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The Summer 2010 Watch List

May 22, 2010
In September 2009, the ever-increasing weight of my TV chains finally became too much.  I snapped.  I went through a ruthless purging of half my favorites, shutting a few up in storage from the beginning, dropping others as the year wore on.  And now, I would like to reclaim them.  Since there are no summer shows I'm particularly interested in, this time will be spent catching up on the academic year's losses. 

This post will be my (and your!) handy-dandy guide to figuring out what's left to watch/write about, featuring a list in the approximate and tentative order in which I plan to do so.  Subject, of course, to change depending on my whims.

Red text = July update // Blue text = August update

Where I'm Starting From
Lost: epic series finale
How I Met Your Mother: finale
Glee: final 4
Numb3rs: series finale
NCIS: 7.15
Private Practice: 3.07
Grey's Anatomy: 6.11 (will probably pair up original airdates on these two)
CSI: 10.02
CSI: NY: 6.02
CSI: Miami: 8.02, but not watching straight - picking up scattered Eric-inclusive episodes and reading recaps on the rest
Cold Case: full season
House: full season
**Bones: episode #101 (5.17) (** will be inserted whenever I get confirmation that the show has stopped sucking)
[September edit: which is apparently never, so -- you're fired!]
Three Rivers
Mercy [edit: eh, read Wikipedia summaries instead.]
If I ever get through all of the above, or at least down to the bottom where the new shows are, I'll start making my way into Friday Night Lights like I've been saying since 2008.
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