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Time keeps on whirling past...

My bad - apparently Ghost Whisperer and Medium both planned for cancellation (i.e., set up failsafe loose-end-tying finales in the event it happened).  Well played, psychic shows.  Well played.  Nice change from last year.  I'm not going to go so far as to say I'd be okay with the former not coming back, but I am significantly less rageful than I was up until 6:59 PM last night, because that was GOOD.

Ghost Whisperer, 5x22, "The Children's Parade"
Brilliant.  Scary, sweet, an incredible climax & resolution to the season-long plot arc, and basically just everything I needed in order to wrap things up in a neat and tidy little bow.

I loved the snarky ghost of the week, and even though I knew there was nothing to fear from the title army of polio ghosts wearing monster masks, that was still suitably creepy.  The sentimental whispering was cut short and sweet, much less obnoxious than usual, and for that I credit the adorable presence of Aiden making his first role as Mommy's Lil' Helper.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

May I just say that I love the explanation of the Shinies?  The spirits of children who crossed over - which in turn explains why the Shadows target the uncrossed children so very hard.  Loved the return of Clara from the haunted mansion as Aiden's right-hand girl.  Loved that what had the potential to turn into a very big and very messy war instead came down to approximately five minutes of hand-holding and boom, vanquished.  (now, personally, I think that if they come back for season 6, you'll find out that there are plenty more shadows lurking around, because I can't imagine that their ENTIRE FACTION came in to possess Melinda...but if defeating them really was that simple, I'm okay with it)

Also had quite a lot of fun with Bad Mood Melinda - Jim is getting almost as good as Joe DuBois at taking all this madness in cheerful stride.  And more fun imagining what, exactly, runs through his mind when he's got a Coalition of Bringing Down the Mood on his doorstep telling him Melinda's locked herself in the store, only to turn around and hear his eerily aware son saying that he has to take him to Mom right now, or something really bad will happen.

Which makes it absolutely no less awesome when they're all standing around, depending on a five-year-old to rescue her.  Which of course he does.  I got a kick out of him calmly ordering his dad to wait there, while he goes up all casual-as-you-please and politely requests to have his mother back.  No?  Fine, WHITE LIGHT ANGEL POWER!

And then much hugging and teariness ensued, and I went away happy, content and placated. 

Medium, 6x22, "It's a Wonderful Death"
Forever resentful that the move from NBC to CBS apparently cost Ariel a year of her life, because it has always been VERY CLEARLY ESTABLISHED that she was in sixth grade when the show began, but suddenly instead of being a junior she's heading off to college.  Why are you in such a rush to write her out, show?  Next year not soon enough for you? it because Sofia was cast in "Hellcats," which incidentally, I don't understand how being cast in a pilot was an option for her if she's attached to another series, especially on a different network?  I don't even know.  Finding news about this series is literally impossible.

For the purposes of my own sanity, I'm going to have to pretend that Ariel did what my sister's friend did and is jumping ship on an extreme form of PSEO for her senior year.  I am very deliberately not going to find out whether Arizona even has a PSEO option.  God, show, why must you suck harder than anything ever at timelines & continuity?  I realize it's fluid within the episode of the week, but we're not Doctor Who here.  Time outside your dreams is still fixed and you cannot permanently alter it.

ARGH.  I CAN'T GET OVER THIS.  I AM NOT GIVING UP ARIEL A YEAR SOONER THAN I HAVE TO.  They could have just given more plots to Bridgette and Marie and had her off doing senior-year activities all the time if she wasn't going to be around.  *gnashes teeth*

Um, as for the episode itself, that was interesting.  The summary sounded so doom-predicting and full of cliffhangers that I was sure it wound end just like last season, but no!  It took an extended dream sequence and then wrapped everything up in a happy family bow just like the show before it.

I will always love how this series is a live-action version of my brain's daydream playground, where every possible scenario you can think of - now including death - will be played out at some point on the screen, so you can see exactly how characters would cope with it.  And while I thought Joe shaking her went on just a little bit too long, seeing that uncertainty turn to panic was still good, and mostly I was just very fond of the grieving husband and three daughters left behind and clinging to each other for comfort. 

