RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Think of all the days I could be NOT POSTING if it weren't for this meme.

Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season):
This might come as a giant surprise, but: Glee.

After years of yearning, I'm overjoyed to have a show set in high school again that includes teachers & other faculty among the main characters, and isn't just a silly teen drama.  I spill thousands of words about it every week, because even when it makes me angry, grosses me out, breaks my heart or does all three, there are always about 72 highlights in a given episode, due to the breakneck pace and their habit of having about a dozen story threads happening in each installment.  There's always something to love.  It's like an anthology, or a treasury of poems - you can flip through it and pick out tons of little parts, even if you don't go straight through.

Probably it helps that the teacher and the club's vocal star are two of my favorite characters on television, but still, I am here full of gushing praise even though I have also identified no fewer than four characters as my Sworn Mortal Enemies.  I like the majority of them, and they keep adding new ones to love in the form of All The Most Amazing Guest Stars It Is Possible To Incorporate - who really feel like characters, not just famous faces (unless they're supposed to be.  Josh Groban.)  The music is hit and miss for me, more of a bonus feature than what draws me to the show, but when it hits it's brilliant.  And much of the music involves choreographed group dance numbers, which nearly always works even if the song doesn't.

Shows rarely take me by storm during their first season, but this one is huge.  I don't know how I survived before it was in my life. 

FYI, I have no idea when I am going to actually write about the finale, on account of this week being CRAZY CENTRAL at home.  My brother's graduating from high school on Friday, and his party is on Sunday afternoon, so that means from now until the end of the week everyone's in Hardcore Cleaning Mode.  To say nothing of preparation for the actual party (food, decorations, etc).  And I'm working all day, every day.  And Saturday, right in between the two big graduation things, I have to cram in the annual giant Cottage Park neighborhood sale (biggest & best highlight of the season, unfairly jumping the gun a week early this year) AND get myself two towns over to the biggest local Friends of the Library used book sale (also unfairly jumping the gun early).  It'll be fun, but exhausting.  I've already forgotten what sleep feels like.
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