for rules sucks sometimes.
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