RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

It's like Christmas in June.

Seriously, the pile of bounty I piled on the kitchen table at the end of a long, exciting day of garage sales looked like Christmas morning.  Santa himself could not leave a collection of gifts this spectacular.  I think I spent half an hour after I got home just purring with pride and marveling over all my impossibly good finds, admiring them like a cat with newborn kittens, or possibly a magpie surveying its latest cache of shiny things.

In related news, I am such a horrid spendthrift - after my book bender last weekend, I spent something like $15 today!  What strange madness has overcome me?

Oh, that's right, the magic of a church parking lot sale with supposedly 80 or 90 separate little booths.  It took me over 2 hours to thoroughly wind my way through, so that might well have been true.  Normally this place is not that big a treasure trove for me, despite its size, but this year it was like they swapped objectives with the neighborhood sale, and had a crazy blowout of stuff I wanted, stuff I needed, stuff that was being sold for incredible bargains I couldn't pass up.

Check this out, and then imagine what the media alone might cost on, say, Amazon.  Hell, even Half Price Books.

$4: Kelly Clarkson, "Thankful," and Vanessa Carlton, "Be Not Nobody."  Eeeeeeeeehh!!  Two CDs I've wanted for ages.   Vanessa especially, I've been looking all over for including used bookstores with their tax & higher prices, but she just would not show up.  And then today, there it was, brand-new condition for two bucks!  See, I knew if I went through enough collections of crap spiritual music, traditional country, and terrible rap (oh, so much rap/hip-hop), I would eventually find CDs I wanted!

$1: Hilary Duff, "Most Wanted."  Cracked cover and somewhat worn booklet, but does it have the music I love like "So Yesterday" and "Come Clean"?  Yes? Then it's mine.

$2: DVD: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" (2-disc Collector's Edition): Um, hello AWESOME.  It is in pristine condition, totally untouched slipcover over the case and everything, insert still tucked in.

$2: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Remember, I needed a replacement copy because the spine on mine is broken?  Yeah, this one is much better.  And unlike most copies I've seen, actually has its dust jacket. 

$1: The Gryphon, Nick Bantock. This hardcover, in PERFECT bookstore-shelf condition, is a follow-up to the Griffin & Sabine trilogy, an amazing series of visually resplendent books where the story is told via postcards & letters, many of which can be opened up or taken out.  Now all I need are the 2nd & 3rd parts of the trilogy. 

50 cents: The Darwin Awards II.  Another perfect condition hardcover - I snapped this up for my brother's next Christmas present since I got him the first book a couple of years ago, and he seemed to enjoy it.  No, he doesn't know about this blog; we're cool.

50 cents: American Girl Library, Tiny Treasures Freaking awesome little spiral-bound hardcover how-to crafts guide to making miniatures.  The large color photos on glossy pages are to die for, but then you can fold out each page to find the simply written, illustrated instructions.

50 cents: Shadow Horse, Alison Hart.  Horse story!  Newer paperback, works for me; I think I've read it & love it.

25 cents: No Dogs Allowed!, Bill Wallace.  Cute little juvenile dog story, paperback; I haven't read it but Wallace is one of those increasingly rare good animal authors of the 21st century.

25 cents: The Little Prince, Antoine St. Exupery.  English version in exactly the same paperback edition as last year's French copy, so now when I stumble over a word in the latter, I'll know right where to go for translation.  :)

10 cents: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  I am not talking some cheap dime store paperback.  I am talking a nearly perfect, bookstore-shelf hardcover, pocket-sized ("Collector's Library") unabridged edition of the classic, complete with bookmark ribbon and those faux-gilt edges.  It is a class-act production.  Mom already has it on the bookshelf downstairs, because it's gorgeous., granted, its cover price is only $5.95, and that was 2004 (has Barnes & Noble gone crazy?), but I am still proud of it being practically free.

25 cents: VHS -- Power Rangers Zeo.  TRY NOT TO LAUGH AT ME, OKAY, but this is right in the thick of where my Power Rangers love was back in the day.  Kat Hillard's on here!  Adam, too, if I recall correctly.  Where else am I going to find this sort of gold?  That's right, nowhere.  Fine, YouTube, but that's hard work and no guarantees.  This is a loose tape, didn't even have a case so I have no idea which episode(s) it contains, but I really don't care.  I want to see my favorite teenagers again - I've been scouting VHS collections all summer in search of things that don't exist on DVD, and I'm not sure but I'm guessing this fits into that category.  Just be glad I used all my willpower not to also buy the kid's karate tutorial video led by in-character Jason David Frank as Tommy.

And now I've spoiled day 28 of the meme for you, but hopefully you'll forget about it by then.  At which point I will explain in slightly more detail why this was so vitally necessary for me to own.  Pretty sure this is to me what Legend of the Seeker is to you nutty folks, except with more nostalgia.

Games & Toys
50 cents: "Life" board game (1991).  I have been saying all along that we need to collect older versions of this game, in order to get new events and make our family narratives more interesting & varied, so yay!  The cover is shot to hell, torn & taped everywhere, but the pieces all appear to be there and in excellent condition to boot, with only one or two slightly bent cards.

50 cents: 80's Pound Puppy!  He actually cost 25 cents, but I also bought the Life game here, and while the lady was trying to find change for my dollar, I realized this was the animal shelter booth so I told her to keep it.  He's a small black bulldog type - the best part is that the booth right next door was selling the exact same one for a dollar.

