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Writer's Block: BFFs

If you had to pick a character from your favorite TV show back in middle school to be your best friend today, who would you choose, and why? Have you outgrown some of the characters you loved when you were an early adolescent?

At first I thought, "did I even watch TV in middle school?" After digging deep into the recesses of my brain, I realized that by 8th grade there probably were half a dozen shows I liked, but I still didn't know what I'd loved enough to call it my favorite. Maybe X-Files?  Scully was cool?  I suppose technically I was most obsessed with Matt on Digimon, but that's not the answer I want to gi...and then I remembered something wonderful: ZOOM!

This little PBS series lit up my life in 7th and 8th grade. Mostly 7th, because the first year's cast was magical, but at least my two favorites stayed on for year two. I thought Alisa was the coolest person ever, and Zoe was a close second. I stand by those decisions so much that I just looked them up on IMDB, only to discover that neither pursued an acting career, so I am forced to respect them as real people rather than celebrities I can virtually stalk. But they did both graduate from NYU, which is cool.

And yes, clearly they are not actually "characters" so I am not answering the question this Writer's Block asked, but it sent me on a wonderful nostalgia trip all afternoon, so THAT'S WHERE WE'RE GOING.

For the uninitiated, ZOOM was basically a kid-hosted activity show, where they took various games, recipes, skits, science experiments and other ideas sent in by viewers and demonstrated them in brief sketches.  They had a lot of awesome content, but the real fun was just in watching the group of seven hang out and have fun.  The cast rapport was pure joy.  I am trying to forget the fact that Jared died in a car crash Dec. 2006.     


Also, there are apparently zillions of available videos on YouTube (in low VHS quality!  It's just like old times!), so here's a fun one featuring my favorite pair:

And another one, because Pablo & Keiko need to be featured too:

(Actual answers of where they'll be in 10 years: Lynese, nobody's really quite sure except that she has a daughter; even less in known about Pablo, Keiko's a teacher, and Jared...well.  That just makes this video depressing.)

Laughter!  It's contagious!

The human knot!

And finally, a less exciting science experiment, solely because there should be as much Alisa-and-Zoe footage as possible.

Did I really just include 6 videos?  Do I not realize that my computer hates loading entire pages of video clips?  CAN'T HELP IT.  HAVING TOO MUCH FUN REMEMBERING WHY I DREAMED ABOUT BEING ON THIS SHOW.

And I just remembered something else: when we had to pick names for French class in 8th grade, I chose "Alice" SOLELY because the way it's pronounced in French sounds like the first two syllables of "Alisa." I identified with this name for the rest of my high school career, so. Lifelong Zoom tribute, right there.
In RL news: as of last night, my fun little test-scoring gig is over and I feel purposeless again.  :(  On bright side, between reading fast and working extra hours, I wound up scoring more papers than anyone else in the room!  High level of accuracy/agreement with other scorers, too...not outstanding, but comfortably above what they expect, so I have to say it was an extremely positive experience.  There was literally nothing wrong with this job other than the fact that it was too short.  My one consolation is knowing I can probably come back and do it again next year.
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