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Yep, it's the Albatross meme again. Today I got really into it.

First things first: comment here if you want a lemur!  I have 4 left to give.  Also, somebody needs to send me one.  Specify that his name is Zoboomafoo in the notes. [think I got it covered...]

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever
I thought about this for weeks, and realized that I have such a broad range of TV loves, I've never had a show be my #1 favorite for more than about a year.  I'm steadfastly loyal to everybody, but they take turns in the actual spotlight, sliding in and out when something shinier catches my eye.  The only thing that has ever clearly been a leader longer than that is...

I hate giving it to a 90's show (because unlike cinema and literature, TV is constantly improving; the 00's were a GOLDEN AGE), and I hate giving it to a paranormal/sci-fi show, but  X-Files is about the only series more than 2 years old that I love from start to finish.  Even the Dogget/Reyes years, because season 8's premiere coincided with the week I actually turned X-Phile, after years of just being good buddies.  I'm no fan of the mytharc**, MotW is where it's at here, but most of the episodes have endless replay value no matter what.  I'm not even going to do my usual 'oh, but it's not really sci-fi!' claim because yeah, it is 100% of the way, but the side of it that deals with ghosts and monsters makes up for the aliens.

**In fairness, mytharc is usually where you get the greatest doses of shippy Mulder/Scully stuff.  And that's...a really large part of what makes this show so flippin' amazing. 

But basically, I chose it because this is the only show that really felt like "mine."  Doctor Who, Numb3rs, Lost - fans devote their entire hearts to those shows; I just rent out big roomy portions of it while still dividing my attention among others.  I owned TXF inside and out, even as a non-contributing fan.  There was a time when I could name you every episode in order, and I can probably still pinpoint a title if given 15 seconds of teaser.  I devoted a binder to its fannish works.  I have merchandise (8 books and a calendar.  That counts). Face facts, it is my life partner.  P.S. The Lone Gunmen?  Greatest.  Spinoff.  Ever.

[Edit: and I just want  you to know, since it's already getting three slots I'm not letting it have 'favorite title sequence,' but this is the best TV theme ever created.  So much scarier than the actual show, in a bait-and-switch way, and yet so recognizable and wonderfully creepy in its own right that I just watched it four times in a row.]  

Lastly: The Hand Puppet Theater.  Nuff said.  [um, apparently, all links may not work...if not, try a different version of the site via the Wayback Machine using

Serious Request: what did you think my favorite show was going to be?  I'm curious to know what my fannish professions of love look like from the other side.  What show comes to mind when you think of me?  No wrong answers here!  Just give me something!
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