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"ABC passes on Ghost Whisperer."

Hey, JERKFACE (that's you, Universe), me expressing the tiniest bit of satisfaction with "The Children's Parade" passing as a series finale IN NO WAY MEANS it is actually okay for that to be the series finale.  Numb3rs had an awesome finale too, but I am still good and peeved it's not coming back.  And they at least had a sense it was the end!  The cast had time to reminisce and celebrate!  Was the GW cast cognizant of the fact that it might be their last week working together? 

Regardless of the love I recently showered on it, something tells me that Medium is going to fall victim to the same survivor's-remorse punishment that I bestowed on Cold Case this year for outlasting Without a Trace.

P.S. WTF do you mean, you're in early discussions about an Alias reboot?  You can't 'reboot' things that ended less than five years ago.  Am beginning to suspect this network of being run by morons, I am.  If you wind up saving Old Christine, I'm gonna yank my endorsement of it and revert to my default reminder  that this is "the only likable show I've ever successfully forgotten to watch."
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