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Fare thee well

Watched the American Idol finale - well, half of it; I got a late start.  Enough to see all the previous winners (minus David Cook, thank heavens), led by queen Kelly Clarkson at the center, come out singing a tribute to Simon, quickly flanked by approximately a zillion other previous Top 12 contestants (familiar faces all over the place!  JUSTIN GUARINI, HELL YEAH).  Paula Abdul was inexplicably yet adorably perched on Simon's lap the whole time.  I actually got a little bit choked up seeing everybody come home like that. Shut it.

And then Lee won, which, seriously?  I only learned his name six weeks ago, that's how desperately boring he is in every way.  YOU PROMISED ME CRYSTAL WOULD TAKE IT.  You said she was just like David Cook, and that creeper won as everyone had predicted he would from week 1, so why didn't it happen again?

Then again, in what I think was a reaction to my unexpected resentment that Casey got so close to the end without finishing, last night I also turned on Crystal for her super-irritating insistence on giving things a gospel/bluesy-folk spin, and/or hollering on edgier songs, instead of the folk pop sound I want (i.e. "Come to My Window").  And Lee sounded pretty radio-friendly on "Beautiful Day," even though songs that are 20 years old should not be old enough to have equally popular cover versions done to them.  I got to thinking how I wished Lee had been saved for another year, where his inoffensive voice could have been something to root for in the hopes of taking down someone like that Lambert...creature, or Taylor Hicks.

I still wanted her to win, mostly so that she would be the one coming back to do all the former-winner things with the group, so I knew it would be him.  I'm grumpy.  But I will, at least, acknowledge that the experience of watching him win was incredible, as he stumbled about in an overwhelmed daze and had trouble forming complete sentences.  It's kind of like why I wanted Reuben to win season 2, even though I liked Clay better.  Of all the winners, Lee seems like the one whose life course will be altered most drastically, and that's cute.

On a random concluding note...for no reason at all, when they showed a clip from last week's final 3, I went "Oh my God, it's Jack/Kate/Sawyer!"  Seriously - sensible-looking brunette guy, long-haired blonde guy, and the feisty gal between them.  Lost has eaten my brain.
Still figuring out how to write about Glee without getting myself in trouble. Pretty sure that's an impossible task.  Who knew Lady Gaga would be the least of my problems?  Meanwhile, check out my handy-dandy summer schedule if you haven't seen it yet, and then mull over this.

How I Met Your Mother: 5x24, "Doppelgangers"
Well, they can't all  be 'The Wedding Bride.'  This wasn't especially funny, but it had a lot of heart, making for a nice, warm, fuzzy conclusion.  Enjoyed Estonian Barney, "Christoph Doppelganger," the silent thought conversations convincing Ted to dye his hair, the general hilarity of Blonde Ted ("Oh my God, why is Ellen DeGeneres in our bedroom?!") and the desperate relief when it put the kibosh on the start of another exhausting round of Ted/Robin. 

And Don is finally gone, so I'm still waiting to hear the explanation for his existence in the first place.  Was it just to set up a couple of minutes of "we're our own doppelgangers" conversation?  Because that's a really long con for notta lotta payoff.  Mostly it was just nettlesome that Robin never discussed her career offer with him or even tried to stop him at the end.  I know, I know, but my general irritation with her indecisiveness somehow trumps my hatred for Don. 

Meanwhile, Lily & Marshall continue to be among the sweetest couples on TV, now on their way to starting a family (with Barney's tacit approval), so, AWWW.  Which reminds me of something I wrote and never posted back in November, about how I couldn't even remember a time when at least half my shows did not have an engagement, pregnancy, and/or recent wedding or baby happening.  I reeled off several titles to praise, and concluded with "So what's your deal, HIMYM?"   This'll do nicely, thank you.


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May. 27th, 2010 01:05 pm (UTC)
What annoys me is Ted was telling Robin how far they've all come but I don't think this season really showed that. Mostly I'm annoyed that we had all that build up to Barney/Robin and then they dropped it in the middle of the season for a stupid reason and, yes, Barney was able to commit but the show told us that Barney didn't like commitment so he went back to being who he's always been.

Lily and Marshall decided to have a kid, but it's not like they weren't ever going to have a kid. It's not a huge surprise that they're married and want one as the premise of the show to begin with was Marshall and Lily getting engaged and throwing Ted into a whirl to find a wife.

Robin put romance before her career but I'd say we already had a taste of that when she left Japan to come back to New York. She may not have been explicitly coming back for a man but we've already seen her put something first over her career.

And Ted still hasn't found his wife.

Man. I've just depressed myself by convincing myself that this season was a big giant waste of time.

I hated Don a lot.
May. 27th, 2010 05:57 pm (UTC)
Still do not have HIMYM icon. Ridiculous.
and, yes, Barney was able to commit but the show told us that Barney didn't like commitment so he went back to being who he's always been.
...okay, that is depressing.

I'd say we already had a taste of that when she left Japan to come back to New York.
Oh! You're right, I thought we'd already been on this ride before, but then I couldn't remember if that had happened in canon, or was just speculation in one of my favorite fics. Because if it was the former, I kept wanting to say, "And Robin, how did moving several hundred miles away work out for you last time? And this time you'd miss more than friends. Why is this even a decision?" Granted, Don is a dillhole, but...

I still think Lily & Marshall were sweet, because there's having a game plan and there's actually moving forward on that game plan -- same as engagements are fun even for characters who were set up to be together from the start.
May. 27th, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Still do not have HIMYM icon. Ridiculous.
Oh Lily and Marshall are sweet but I don't consider them considering having a baby a big deviation for them or a large sign of growth. It's just the next step on the path they were already on.
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