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30 Day Meme: *continues*

Ugh, Self, there are like FIFTY SHOWS that I love or have loved in the past.  So why is that I want to use Numb3rs for no fewer than 10 of the answers to this meme, including favorite show (which I'm not letting it have, because I'm not squandering three slots like that)?  I was trying not to do multiple answers on this meme, but eventually I'm going to have to, because I'm not deleting the things I've already written just to respect diversity.  I might be able to keep it down to 3 or 4, but that's an optimistic hope.  Unless I forsake 100% honesty for...things of interest.  Still a possibility..

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Southland: a police drama that doesn't really center around a case-of-the-week so much as merely follows a day or two in the life of its officers/detectives.  You know who talks about it?  NOBODY, including me, because it is one of the few shows that overwhelms me too much for words.  But oh, in an entranced daze, I watch.  The cast is phenomenal.  And despite the number of recognizable faces, I completely lose myself in the stories, so much so that it feels like I'm watching real life.  It's intense, arresting, compelling stuff that has its big crimes, sure, but also deals with a lot of little, everyday calls that Law & Order probably hasn't had time for in about 19 years.  The show's been kicked from NBC to TNT and produced a grand total of 13 episodes since spring 2009, but it's still on the docket for what they're calling season 3.  Scrappy little survivor that won't take "no viewers" for an answer.  SO START VIEWING IT. 

I will reply to your comments just as gosh-darn soon as the internet stops RANDOMLY BREAKING FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME, CONSTANTLY.  It took me 15 minutes after I finished writing this for the internet to behave long enough for the freaking post to go through, at which point I suspect it'll be live for about a minute and 45 seconds before more trouble.
Tags: memes: recurring, southland

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