25 cents: Beanie Baby, "Daisy" the cow.  I do not need more beanies, I do not want more beanies, but she is in perfect condition and she cost a quarter!  Everyone else is still selling their beanies for a dollar apiece, especially if they're in good shape.  If I don't manage to sell her at our upcoming garage sale, I will happily keep her, for she is cute.

50 cents: Leather wallet, a little bigger than I would have liked, but it's really soft and a style I like; mostly, I am so excited to finally dump the blue rubber one I have been toting about since I was 13.  It's ridiculous to have taken me this long to find something new, really.

50 cents: Tiny monkey earrings, complete with bananas.  They're literally like 2 cm. long, but so very precious that I had a very hard time picking out only one pair from a whole tray full.

-(original) Polly Pocket case.  It's devoid of Polly dolls, but somehow I couldn't say no to "free," especially as it's the castle setting

-My Little Pony knockoff.  Free because she couldn't stand up, but that took like one hour of sticking a marker between her hooves to correct, and now I shall dump her in our own garage sale for a minor profit.  It's like eBay, on a microscopic scale.

-Small wooden hinged box (1x2 inches or so).  What will I put in there?  Who knows, I just liked the shiny hinge.  Dad egged me on.

-Small plastic/rubber dog to dump in my collection of little animals.  Old ladies are always letting me have animal toys for free.  I don't understand the secret code, but I love that it keeps happening.

-A Kitty Surprise kitten!!  So that one day when I eventually get my hands on one of those (*kicks self for selling off Puppy Surprise*), I will have an extra baby for it.  See, people, this is why I dig through the bins of McDonald's toys & cheap miscellaneous crap. 

Meanwhile, Dad had fun looking but didn't get much, while Mom had even more fun looking at lovely works of art/jewelry/furniture that were good bargains but still out of our price range, and ultimately bought a set of 4 cordial glasses for $4.  They're colored glass (pink/blue/purple/green), so she has them set up on the high windowsill where the sun hits them just right and makes the colors gleam.

Also, a nice leather wallet for $1, because I'd told her I was on the hunt for one this summer and she didn't know I'd already found one.  But this is a small, compact square, so she's going to use it herself.  Win/win!
AND THEN.  I went back out with Dad as we dropped my brother off at graduation parties, and meandered our way around sales in between chauffeur stops.  We checked in on probably 8-10, and I struck out for the afternoon, but Dad just seemed to hit his stride.  Finds:

10 cents: solid planting pot

$2: Adjustable wooden dog/baby gate, which we have been saying for years that we need in order to block Kym off when we're trying to clean, or she's getting super-underfoot in the kitchen while cooking.  I didn't even see it; I had just walked back from a sale after finding nothing but a dog to pet, and as I reached the car Dad was like, "Hey, we should get that!"  It's a little bit chewed on by said dog, but Dad said a) that's just proof it works, and b) it's a really well-crafted, probably expensive gate.  And he's not really an impulse buyer, so...really, it doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to work., at least a couple of other things that are slipping my mind at the moment, and...

$1: Baker's rack.  Now, this is a story.  Dad eyeballed its $5, crossed out to $4, price tag, wasn't sure, went to the sale next door, petted a dog, came back and deliberated for another solid 6 minutes on the pros and cons.  Con: It is a large, bulky storage unit.  Pro: it has 7 low shelves perfect for storing boxes of tools in the garage/basement.  And might be cheap.  Finally, he went up and talked to the owner, who said her mom had already had it in the house when she was born in 1951 - it's old, it's sturdy.  She had just repainted it to take care of the rust that had built up from leaving it outside.  Also, "If you want it, you can have it for a dollar.  I don't want to bring it back inside."

"Sold!"  After a little more examination, Dad figured out it was probably a home project, welded together from a couple of support poles and a series of of oven grills as shelves.  Iron, but not so heavy that two people couldn't lift & carry it comfortably.  We're going to use it as display space for our hopefully-soon upcoming sale before he figures out what to store on it permanently.  It is our favorite buy of the day - I mean, except for all of my amazing treasures.  ;)

Priceless: Dog-Petting
-Gorgeously colored Shepherd/Lab mix who somehow looked nothing like Kym, being mostly a rich chocolate color with pale cream markings and a shorter, more Lab-like coat.

-"Newman" the Boston Terrier, who snorted exactly like a pot-bellied pig.  Which, incidentally, is very much the way he was built.  SO CUTE.  I forget how solid they are.  Like stout little barrels, these dogs.

-"Babe" the elderly liver-and-white Springer Spaniel.  So incredibly soft and fluffy.  Could not believe how much fur that dog had, or how thick it was.  Fortunately she decided to be in love with me, as after one ferocious bark she followed me around the sale, sniffing like a mad thing and then planting herself firmly against my leg when I knelt down to pet her. 

And that was my day, from approximately 6:45 AM when I woke up and walked to the dog, to 8:20 when we left for the sale, to 6:00 PM when we finally got back from the last party drop-off.  Since then I've pretty much been trying to recover from over-exertion and sunburn, but I'm happy to be exhausted.  BEST.  MONTH.  EVER!

(Kym also thinks this is the Best Month Ever.  After last weekend's party food bender, today she got to inhale an entire muffin, wrapper and all, when it fell off a plate right in front of her nose.  She pounced on it faster than a fox on a vole, and swallowed it after about three bites in her desperate haste to get it down before someone like me pried it out of her mouth.) 
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