I might have cried a little bit at some point.  The air was dusty, it got in my eyes.

Having Ariel be the only one to still see her mother was really interesting, because it went from being simultaneously wonderful/heartbreaking to a point where you wanted to throw Allison into the light (oops, wrong show) even more than Ariel did, and who would have thought you'd ever want her gone?
Mom: Wow, this takes micro-managing to a whole new level.
Me: Hey, I see your eyes gleaming.  Don't get any ideas.

And I really, really liked Joe being full of concern for Ariel's well-being, because he knows that Allison has a tendency to get tunnel vision and get obsessive and crazy, in a way that probably gets worse when he's not there to inject regular doses of calming sanity back into it.  When Ariel turned to drinking and then ran away leaving only a note, don't even pretend you didn't get teary at the group hug from the little remainder of the family. 

I really, really could have done without the graphic and extended focus on BDSM.  (YEAH.  I GET IT.  HE LIKES TO CHOKE WOMEN.  NORTH, NORTH!)

Other than that, marvelous.  Also, LOL at the ending - Allison plans to call her every day ("You better.").  And e-mail ("of course").  And text, and visit, and also Allison will stay over in a sleeping bag in her daughter's room right next to her bed.
Me: ...okay, now it's getting weird.
Mom: I'm starting to feel like I was under-involved in your college experience.
Me: I know, you didn't sleep over once.  Geeze.

And finally, one last awwwwww for all the kissing when Allison wakes up decidedly not dead and can still touch and talk to her husband.

OH!  I nearly forgot that Lynne & Lee officially got married at the end.  *happy sigh*

Conclusion: Excellent.  As both an episode and a finale, I'm extremely satisfied.  You really stepped up your season at the end, and proved why you belong on the air. 

Lost, 6x16, "What They Died For"
*glowers* That title better refer to the people who are already gone, and not a bunch of brand-new deaths.  Because my heart can't take anything else this week.

Death Toll: 2 (+1 maybe)
Mood: Spiffy

Bam, Widmore's down!  Slice, Zoe Lemon's gone!, I'm a little dismayed by one of those.  (Hint, it's not Widmore.)  You know, when you get killed off on any other series, you'll either get a whole episode about it, or your death will have a major impact, even if you're a minor-ish character.  But on Lost you'll just get your throat cut one day in the middle of a sentence with no warning, and that'll be that.

Although I do wish that I could immediately kill off characters when I decide in the blink of an eye that they are pointless.

"He doesn't get to save his daughter."
And Ben, could you not make threats about Penny's life?  We moved past this.  Remember?  Remember how she has a tiny tot and you implicitly agreed that punishing fathers did not justify taking away mothers?  This series has met its quota of orphans.  And don't tell me I'd still have Sideways Des & Pen.  Sideways Desmond and Penny are useless; I only want the couple who were finally reunited on a boat after several long years of trying to find each other.  Plus Sideways Des is technically a criminal on the run.

...sorry, I'm still kind of in rote shock that Ben is seemingly on Smokey's side.  Double-crossing Widmore is okay, but he'd better be triple-crossing Smokey the same way he went after Jacob.  (Although I think I understand it.  With all the lashing out I did this year over the loss of Numb3rs, my only source of pleasure has been in watching others' favorite shows die.  Take that, Ugly Betty!  Die, 24!  And so on.)

As for the maybe-death, my reaction went like so:
...what.  RICHAAAAAAARD!  YOU CAN'T DIE!  Literally, you can't, so this is just a fake-out, right?  I mean, it's not like you can go around killing him with even less ceremony than Zoe.  Especially not after finding out he came back to bury Alex's body.  :(  I choose to assume he's fine and dandy and just hanging out in a tree somewhere waiting for Smokey to leave.

