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At last, a relevant icon! One that I don't use ten times a month!

I am just a nonstop whirlwind of OFFLINE ACTIVITY.  Today's adventure was giving the dog a bath.  You would think, given how much she loves combing, that warm water and deep-tissue massaging would be just as nice, but no.  It's not that she puts up a fight, exactly, it's just that she tries to go around and around the wading pool instead of stepping in, and once in she spends all her time trying to ever-so-casually step out and go elsewhere.

Day 09 - Best scene ever
Yeah, right.  Well...the actual answer is "Jim's proposal on The Office," bar none, but because I already plan to mention that show 2 or 3 times and would like to stave it off as long as possible, I'm going to go all left-field and pull something from NCIS instead.  So clearly not the best scene ever, but I do like this one a whole bunch, and never got a chance to talk about it before, so: 

From 3x01, "Kill Ari" (part 1, I think?), Ari firing through the lab window.  This is when I fell head-over-heels for the show that I'd been casually seeing all summer - even though I'm not shipping them anymore, the Gibbs/Abby dynamic always has been and always will be the best part of this series, and the "Abby in danger" motif is my favorite theme of the series, so combining those two things is a recipe for brilliance (why yes, "Bloodbath" IS a favorite episode - I almost pulled the elevator scene from that instead).  Now when you toss in *two* guys protecting her, plus "I'll keep you safe" and a temple kiss...SOLD.   Plus, her inappropriate Tony-groping beforehand always cracks me up. 

By the by, do you know how many times I've written "best scene ever" in my reviews?  Neither do I, but I bet it's like a thousand, so I don't understand why my mind went (and remains) all blank and fuzzy-like when faced with this question.  Too many shows, too many potential elements!  Humor, romance, tears, injury, animals, Epic Moments, WHERE DO I GO, IT'S ALL SO VAST.
Tags: life, memes: recurring, my dog, ncis

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