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Popping off the TV meme in a public forum, and then maybe another post later

Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show
"Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man."  Exactly what the title says, and ughhhhh, what a droning drag.  Note to Chris Carter: CSM, not that fascinating of a character!  Even at the height of my taping obsession, I would not tape this.  I'm telling you, there is nothing worse than full episodes of unnecessary, expository backstory for side characters.  It's actually worse than anything Doggett investigated, and he had some real crap cases (Surekill, Salvage,, January 2001 was rough.  Pretty sure only the promising spoilers for Per Manum kept me going).

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

The Simpsons.  See, I make references to it and/or quote from it all the time ("What is your fascination with my Forbidden Closet of Mystery?"**), but then I'm never sure if you guys get it because once when I did a poll about comedies, more of you said you watched The Office and/or How I Met Your Mother than this show.  I found that baffling.  How do you exist in this world, especially this country, without being able to quote Simpsons  backwards and forwards?  I realize that on the surface it looks similar to Family Guy, but its enjoyment value is on the wild opposite end of the spectrum.  And really, to borrow from my old AP Lit teacher, it's just something you "need to have in your ditty bag."  Is it always brilliant?  No, but quite a lot of it carries endless replay value.  Treehouse of Horror specials, if nothing else.  (Urge to kill...rising...)

**There is probably a fair chance that anything I quote is originally from another source.  I cannot tell you how many pieces of pop culture I saw on The Simpsons first, and only later realized was a parody or similar clever reference.  Sometimes this show even helps me remember the rough outlines of literary works.  It definitely got me through Hamlet the first time around.

Tomorrow is "best scene ever."  It's horrifyingly difficult.  If I don't give up and choose a mediocre placeholder pretty quick, I'm going to resemble Homer in the above clip. 
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