All things considered, though, this episode was really amazing and I shall treasure it for the following additional reasons:

-Jack sewing up Kate's shoulder.  Can I just take a minute to point out that the ENTIRE REASON I shipped him & Jules was the moment he touched the brand mark on her back, so, yeah. I'm all over hurt/comfort doctoring moments.  The fact that Kate is puffy-eyed and still crying the whole time just multiplies that factor.  I'll just be watching this epically heartcrushing sadness another twelve times or so. 

-Due to the above, could not actually appreciate Kate laying her head on Sawyer's shoulder as they all stare at the debris washing up on shore.  But I've tucked it away, because I definitely will in the future.  Right now it's just depressing that he's turned to stone and doesn't even acknowledge her.  And to think - this foursome is all that's left of the once-mighty season 1.  (Flocke doesn't count.  Claire might; I haven't decided)

-Josh Holloway's Amazing Face of Pain and Feelings!  "I killed them, didn't I."  Oh, hell, this is a man now bent on sacrificing himself for the protection of others if the opportunity arises, isn't it?  I don't think Jack's reassurance did a thing to relieve that crushing guilt. 

-Claire is staying with Jack & David!  Mildly awkward but mostly adorable family breakfast time!  I am so happy I could die.

-I am so, so hoping that everyone is right and Juliet is David's mother.  Because I could totally deal with that.  As long as they have several good years and a kid in there, I'd be willing to let that go so she can meet Detective Ford for coffee.  Sorry, Kate, you're out of luck in this universe.

-Pimp Desmond, now impersonating American accents. <3 

-You'd think it would be more satisfying to see Desmond punch the crap out of Ben all over again, but the problem is that in this universe, Professor Benry has never hurt a fly, and is instead an adorably earnest little history teacher who stands up for students and substitute teachers alike.  It's terribly upsetting!  Or, you know, would be if Alex (bless her heart) hadn't popped up full of exclamations and outrage.  And cheekily scolding his attempts to be a self-sufficient driver.  "You've got one hand.  You look like Napoleon." 

Which then led to Rousseau appearing on the scene (YAY!), in an accent I swear has thickened, and inviting him to not only a lift, but dinner.  UNEXPECTED (PENDING) ROMANCE IS...well, kind of expected, but awesome.  I think?  I didn't know whether to squee or be squicked by the way she caught him in the kitchen with decidedly aggressive overtures.  I mean, mostly squee, but on the other hand it's sort of an awkward situation to date your student's mom.  Kids are normally something that comes with the dating territory, not the other way around.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that when he choked up over hearing that he's "the closest thing to a father she's ever had," you followed suit.  If I could ditch the weirdness vibes for two seconds, because I am reasonably sure this is just coincidence and Alex is too old and too smart to attempt to conveniently set people up, I would be promoting the hell out of this stepfamily somehow coming into existence for real.  

I honestly think this is my absolute favorite thing about Sideways World. 

-"Are we looking to cripple the plane or blow it to hell?"  "Blow it to hell."  I don't know why, but that exchange cracks me up.

-Sideways Desmond is like Island Ben.  17 contingency plans and no one can actually tell if he is working for good or evil.  I liked the prison van escape, though, very nicely orchestrated.

-Aaaand, there goes Jack, off to be Jacob's successor.  Damn it.  (Also, hee: "I thought that guy had a god complex before.")  The baptism/communion ceremony continues to baffle the hell out of me, but my hope is that maybe Jack will be less of an obnoixously cryptic and enigmatic guardian.  That would be a refreshing change of pace.  At least he knows how to care about people.  And maybe he can still wriggle out of it.

-Mentions of the light at the center of the island still cause me to laugh my ass off; sorry, will be that way forever.  I am also continually amused by the fact that the entire mystery of Lost turned out to be, "most elaborate/lethal job recruitment process EVER."  With a dash of "giant backgammon game between demigods." 

Half of me desperately wants it to be Sunday RIGHT NOW, and the other half never wants it to end.
Oh, and for the record, I finished the season (last four episodes) of Law & Order: SVU, but find that I have absolutely nothing to say about it except that Sharon Stone may be the most irritating actress on the planet.  Unless she is headslapping idiot boys; then she's kind of fun.
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